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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Fizz Build Guide by SaltyFeeder

AD Offtank Fizz Jungle: Fish Jungling OP Season 5

AD Offtank Fizz Jungle: Fish Jungling OP Season 5

Updated on April 8, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SaltyFeeder Build Guide By SaltyFeeder 31,285 Views 2 Comments
31,285 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SaltyFeeder Fizz Build Guide By SaltyFeeder Updated on April 8, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Welcome to my Fizz Guide

Hello! Welcome to my guide. I am a Fizz and Riven main right now and I felt the need to share my thoughts on Fizz and I wanted to make a guide on him. He is one of my favorite champions, Fizz is strong and a lot of fun to play. Continue on reading, I hope you enjoy this guide and learn something!
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Introduction to Fizz

I am here to hopefully help some people learn how to play this champion. Fizz is very strong right now, as he can be built AD bruiser, tank, or even AP fighter/assasin especially with the new 5.7 patch that restored his W AP scaling ratios! Now, it's ironic that I'm making this guide just as they nerf Fizz' W back to it's AP state, but believe me he's still viable as an AD/attack speed bruiser. I haven't tested Bork on 5.7 Fizz much but it should still be good, and if not, it can easily be replaced.
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Pros and Cons

Fizz is an amazing late game champion, but early on he's not that strong especially when being built as an AD Bruiser. A lot of his early issues seem to clear up later on.

~Very high mobility
~Many items can be built well on him
~Tanky but also strong
~Fast clear time after jungle item is built
~Late game monster with very low CD's on everything
~You're a Fish! :D

~Early clear time is meh
~Early ganking is meh
~Not strong until he gets a few items built
~Not good in team fights if he falls behind
~Very high CD's early on
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Summoner Spells

My Choice:
Always needed as a Jungler, a requirement.
A good source of mobility, good for securing kills or running away.
I typically take Flash and Smite on Fizz, but because of his high mobility with Q and E you could grab Ignite or Exhaust for stronger ganks and duels. I personally prefer the mobility from Flash but some people prefer other abilities on Fizz jungle. Take your pick.
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Items and What to Purchase

Start Hunters Machete and 2 HP pots of course. Start gromp/golem then get your buff. After, walk to your other buff and clear it. Go back and buy Skirmishers blade and hopefully go get a gank in, and if not, then go farm some more to get that Devourers ASAP. Some may ask, why Skirmishers? Well it applies a DoT to help ganks and reduces the smited targets damage to Fizz by 20% which is very helpful in a 1v1 scenario or if you get caught.
Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer needs to be completed right when you can, don't delay it too long. After that start building what you need to.

Blade of the Ruined King Is really good because of the passive and it's active, too. Apply the active after your ult has locked onto someone so it does 20% more damage, or if you need to chase someone. The AD and Attack Speed from Bork are amazing on Fizz, it ups his DPS and clear time.

Trinity Force Is amazing because of all the stats that are useful on Fizz. AD for autos, AP for his abilities, HP for tanking, Mana for more ability usage, Attack Speed for more DPS and frequent autos, and the 10% crit is a bonus. If you think about it, every 1/10 hits will crit. The Sheen and Phage passive are also so good, Sheen passive just lets you put out so much more damage and the Phage helps you chase or even run away so well.

Frozen Heart Is another great item. It gives Fizz the armor for tanking, Mana for his abilities, CDR which is great for the E and Q spamming, and the awesome passive to reduce the DPS of your enemies. Great pick on Fizz.

Banshee's Veil Is what I typically go for because of the passive. Sure, the CDR and self-healing from Spirit Visage is better, but the passive of Banshee's is better on Fizz. He should be the guy hoping into the enemies and tanking hits as well as dealing damage, so the Banshee's to negate a spell can be very useful. Fizz doesn't need the CDR from Spirit Visage because Frozen Heart, Ionian Boots, and CDR Runes gives him 40% CDR altogether. On occasion, it's possible to go straight into Spirit Visage then a Banshee's or Guardian Angel if the enemy team is full of AP or if the only threats on their team is AP. If the enemy ADC and AD Jungle are both going 0/4 but the top Lissandra and Orianna are 5/0, you should go for MR. Locket of the Iron Solari is also great for situations like this, but I'll cover that later.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity Basic stuff. Fizz loves CDR and 15% is a lot, great item. Buy it. You can trade this for Ninja Tabi or anti-MR boots if you get a Spirit Visage and Frozen Heart.

I don't want to talk about the other situational items too much as I've already wrote a lot, but I'll post some basic notes and things about the optional items I suggested in the Items section.

