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Miss Fortune Build Guide by darkite

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author darkite

Fortune: Princess of the sea

darkite Last updated on March 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to deeps of the ocean abyss with Fizz, well maybe that would come in the future, by now let's take a look on the ocean surface by the hand of our sexy pirate Miss Fortune.

Why Fortune? Well there're many champions that can be a good ranged AD, we can simply look at Tristana or Caitlyn for example, but fortune have something the other champions don't have, and it's her speed boost with her passive ability Strut, and that's what I like most of her.

Before going further as you should have seen there are four fortune build, the first two are base in a speed hybrid fortune( mixing her AD abylities with some upgrade power to Bullet Time and also Make it Rain, while the other two are based on a standar AD Fortune.

Team 1: Hybrid Fortune
Build 1: Vs no tank
Build 2: Vs Tank or armored team

Team 2: AD Fortune
Build 1: Vs no Tank
Build 2: Vs Tank or armored team

Now let's take a further look to Miss Fortune.

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Pros / Cons


- Nice speed due to Strut giving good changes to hunt the enemy or just run to a save place more when you boost it with Ghost and hit the enemy with Make it Rain and Exhaust
- Great speed attack with Impure Shots and Phantom Dancer
- Fight between and behind from your mineons with ranged attacks and force the enemy to stand in front of their mineons or too behind from them with Double Up
- Deal great damage to enemy ganks with Bullet Time


- Lose Strut speed bonus as soon as you're hit.
- Mana problems without blue, runes or mana recovery items.
- Low defense, and life which makes fortune and easy prey for ganks.

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So now let's take a look on our Miss Fortune masteries, as you should have saw early we got a 30/0/0 mastery tree, so let's take a look into each one.

Summoner's Wrath this one is 100% needed, since it boost Ghost and also Exhaust, and for the other 3 points in first row Brute Force , is the best option, after all Fortune is and AD.

For our second row the 4 points must go to Alacrity , which boost up items like Phantom Dancer

with our third row we need to use 5 intead of 4. The first one with Weapon Expertise and the other four with Deadliness

forth row must go with Lethality and Vampirism this second one is quite usefull, more if boosted at the begining with Doran's Blade, since you can recover from enemies attacks easily, without potions or going back to base, and since our fortune if you are not mad and run towars the enemies lines without backup, you shouldn't be hit much.

fifth well it's obvious what to pick up, Sunder

sixth and last row well it's quite easy to decide since there's only one option Executioner

With this we got the 21 mastery points that almost every AD should have, so there's no much explanation needed for them.

now let's take a look into our 9 points left.

First we got Sorcery and Arcane Knowledge those are 5 points. the first one gives us a cooldown for our abylities, so that plus the fact that fortune cooldowns are quite low we would be able to use them more often. Arcane knowledge give a little boost for Bullet Time in case the enemies got some magic defense.

Now we got 4 points left there's some variety of options.
First Blast or Archmage if you want to boost up fortune AP abilities a bit more.
Second Havoc and Demolitionist giving you a boost on AD and a bonus while hitting towers.
The third and last option would be Good Hands and Improved Recall giving you a cooldown to return to battle and a faster return to base.

Masteries that should be avoid.
Swiftness giving a 2% speed bonus to fortune looks a good idea but that use 8 points that can make our fortune more deadly, for a speed bonus that is unnecesary.

Other Utility masteries, aren't supposed to be think as an option.
Same goes for Defense Masteries.

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There's no much explanation about this

First we got 9 greater mark of desolation and 3 greater quintessence of desolation that gives us almost 25% of armor penetration.

For the other 18( 9 glyphs and 9 seals) there can be lots of combinations, like boosting critical change or speed attack for example.

But probably the best boost up for early game would be 9 greater seal of replenishment and 9 greater glyph of replenishment so you won't need to hold back your abilities in early fights due to mana problems. Also another good choice is to pick up 9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction that will give you a CD reduction in further game to your Bullet Time

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Summoner Spells

Top Priority Spells

- Ghost I think it don't need much explanation Ghost+ Strut you would hunt easily and escape of almost everything it runs, well as long as they don't stun you or slow down.
- Flash Good option also, you can escape by flashing trhoug walls or get in position to shoot Bullet Time.
- Exhaust reduces target's speed, and damage, so it's a two ways spell to hunt someone by reducing it's speed and also a escape one you get less damage and also you speed down the enemy

Mid Priority Spells
- Teleport: give you fast return to lines or to support your team in other lines.
- Ignite: only usefull early for killing some enemies if they run with low healt, 50% reduction of health is the same as Impure shoots active.
- Cleanse: a safecard for stay alive for stuns, speed dows,... etc.
- Surge: more combat power, could be a option

Low/Null Priority Spells
- clarivoyance : For supports don't think about an option
- Clarity: use well your spells and you won't need it.
- Heal : well, if you play safety and don't mess up you won't need it.
- Promote: most usefull for tanks or supports.
- Smite: Unless you are jungling since lv 1 it's not and option.
- Revive: Be cautious and you won't need it.

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Skill Sequence

Double Up This one would be our priority skill apart from our R skill.
Double Up give us a good damage with his second hit, and harass early game while keeping the enemies away from it range