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Garen Build Guide by Derpalicous

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Derpalicous

{gaaren] spin man strikes back

Derpalicous Last updated on December 6, 2013
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why garen is gud

last week i vistsed the tirorial and found al 3 champiens accesable, and my favertie being garen. ive gathered enouf skill and wisdom about this man to show u al how i play him. ive been a garen main for 80 yeers and haev practesed the ways of the spiner atack al of my lief. if u moove verye fast u weil always hit spin move and activearte windhseild wiper to finsih of the eenemy bean man.

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pr0s and cawns

2 hands
nice booty pop
big seord
can kil peple with spin tecneek

hasnt brushed teeth for 7 months
wek against almonds

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lain fais

i like to spiin on enemy carrit monstur so he die and not attak mee w ith shampo. elso kil minyins and make monee so u buy micheal jordans church bell. u need 2 so u maek enemy teem slepp throo lullyby. sumtiems i russh doarns rieng beciz im alwais oout of maena andd need mana so i caan use it fooor windsheeld wipur and nott die to chipmunqz and skwirrilzzzZZzzz. u also need nintendo wii so uu caein aem the windsheild wipirstry not to git eeten by polar bar, to preefant thies tryy getinag aen eerly rod of age too be veryy takny and confyoose lunerr ray best ryzer squriel laend

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wehn ful bild u will need to buy dog leeeshes and pul wolf doges into teemfight 2 kil enemy grape warriers. alos peel fur ur adee caree byy bying an orange peelur at ur locall walmarrt freom rayman best cart poosher.

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tee end

i hoap u can be a amaster windsheild wiper leik me andd coppy pasterino this here plz so i can tell u how i reely feel abouut ur lettuce:

pen is choo choo chee chow poop on my necklace and i will put it in my butt and shred it like a blender if u dont mind i will chong chee chee choo trainn on ur ****er mango juic