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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Brotkernmehl

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brotkernmehl

Fortunes favor

Brotkernmehl Last updated on July 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
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Presence of the Master

Utility: 9

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Introduction/Pros & Cons

Hello dear Readers,

this is my first guide ever. Since there are very good ones on this site about almost every champion there is. Almost no need for new ones exists (apart from fun-builds like AD-Sona).
I felt that the ones featuring Miss Fortune are lacking builds for my style of play. While Miss Fortune has a very strong early to mid game. She will have an even stronger late game if build properly. Even if not fed. You may already have noticed the Doran's stacking but bear with me on this one (Chapter 6: Items). So here it goes.

Always feel free to leave suggestions in the comment section.

Also there will be miss spellings and grammar errors since I am not a native speaker.


- one of the best farmers
- strong harass due to Double Up
- scary carry
- high mobility
- AOE ult ( Bullet Time)
- almost never banned


- mobility is reduced if hit
- squishy
- no hard CC

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With masteries i run a pretty straight forward 21/0/9.

Offense Tree:
1st row:
Deadliness (3/3). Always pick this.
Archmages Savy (1/3). This point is kind of wasted. You could do improved exhaust although I wouldn't recommend it.
2nd row:
Acalcrity (4/4). Obvious choice.
Sorcery (3/4). CD-reduce is nice on almost every champ.
3rd row:
Sunder (3/3). People so very often seem to underestimate ArmPen even when attacking a squishy.
4th row:
Brute Force (3/3). Three attack is not that great. But those points are needed to once again advance in the tree.
5th row:
Lethality (3/3). 10% more critical damage is just awesome in exchange for three points.
6th row:
Havoc (1/1). +4% damage for just one point? Very good.

Defense Tree:
Don't. It is not your job to soak up damage.

Utility Tree:
1st row:
Preservance (3/3). Many guides about Miss Fortune include ManaRegen Runes. For me this does the job quite nicely.
Haste (1/1). Very nice ghost buff. Always take this.
2nd row:
Awareness (4/4). Leveling up fast is one of the keys to victory.
3rd row:
Utility Mastery (1/2). 15% longer red buff duration. Awesome.

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As mentioned earlier I see many people utilizing ManaRegen Runes. Which to me feels like a waste of potential. Usually my mana is depleted around lvl 6-8 depending on how much harass can be safely applied. I then Bullet Time a minion wave and recall which basically acts as a free teleport. Just never harass with Make it Rain. It has virtually no single target damage output and should be used for the slow in an offensive or defensive manner. Even worse you will end up pushing your lane when using Make it Rain. This will create great opportunities for the enemy jungler. Once your main harass comes from Double Up mana is not an issue anymore. Also remember as an AD range you basically get free harass from auto attacking.

For marks/reds there should be no discussion. Simply go with 9x Greater Mark of Desolation. This comes down to 21 ArmPen (Masteries included) on lvl1.

For seals/yellows I recommend 9x Greater Seal of Attack Speed (6,84% attack speed). This however is more or less your choice. Any physical damage runes will do I suppose.

For glyphs/blues I favor 9x Greater Glyph of Attack Speed (5,76% attack speed).

This comes down to seals+glyphs=6,84+5,76=12,6% attack speed. Since AS is itemwise acquired fairly late in the game this is a good way to counter a weakness.

For quints use Greater Quint of Fortitude. Miss Fortune does enough damage already and health is the best early game defense stat. With this and Doran's Blade you will start at about 700 Health. Thats right.

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Skill Sequence

Maxing Double Up first is fairly important. It will (once you get the hang of it) allow complete lane domination. Especially in a solo lane. You can then start to zone out your opponent. On this topic there is a very nice guide out there on advanced tactics. And on top of that Double Up will not push your lane. If you only last hit, your lane wont get pushed(There are enough people out there who still auto attack minions even if they have too much health. If you are up against an Vladimir, Malzahar, Corki, etc. feel free to attack those minions down. Or you will end up hugging your tower and in the process missing out on farm.). Whenever possible hit enemy champions hiding behind minions with it.

Impure Shots is the second skill that should be maxed. It gives you such a nice damage boost and an quite nice AS boost when activated. While I mostly don't use the active while farming it is a great way to push a deserted tower or ensure that kill.

Make it Rain gets one point at lvl 4 and is then leveled last. Basically you want the slow. Lvl 4 is sufficient for this because most junglers won't gank before lvl 4. And while on solo lane they won't out-level you (if you don't die).

Bullet Time is obviously skilled whenever possible. Notice that you can farm entire minion waves with it as soon as its available. Do not be afraid to use it on those big piles of minions that will occur later in the game. As carry it is your duty to farm like a madmen while (of course) being present at teamfights.

