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Fizz Build Guide by Provoked

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Provoked

Fizz. That is all. (Solo Top)

Provoked Last updated on November 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Fizz. That is all.

This guide is focusing on Fizz as a solo top champion. Lots of people are throwing him in the jungle (rightfully so) but I feel like fighting in a lane is too fun for him to ignore it.

So. We've got this new champion called fizz that feels like a brawler with the burst of a mage and the escapes of a nidalee/kassadin child on steroids. What do we do with him? We're gonna make him punish heavy other brawlers with his W and burst down squishies with his combos.

(insert typical this is my first guide so blahblahblah here)

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Pros / Cons

-Escapes are not only possible but fun too do. His E can make him leap walls.It seems to be stubborn. Since it gives you two chances to leap sometimes it won't work on the first time, and will the second time. Or maybe I suck and it should always work the first time. That's possible.
-High single target burst. His fish toss has such great range and travels at a decent rate. on top of that it's pretty inconspicuous until it lands. (honestly, how could a FISH possible hurt me, right?) you can open with it and then move in with your Q or E. I tend to use Q first and save E for the chase when they start to run after the shark hits. It also leaves it open for defensive reasons if you want to dodge something or need a quick escape.
-Tanky. With this build you'll be rocking a good amount of HP and the longer you can stay in the fight the more punishing your W gets.
-passive ghost, come on? really? No more silly pathing around minions.

-You're melee. Everything that comes along with that with last hitting/playing safe/not over extending.
-you're not the tankiest guy early on and you gotta make sure to avoid damage until mid-late game. luckily, you have your E.
-You're W takes a few hits before it really starts to punish. You've gotta be persistent and also safe at the same time during your harass since it also requires you to get into melee.

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Skill Sequence

I'm maxing W because it shines in lane. You'll see how quickly it snowballs into some dangerous dots when used well in harassment. Q is simply used as a gap closer. Mid-late game you can choose to trade points with Q/E if you want to get a bit more burst but I like the lower cooldown on E so I can escape more. That's why I max it second.

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Lane Harassment

Fizz really shines with his sandstone trident harassment. You can become extremely punishing to those signed who like to walk through your creep line early game. You'll find that any other melee champion you face will begin to that your harassment very quickly. Maxing your W first makes it all that much better.

There's a great combo for painful harassment once you've got them around %50 or lower. It's popping your sandstone trident dashing in with your then quickly escaping with playful trickster. I only advise this when they are at a lower percent because of the mana cost.

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Being a Trickster With Your E

The options are endless with E. You can avoid things like Ashe arrows, Lux beams, Ez ults, ect. anything that requires a skill shot, you can avoid it. granted it's not got the lowest cooldown you've got to make sure you're not wasting it.

You can also use it as a gap closer. The great thing about using it as a gap closer is the damage is applied when you land. If the gap doesn't get to large, you can hurt them while you catch up.

You can use it to leap over walls. t=Twice. That's right, Twice. On top of that, you're invulnerable. it's free scouting! See the video below if you don't quite understand.

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27/0/3?! Are you crazy?!

Maybe I am. There's just too many great things in the offensive tree that Fizz can use. Executioner is GREAT for his harassment. Since it deals more damage based on health loss this just adds even more to your personal ignite on steroids. couple that with and you got yourself a fresh cooked . The one thing to note is my point in can be rotated out to any of the other trees for or accordingly.

I'm sure I'll be playing around with them more and I'll be updating if I find something more useful.

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Summoner Spells

Why Ignite/Exhaust? Because I like dominating 1v1s in the top lane. You're free to use Flash and Teleport, Surge, they all work great. There's nothing wrong with that, it's personal preference.

I don't take flash because I feel confident enough in my ability to escape with him. I don't take Teleport because I'm a rebel! Bwah! I'm still playing with surge and I'm sure I'll update the guide if I feel it out matches ignite. The passive AP and double ignite with his W just feels so good.

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What the hell? No lichbane?! But Phreak said...

I know. It gives you burst right after you jump in with the Q. It feels good to see that red bar fill up fast. I just don't think it outweighs you're ability to sustain your lane by going right into a catalyst. You'll still hit hard enough and still have that great burst. The reason I left two slots open in the build is because you can still get that Lichbane, just if the game turns goes into the late phase.

There are two options with items to start out with.
The Ballsy Way:

The Safe Way:
x3(or 2 + 1 mana pot)

I tend to pick up 2 Doran's, 1 before and 1 after boots of speed. It gives me the health I want and the small amount of mana regen I need and don't get with / So long as you're not spamming your Q and E on cooldown you'll be fine on mana. (and you put the 3 points in mana regen on your masteries)

Then I move right on into a Catalyst the Protector into a .

I don't get my level 2 boots until afterward. You're passive is pretty great in lane.

I'll pick up a then into a (Don't sell those Doran's for inventory space, it's a waste.)

After that I go right on into a deathcap. This is where you can venture-forth and do what you want. You can get a lich bane instead for the that burst. Or just get the deathcap and do just as much damage. after that pick up a . Although your dot doesn't stack, it does help to keep it up. Plus it's got more AP. Remember to save space for a defensive item. You can get a if they're mage heavy. Or a for that pesky AD carry.

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Team Work

Getting a because a life saver when you come to help a teamate out. If you missed it, your Q procs on hit effects. You can slow instantly. Your R can seriously mess with a team fight. 1v1 or even 3v3 it's pretty obvious when it goes out. You'll notice how little THEY notice when you toss it into a group of people. Most of the time they'll keep moving together and BOOM. Shark all up in their group brushin them aside. You can also use it to escape. What seems to be underrated it the ability to toss it on the ground. If you're being chased in the jungle and don't quite have vision of that person you know is chasing you. Toss it on the ground, they won't dare run over it. If they do, then cool. they'll be knocked up. either way, it'll slow them down. the low cooldown lets you use it often too, so you should always have it ready for a team fight.

once you've got your build going, you can actually pick a fight, you can dash in with Q then use E to slow down incoming damage. By then, they'll blow cooldown on you and your team can move in. Now, you've got to really time it. You're not invincible. ONLY do this if you know your team will be ready to commit completely to the fight. if someone else starts the fight, or you have a better initiator, like ashe arrow, malphite charge, ect. toss your fish in after the fight starts. In the confusion they won't even notice. Try to aim for carries, although it can be tricky. Lead in with your E if they're grouped up to maximize damage. If you see a carry in the back, lead with your Q and start your W and do as much as you can before you get focused on by the babysitters. Then use your E to escape damage or make them waste time coming for you.

Double jump scouting, do it!

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if people genuinely agree with the guide and like it. I'd be glad to keep it updated.

Thanks for reading!