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Fizz Build Guide by alextheimmortal

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League of Legends Build Guide Author alextheimmortal

Fizz A Fish In The Jungle

alextheimmortal Last updated on July 9, 2015
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Hi, I am Alex The Immortal, a Gold Jungle Main. I wanted to give you my build and my strats that carried me from the Bronze-Silver Elo to low gold. In this guide I will be explaining AD Bruiser Fizz in the Jungle.

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Why should I pick Fizz?

I personally think Fizz is a safe pick every game. Why?... Well it's because he has:
- very good dueling potential,
- he can invade lvl 2,
- good ganks pre-6,
- god ganks after-6,
- can be used as a tank,
- deals hybrid damage,
- snowballs hard,
- very strong mid game because of his catching potential,
- very strong late game because of the devourer scaling,
- etc.

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When should I not pick Fizz?

Fizz is a very good pick but doesn't work well against every enemy team composition.

These ones are:
- Strong Crowd Control team (Ex: Leona,Thresh,Sion)
- Strong Disengage (Ex: Janna,Nami)
- Poke (Jayce,Caitlyn,Azir,Ziggs,Xerath)

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Now let's talk about runes on Fizz.

For the glyphs: I suggest you take 9 Scaling MR glyphs for the mid/late game insane powerspike. But I think that it's still viable to take 9 flat MR glyphs.

For the seals: I think there's mostly a single choice viable which is flat armor because it will help you to sustain in the jungle and take less damage from AD champions.

For the marks: There are multiple choices avaiable. I think that 9 AD marks are the best on Fizz but because our AD fizz build deals hybrid damage you could take 9 hybrid penetration marks or 9 Attack speed runes because this kind of Fizz is an auto-attack based champion.

For the quints: The choice of your quints really depends of what you took for your marks. Usually if you take AD marks, you will pick up Attacks Speed Quints which I really like. If you have hybrid penetration marks, I suggest you take attack speed quints.

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Let's talk about the masteries on Fizz.

Offense Tree

You should take 21 points in the offense tree.
- 4 points in the attack speed one ,
- 7 points on the AD ones,
- 1 point in double edged sword,
- 1 point in exposed weakness,
- 3 points in executioner,
- 1 point in dangerous game,
- 3 points in AD and AP Pentration,
- 1 point in Increased Damage.

Defense Tree
You should take 9 or 6 points in the defense tree depending if you want the bonus movement speed from the utility mastery tree. I suggest you take 9 points and you invest :
- 3 points in basic attack damage reduction,
- 2 points in tough skin to have a better sustain in the jungle.
- 3 points in veteran scars,
- 1 point in juggernaut.

Utility Tree
If you choose to take the 1.5% bonus movement speed way you invest:
- 3 points in fleet of foot.
You withraw:
- 1 point in juggernaut (defense),
- 2 points in veteran scars (defense).

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Let's talk about all the items possible on Fizz.

INFO:The item set above this text is a "Carry Build" which means it's only good in Solo/Duo queue to carry games. So with that said, don't use this build in Ranked 5's.

The Carry Build
Okay, so this build is mostly oriented as a AD Bruiser Fizz in order:
- Hunter's machete + 2 health potions
- Red Smite
- Devourer Upgrade
- Boots
- Cutlass
- Sorcerer's shoes (Very good in this build because devourer damage will penetrate and it's the same with the W damage)
- Blade of The Ruined King,
- Frozen mallet, (Very good to carry because no one will be able to escape you, it gives a lot of health and good damage)
- Randuin's Omen
For the 6th item there are a lot of possibilities:
- Guardian Angel (If the only carry in your team),
- Banshee's Veil (If the enemy team's composition is AP oriented),
- Locket of the Iron Solari (If your support is way too behind to build it and the enemy team has at least 2 AP champions (don't buy this if you consider that one of these 2 champions is more a tank than an AP damage dealer)),
- Trinity Force it's a good item in general but...
-... I think Black Cleaver is better because of the 20% CDR, more HP and Armor Pen but both items are good.

What should I never take on Fizz AD Bruiser Jungle?

- BloodThirster (Useless)
- Ravenous Hydra ( Worse than BloodThirster)
- Youmuu's (You don't need AD penetration)
- Zephyr (You have enough mobility)
- Last Whisper (Look UP)
- Every AP item unless sorcerer's shoes ( The goal isn't to deal damage with Fizz's spells)

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Jungle Route

Let's talk about Fizz's jungle route.
I like to start where the bot lane is because I usually get a better leash than by the top laner.
So if you are on the Red Side your first clean should be:
- Gromp
- Blue Buff
- Scuttler
- Wolfs
- Red Buff
- Gank Mid or Bot

If you are on the Blue Side your first clean should be:
- Golems
- Red Buff
- Scuttler
- Wolfs
- Blue Buff
- Gank Top or Mid

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How to gank with Fizz jungle?

Well it's pretty easy. You have 3 ways to gank with Fizz.
First way (when the enemy is overextended): Use your E to slow the enemy and use your W and begin to basic attack the enemy. If he gets out of range, use your Q and keep attacking him.

Second way (when the enemy is in the middle of the lane or close to his tower): Use your W first then Q onto the enemy so it procs the W, throw another auto-attack, E-E to slow him quickly and keep auto-attacking him until he dies.

Third way (wherever the enemy is in his lane): R through the enemy to insure that the Fish hits him, W, Q, auto-attack 2 or 3 times, E-E and keep auto-attacking the enemy.
Note: Don't forget to smite the enemy!