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Bard Build Guide by victormarte

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League of Legends Build Guide Author victormarte

Full Roam Bard - A "Troll" Strat. That Works!

victormarte Last updated on July 28, 2016
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The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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What's an ADC, Anyway?

After hitting mid diamond in season 5 playing support, roaming support, and proxy singed, I got a little guide I'd like to share with you!

Pick Bard. You're new job is to harass the enemy jungler and laners, to coordinate with your jungler places to invade and gank, and to get your laners and jungler fed. Please note that while bard is well suited to roam, other supports can do a fine job as well! Feel free to try out "Ambulance Soraka" and "River Shen"!

Make sure at the beginning of every champion select, you inform your team of your strategy by saying "I am playing full roam bard" or something of that nature. Very few will object, and if they do, assure them you will roam around bot lane when you can.

Please practice this before joining a ranked queue.

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Some Extra Cheesy Goodyness (Tips and Extra Strats)

■ Invade the enemy jungler at level one by warding their starting buff or camp, you can do this solo! With ignite, you might even score a kill. If enemy laners decide to collapse, run them around and waste their time while continuing to harass the enemy jungler. This is common practice in LCS games.

■ Make the enemy jungler's life a living hell as your first priority. While bothering him at every camp he is on, you can also roam around to mid and top lane to gank. Coordinate with your jungler if you can!

■ Your ADC is level 6-7 while the enemy ADC is still level 4-5. Leaving your ADC solo makes them level faster, and now they're level 6! Gank bot lane and get some free kills.

■ Prioritize objectives. Your an extra champion running around the map, objectives and enemy buffs belong to you and your team.

■ Overall, your best bet is trial and error. I remember I'd average 3-6 deaths in the first 10 minutes. Now I average 0-1 deaths and have a few kills. I have also changed up my roaming route, builds, have had to adapt to patches and enemy champ picks, etc. Find what works for you!

■ For the League of Legends wikia guide on roaming, see here:

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Common Criticisms of Full Roam Bard

-Having an extra champion running around creates pressure, makes ganks more effective, and can put your laner and jungler far ahead Vs. staying bot/standard supporting.

"The meta is there for a reason."
-A large number of master and challenger players are made up of one trick ponies, cheese strat. players, and meta breakers. I've read challenger level guides from Jungle Teemos, Ap Tryndameres, to bruiser bot lanes. If your not a God mechanically, performing cheese strategies may be an option.

"Leaving your ADC alone is a bad idea."
-Any lane where there are more enemies than teammates may leave your teammates(s) at a disadvantage. Having said that, Bard can effectively make top, mid and jungle a 2v1 against the enemy team, totally worth! From my experience, your ADC will usually play more passively, which may garner them kills and on average will have the same CS as the enemy ADC.

"Your levels/xp behind."
-A level 2-3 bard is nearly unkillable if played correctly, even if some of the enemy laners are level 6 or higher. Nonetheless, roaming may leave you have a level disadvantage, but the runes and build will make you tankier than anyone at any level, so in all, being a few levels behind won't matter too much. Lastly, your ADC will level fast because they are solo. Note: Make sure you collect those chimes, and tax lanes when your laner is at spawn!

Flaming/blaming: "You made us lose/lose an advantage." "Your a troll." "I don't need your help!" "Reported!" "I'm gonna AFK if you don't listen to me!"
-If you play poorly or make even a single mistake, expect to hear some of this. My advice is to mute accordingly. Nonetheless, mistakes happen. You might even cost the team the entire game! Even if you know you got some of your laners ahead, they may still criticize you or may not fully understand the advantages you are creating. Your best bet is to realize your own mistakes because teammates may not have the best judgement in criticisms all of the time since they may be in fits of rage.

"You're a God! Honored! This bard is awesome!"
-Expect this if you play decent or win, it feels great! Basically, expect to be honored if you win, reported if you lose. As long as you are friendly and mute when needed, you should be able to climb and not be bothered by the haters!

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Final Warning: May result in a ban!

Recently, I was given a two week suspension for "intentionally feeding" because I went 1-6-0 as full roam soraka, and have had a higher than average death rate in a few games. Unfortunately, they will not revert this.

This is a warning to those who perform this strategy, even if your teammates are fully OK with it pregame, does not mean you won't get reported by someone on either team. It takes just a single report from anyone when you just had a bad game for Riot to decide you were griefing in some way.

Please use this stratedgy wisely, you may climb a lot, and you may even get banned.

Update: After inquiring about evidence toward my ban, I was told "we already gave you the context" and my ticket was closed. After opening up another, I received automated-like responses and the ticket was closed again after given the same explanation.