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Gangplank Build Guide by lightboi245

Gangplank's pistol is better then an AK-47! :)

By lightboi245 | Updated on January 18, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Introduction :)

Sup guys~ Anyone reading this may feel its actully needless to read the intro but im just gonna put it anyways. Gangplank to me is like the pwnage pirate and well known to crit real well due to Parrrley (on-hit effects which is awesome.) And this guide is pretty much gonna be a guide to show how I use gangplank. :) Any comments are welcomed but please dont give really nasty comments cuz its my first guide :{
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Summoner's spell

Okay so lets start with something simple. For me Gangplank is really useful with the summoner's Heal or Flash.
Heal: For a carry, heal really helps especially in tricky situations or ganks. Since GP is a carry, heal is really useful in both early and late game!
Flash: Well a good escape mechanisms as GP doesnt really have any escape skill that works effiecent. A Raise Morale may work as one swing from Tryndamere can really pwn you hard.
Ghost:A good alternative for flash but not easy to use because GP is the top pirority of getting rid of with the exception of other carrys such as Twitch or LeBlanc
Smite: Works when your'e jungling~ But using it for minions is really needless because GP can pwn minion HARD!
Exhaust: Gp passive has almost the same effect.Maybe weaker but still works if combined with Raise Morale.
Iginite:Ignite can be really useful for first blood with GP as its passive stacks! Good for people who are more experienced with GP.
Clarity: One of the worst choices ever but some people may think otherwise due to spamming your Parrrley skill for harrass, but in late games, youll just need a few Q skills to destory a carry? :)
Other spells are just simply useless for GP. Maybe clairvoryance may help but i dont really see why isit really useful...
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Pros and cons

Okay so Here are the pros and cons of GP IMO
One of the best carrys around i see.
Parrrley is one of the highest damage output in the game if Crit is applied well.
Has anti-CC.
Have a heal which is capable of jungling.
Extra gold for Parrrley.
AWESOME farmemr.
Ult is really awesome considering its global range.
Super squishy in early game.
Known to KS ppl real well and yeah.
No escape mechanisms skill.
Always being targeted in team fights with some exception of carrys.
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Im not really good with runes but for me CRIT CRIT CRIT is the best. Why 1 attack speed? cause its pretty much to compensate your basic attack, but if you feel Critical runes are better, By all means go ahead. Reason why Runes chapter is short, because i have not much comments on it.
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Farming is basically really easy for GP thanks to his passive. Epecially if your teaming with xinzhao or Tryndamere. My tip is to just use Parrrley when your'e soloing a lane because its normally hard to reach and stuff. Raise Morale can be used once or twice because this is to really outfarm the enemy due to high attack speed.
Im gonna put a list on who team with(A few examples):
LeBlanc Fiddlesticks Graves Akali Xerath
Reason: Their carrys with good harrass skills which really helps.
Who not to team with:
Teemo Garen Tryndamere
Reason: Its not really bad but they will normally lead you to help them clean up their mess and such because they are more important to the team then you are!For Teemo, His poison pwns your poison and youll normally end up with little gold.
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Okay for the item section im gonna run through very fast and im actully keeping the guide short so its not really dry and boring.
Brawler's glove: A good starting item to adding up with your runes. Your team will be looking in awe and seeing your team fleeing in early games is really something nice.
Zeal: Its just a brawler's glove in upgrade. Also helps you focus on rushing on to get your Phantom Dancer as its really impt.
Cloak of agility5 words[ Your crit just got upgraded!] It also helps if you to get a Ifinity Edge Fast.
Infinity Edge:Most important thing to Gangplank because it really helps to get your damage on after you achevie this item.
Phantom dancer:A must have for carrys due to its attack speed. Remember, Passive stacks! So just keep hitting your passive.

Frozen mallet:Frozen mallet affects how your passive really pwns in the meter from 1 to 10. Slowing speed stacks with your poison and the best case scenerio allows you to reduce movement speed by 50%!!!Frozen mallet is reccomended by a friend and he helped me with this part so any errors please point out.Good for Teemo and carrys who run like a baws. ;)
Bloodthirster: Life steal is awesome for a carry and GP cant really rely on his Remove Scurvy skill to heal right?
Stark's fervor: Spread the love for life steal? It also helps you to gain more health and your team mates can survive longer!~
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Coming soon!
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More chapters coming soon!

Well more chapters coming soon such as where to place ults and such. Please comment and give a rating as this is my first ever guide and umm yeah, Happy chinese new year!~
League of Legends Build Guide Author lightboi245
lightboi245 Gangplank Guide

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Gangplank's pistol is better then an AK-47! :)
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