Optional Items:
Locket is good for CDR, HP, and MR. It also gives your team a shield which is good if the enemy team has a lot of AoE and you need to shield your allies around you. GA is good for end-game team fights so you can survive, also good to bait a fight and take all the hits then get back in it. Wits End is good if you're just feeling the full DPS Fizz and want to shred everything in your path. It adds more Magic Damage on hit to the Devourer and it gives some nice MR. Thronmail if enemy team is relying on fed ADC or a Tryn, Yi, etc. Zhonyas for AP scaling(after all, your abilities are AP) and the armor + amazing active which is great for baiting and surviving or just to pass time for CDs. Righteous gives a lot of HP and Mana, good for sustain and it gives your team Sanic speed steroids. Warmogs if you need flat HP possibly for high bursting champs or a hybrid team. It's a good item if you're behind and the enemy has a strong mix of AD and AP as it's pretty cheap for 800HP. Spirit Vissage if you're going straight into MR because it gives you some of the CDR that Frozen Heart would give you. A lot of these items are about preference and what role you will be playing for your team that current game. It's not always a good idea to go Frozen Heart or Bork even though you could do that to help yourself out. Sometimes, it's better to pick up a Locket of the Iron Solari or a Warmogs Armor.
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Skills and Combos

How you should upgrade your skills is very basic but I will be explaining. Go for Seastone Trident first for the faster clear then Urchin Strike because of the lower CD and Mana cost. Get Playful / Trickster next to have all 3 abilities, then start maxing W. Put a point into Chum the Waters whenever you can. Max E next because its a much more useful spell than Q and it scales way better than your Q does. This leaves Q to be maxed last. When in a 1v1 scenario you should get your shark onto them then Q>W autos>E after the shark bites them or if they attempt to get away. In late game 1v1s you should R them then E on because E hits a lot harder than Q later on, especially since we will be maxing it second. When doing this you can save Q for a gap closer if they attempt to run. If you have Bork/BildgeWater passives up, use them after the shark is hooked on them.
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Ganking Pre6 and Post6

When ganking early on, close the gap between you and your enemy with Q then start abusing them with W autos. Save your E slow for their attempt to get away. Smite them to apply DoT and get more damage in if necessary, and this should result in a kill or flash wasted. Fizz usually has more success ganking top or bot lane because he does a good amount of damage but early on it comes from repeated W slaps which takes time to do. Mid lane is a short lane so it's easier for the enemy to escape, gank it when the enemy has extended past half of mid lane. At level 6 you should do the same thing but close the gap with Q then R into W and E for their attempt to escape. If they are too far you can E then Q but this may result in a failed gank. Good luck ganking, summoners.
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Runes and Masteries

I went over basically everything for Masteries in the notes but I will go more in-depth here and also talk about my Rune selection.
Pretty basic Runes, I chose 9 AD Marks for the damage, 9 Armor Seals for defense, 9 MR Glyphs for defense, and 3 Quints of Attack Speed to apply W more for ganks and clear time.
21/9 Masteries for the damage and some tank. For the Offense tree, as I mentioned in my notes, dropping Warlord and Dangerous Game for 3% extra auto damage and 3% extra spell damage is better. That's why we take Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving instead. Grab Sorcery instead of Fury because the 5% CDR is really helpful and it actually happens to fill a CDR gap left when going for a Frozen Heart and Ionian Boots of Lucidity(together they give you 35% CDR and the remaining 5% CDR is filling by the Sorcery Mastery, granting you the 40% CDR cap. Use that E all day and back flip all over Summoners Rift). For the Defense tree I take Tough Skin and Bladed Armor to make jungling easier and any other options wouldn't be ideal. We go into Juggernaut obviously to get the 3% bonus HP.
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Team Fighting

As mentioned some times before, Fizz is pretty tanky, especially late game when 2-3 tank items are built. He can jump into the fights and take a lot of damage whilst dealing quite a lot too. Fizz can start the teamfight, and if you land a shark on the enemy ADC or APC, then go for it. When teamfighting with Fizz you should focus on who ever is the biggest threat on the enemy team. Fizz can smash a squishy APC or ADC pretty fast, but in most scenarios you shouldn't jump onto an APC. If you're pretty fed and your team is relying on you, don't go onto a Mage like Lissandra who will ult and focus you right away. In most brawls, whether you're behind or not, you should go for a ranged threat because you are built to kill them well. 2 Gap closer and 2 slows, go get that ADC man. What you do in a teamfight as Fizz also depends on what Items you have built. I like to build Zhonyas or GA on Fizz when going Bruiser Jungler, it is strange to get a Zhonyas but it lets you jump in and do whatever because you can go in then use the Zhonya's active and for those 3 seconds your team can get into position and get an advantage. Good luck in team fights, and play it smart. If you build tank, then be a tank and an initiator, and if not, then don't be silly and try to do something you aren't built for.
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In conclusion, Fizz is a great pick right now and I hope you enjoy playing him. I hope this guide has helped you better yourself with Fizz and maybe learn a thing or two. Remember to build him however your team needs you to do so, and always keep the optional items in mind. It may seem weird to get Zhonya's Hourglass, Warmog's armor or Locket of the Iron Solario on Fizz, but you would be surprised how well these items can work. Thanks for reading and GLHF!
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