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Diana Build Guide by darkonade

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League of Legends Build Guide Author darkonade

Full OP moon - AP solo top Diana

darkonade Last updated on August 10, 2012
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Hey everyone my name is Darkonade and this is my first build for the 102th champion of the League, Diana The Scorn of the Moon. Before you begin reading i have to apologise for my english, Im not from Egland, America or something and you might not understand some sentences so please right it to the comments.
Also i have to ask you to read the whole guide (cm on its gonna be small :P) before you rate or comment i suck, also I recommend you to try it ingame, it realy works!!!
OK enough bla bla, lets get started!!!

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Who Diana realy is?...

Diana is a melee AP assasin with hight ganging potential and nice mobility in and out of the jungle after 6 lvl. Also it is importand to remember that Diana IS NOT ONLY BASED ON SPELLS!!! Her passive, Moonsilver Blade, gives her AS and makes her OP even if she has not mana available to use spells.
Anyway, Diana's spells remind to lots of people a combination of Blitzcrank's AoE mini Q and Akali's ulti but Diana is more than that...
1. Diana requires SKILL and QUICK THINKING to work.
2. Diana's W Pale Cascade its one of the best shields ingame because the second shield is trigging with damage and helps a LOT then jungling. Also the damage here is AoE that means that one sphere can damage multiple enemies.
3. Diana's ulti Lunar Rush has !NO CHARGES! and IT HAS SHORT OR NO CD!!! That means that with the propert using of it can damage and kill enemies while she imidiately hops out of the combat.
4. Diana's Q Crescent Strike just trows a moon-bold from her blade, Akali's Q Mark of the Assasin throws her weapon...A TRUE COOSEN OF THE MOON DOESNT THROW HIS/HER CRESCENT BLADE!!!!!! Thats ninja stuff.. -.-

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Pros / Cons...

1.Hight ganging potential.
2.hight mobility.
3.Unique skills
4.Great damage + great survability onnn she is the chosen of the moon!! :P
1.Requires skill.
2.Mana starvated early game (if spamming).
3.Not as OP as Darius and Zyra.
4.Countered by AD carries if laning.
5.Only one skin??? U MAD RIOT???

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Summoner Spells...

The exta true dmg tool that most of the people uses. With it u can finish off 50 hp fleeing opponents, reduce healing to some champions (ex: Taric, Soraka, or even Dr. Mundo) or drop dramatically the ability of lifestealing to some champions (ex. Fiora, Warwick) and killsteal dat stupid jugler that tries to take your top kills...HUEHUEHUEUHEUHUEHEUHUE!!!!

This is the currently best spell in game because it has offencive and deffensive use and it allows to your champion pass trough walls in the jungle or the enemy base while a wild sudenly appeared carry is trying to catch you... The only bad thing about this spell is that it has Nerfed small range and makes you say WTF at the moments that u cant pass throught a wall that you could before...

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The extra armor and AP at lvl 18 with the AS runes gives her a deadly advantage late game.

Why no Flat AP runes??: Because late game you wont notice the diffference and your AP runes will be useless...
Why no flat armor runes??: Well they are nice choice because u can avoid this freaking 100dmg at lvl 1 Xin Zhao but i prefare them for the same reason with AP runes.
Why AS runes???: They give an awesome boost to your passive Moonsilver Blade early game but they will be usefull late game (not just like the previus AP and Armor runes).

Note if u have more questions (or sugestions) about the runes write them to the comments...

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The 21-9-0 at your masteries helps you giving a nice ap boost early and late game and helps you survive with the extra health and armor, late and early game..(again..^^)..
Why you use the summoner spell upgrade at defence while you dont have one (ex: Heal)???:
Well thats a personal choise because i use the deffencive spells to other champions with this mastery page combination and its boring to change it in every match. But it is still a personal choise that you are gonnna make...

Note: If you have questions or sugestions write them to the comments...

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Skill Sequence and mini skill explonation...

Note: I have to ask sorry because i didnt use images but im still nooby at making my own guids and i dont know what exacly to do with them :/.....

Well i max first my Q Crescent Strike because it covers the lack of damage on Diana's abilities and gives great ganging potential with great mobility and damage boost all in one pack!!! Second, i max my W Pale Cascade because as i said before its one of the best shields in the game!!! It is a combination of damage and a VERY STRONG (310(+80% of AP) at lvl 5) shield. This ability helps exeptionaly well at jungling and reminds me a bit weaker but AoE dmg of Viktor's Q Power Transfer...I max last the E Moonfall because the slow doensnt compare with the other effects of the other skills, its ok... Diana still has the AoE pull in this skill. Of course you have to max your ulti whenever its posssible, that means at levels 6,11 and 16 (if you didnt Know it already). !!Remember!!Your ulti's cooldown refreshes if you hit an opponent with moonlight on him (that means you have to hit with Crescent Strike first!!). With the full CDR of my items ( Frozen Heart and Nashor's Tooth) The Cooldown on the spells is..-3,5= Crescent Strike-6= Pale Cascade-10= Moonfall-7,6= Lunar Rush.....Prety spammable right???

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Note: I have to ask sorry because i didnt put any images here and at Skill Sequence because im nooby at making guids and bla bla lets get back to the build...

Soooo, the items that i prefare are Mercury's Treads(The best boots in game in my opinion) for the tenacity, next i buy an early Giant's Belt for the tons of health that it gives and then i buy 2 Dagger and i upgrate em imidiatelly to a Stinger for the extra AS and the 10% CDR passive... Now this is the core build: i buy a Rabandons Deathcap for the MASSIVE AP boost and i upgradee my Giant's Belt into a Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the AP boost, the health, and the slow effect that it has (it helps a lot!!). Now the last 3 items....I usually buy a Frozen Heart for the massive mana, armor and CDR boost while the awesome passive comes in handy if the enemy carry is overfeeded... After the Frozen Heart i upgrade my Stinger into a Nashor's Tooth for the max CDR to my skills (btw its 3,6 secs on Q, 6 on the W, 10 at the E and 7 at the R) for the AS boost and the mana regen that makes your skills more available to spam. For the last item i pick Rod of Ages(in most cases), Abyssal Mask for the MR boost and reduction aura or Lich Bane for the autoattack passive and MR bonus. This build makes you deadly in all parts of the game if used correctly while it gives nice passive auras that help you and your team...

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Well this is the end i wanna thank you for reading my guide and dont hesitate writing a comment below giving me sugestions or asking me questions. I hope you enjoyed my guide as mutch i did while i was writing it... please remember this is my first guide so please dont start bad rating and calling me sucker because i put an effort on this build and i tried to make it as nice i could...
I also wanna thank LoL wiki, MOBAfire, the "Champions" app for android and Riot games for creating LoL...

Thanks for reading,