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Summoner Spells

Why go with Flash and Ghost?

The Answer is simple. You will get focused and you don't want to die.
Flash is awesome to counter an enemies gap closer like Xin Zhao's Audacious Charge and will very often be the difference between life and death. But most often I use it to counter Flash.
The same goes for Ghost. While it is a great escaping tool it can be used quite nicely to counter enemy escape mechanics.

Exhaust is also viable on Miss Fortune. However I feel like Flash and Ghost outshine it by far. This is also true for Ignite.

Teleport is wasted on Miss Fortune since Bullet Time will buy the time to blue pill and go back to lane.

Cleanse is what you could choose if they have a very CC heavy team. Due to Miss Fortunes speed and range I still prefer Flash and Ghost.

Other than that none of the summoner spells are really viable for an AD carry.

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Apart from non-consumables always pick up a Ward (or more) and Health Potion. Those items win games.

Miss Fortune basically has two core builds. The first is fairly easy to acquire and later replaced by the 2nd.
1st core:
4x Doran's Blade
1x Vampiric Scepter
1x Berserker's Greaves

At this point you might ask: Isn't 4x Doran's Blade a waste of gold? The answer is an absolute no! You will end up loosing some gold which won't hurt due to Miss Fortunes awesome farming skills. In return you get 400 health, 40 damage and 12% life steel. This in the end of early game will leave you with more life than for example Shen or Rammus. You can easily tower dive to some extend if so chosen. Now, a Doran's Blade costs 475 Gold. And can be sold at about half that amount. 475*4=1900/2=800 gold. I think this is a fair trade when u consider how well this works and how much farm you are able to get this way. Just give it a try.
Of course as with all builds feel free to vary it depending on how the game is progressing. Have you gotten fed, skip one of the blades. Are you harassed heavily, buy some resistances and so on.

Later on build Infinity Edge, starting with B.F. Sword and Cloak of Agility.
After that either rush Last Whisper or Phantom Dancer depending on the amount of armor in the enemy team. Then turn your Vampiric Scepter into The Bloodthirster

This is the second core build:
1x Berserker's Greaves
1x Infinity Edge
1x Last Whisper
1x Phantom Dancer
1x The Bloodthirster
1x Doran's Blade

At last sell Doran's Blade depending on which survivability item you need.
Banshee's Vail is always a good choice.
Guardian Angel, Force of Nature, Thornmail are all viable alternatives. You should chose depending on who is carrying the enemy team AND/OR on who is always focusing you.

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Just a few catchphrases on this one.

- As AD carry farm like a madmen.
- After one or two enemies have been slain try going for dragon.
- The laning phase is won by having the most farm.
- First Blood is worth roughly 20 minions.
- Killing an enemy on your own is worth about 15 minions.
- It is often more effective to zone out your enemy (while farming) and deny his farm then killing him.
- One Tower is worth 2,5 early game kills (and will snowball into less farm for your enemies).

If you do not have the last hitting skills to play an AD carry please don't burden your team with it. Start a custom game without bots or humans and practice a while. At about 15 minutes you should have over 100 last hits!

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Team Work

While Miss Fortune doesn't have the ridiculous amount of utility Ashe is proud to call her own she still can do a lot in terms of team work.

I won't list the obvious teamwork issues here like calling ss/mia and so on.

With stacking Doran's Blade you can tank Dragon at around level 8. Try going for it. An early dragon can change the outcome of an entire game.
While it is wide spread believe that your jungler should ward dragon go ahead and help him. When last hitting properly you will have so much more gold then he has. Seeing that most junglers are fairly item dependent, he should get the help whenever possible.

In Teamfights always go for their carry if you can. Do not trade kills with him. It is your teams job to enable the kill. You will just take him down. Use your Bullet Time wisely. While it is a very decent farming skill it also can turn the tide in a fight very quickly. Try using your Make it Rain before. Of course playing with an Amumu is heaven for Miss Fortune.

When running after a teamfight either to chase the last enemies down or to save your skin be aware of your team. Most likely no one will have full health left. Make it Rain can save an ally or give that last slow for the kill.

When your build is complete at lvl 18 you can tank baron if the need arises. Always go for baron after a won teamfight (if you have the level to take him down of course).

Do NOT overextend while trying to save idiotic teammates.

If both teams are hanging out somewhere, waiting for the other to make a move. Picture their most likely opener and be prepared for it.

And lastly always communicate with your team. Some tanks loose focus in a teamfight and you always get taken down by the same guy. Tell your tank without qqing :P!

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Last Words

Tanks for staying with me and please comment any improvements you feel like. Also please don't downvote without trying.

Hope you guys have fun with this!