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Akali Build Guide by animebot

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League of Legends Build Guide Author animebot

Fusion Assassin Akali

animebot Last updated on October 14, 2012
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Hello Everyone and welcome to my guide on Akali.
This is my first guide so please comment and rate it.Akali is an extremely fun and dangerous Champion.
This guide will cover Akali's as-well as all of the secrets that i have discovered while using her and the three forms she can take AD massacre, AP cut throat, or my favorite Shadow Hybrid.
Akali is a very powerful hybrid champion, who scales with AD and AP on her skills, combining burst, stealth, AOE and a massive Ground Coverage.

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Pros / Cons


    Great burst damage
    escapes easily
    gap closer
    easy farming

    High learning curve
    No CC
    Uber Squishy
    Major target
Oracle's Elixir Rapes Akali

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In this part i will be working backwards from build 3 to build 1 so as to explain build 1 better.

Okay. Build three is designed around AP so we can build an AP Akali So as it follows we take the AP mastery route but only deposit 21 points and use the other 9 into health attributes so you can have and maintain a health advantage in over your opponent.

Build two is similar in its making as we use the 9 attribute point in the health area but instead of an AP route we follow an AD route for those who prefer AD so as to take advantage of Akali's Shadow Dance and Mark of the Assassin combo.

Lastly we arrive at Build one which is my favorite build. Now in this case we use the same Route's as Build three; but this is not me being lazy this is because her item build utilizes AD over AP and so as to level this out we go with an AP route.

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The best set of items to choose when the game is about to start is Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions Giving Akali the mobility to move in lane efficiently and survive until level 6. buying Hextech Revolver or Phage second this gives you a more permanent sustainability. Continuing on with a pair of boots like.... Mercury's Treads, these shoes are one of the best in the game, although Boots of Swiftness is not a bad second choice. After buying your boots you want to aim for Frozen Mallet or Rylai's Crystal Scepter
for the health advantage as well as the slow it offers. from there it varies greatly which item you buy based on which build you are aiming for; but i will say that the main thing is to continue to do your best to pump you champions attack capability.

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Team Work

Because of Akali's Extreme squishyness team fights are difficult for her to engage in; but for those who hate hearing their teammates cuss and yell at them there is a possible way for you to contribute. As this has already been stated Akali has a great burst damage and escaping potential so the best way for you to contribute in a team fight is for you to find a key target like Karthus and eliminate him and then proceed to GET THE HELL OUTA THERE. LOL. another way to help is since Akali has a great gap closer is for you to clean up any "scraps" that make it out of the team fight. These are truly the best ways i have found to contribute. truly though the best thing of all for you to do is to choose your battles when you want them to take place and not your enemies.

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When playing as Akali try to remain at a distance by using Mark of the Assassin and Crescent Slash so as to avoid being hit by ranged attacks. when you want to push you enemy away from the minions depriving them of Exp. use Twilight Shroud this can also be used to make attacks against them should they choose to brave you shroud.

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This chapter will tell you secrets on Akali and how to utilizes things that are unknown to most people as well as helping to provide some knowledge in your champion.

Up until level 5 Akali is incapable of dealing any real damage as its nigh on impossible to close the gap before the enemy reacts so be patient and bide your time as it will come.

if you come to the situation of facing Katarina at mid try to avoid direct fights with her as in most cases she will end up winning.

obtaining the red buff can be useful as it slows your enemies impeccably and adding to the effect of your Phage and Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

And last but absolutely not least Have you ever been chased by a Volibear and not been able to get away well i have discovered that by running a short distance you can throw down a
Twilight Shroud avoiding his Rolling Thunder and escaping him entirely due to your short invisibility spout after leaving your shroud. this can be applied to all target effects and can be extremely useful.

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Helper video

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I hope this helped you.
thank you!