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Garen Build Guide by Forgottenduty

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Forgottenduty

Garen:The Spinning Slicer

Forgottenduty Last updated on September 2, 2011
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Decided to recreate my build the the way i play Garen lately.Its a much more destructive build.I created it while i was trying to find a way to make more effective late game because he was lacking damage compairing to early-mid game.So plz give me some time untill its ready :).

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Welcome to my Garen build!.After testing again and again many diffrent builds i was feeling that always i was not as effective as i would want to on late game phases.Not anymore!.Please enjoy :).

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-Awsome chaser
-Tough and able to take loads of punishment
-Huge damage output.
-No mana!
-Best finishing off ability in game
-Farming machine!
-Easely targetable
-Needs to be close to be effective
-No real cc(stuns-slows etc)
-Slow base movement speed.
-Cooldown dependable.
-Many times you will be flamed for ks'ing.

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Runes/Summoner Spells


Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Mark of DesolationI use these to increase Garen's early gae damage even more.With your build complete you will have more than 50 ARP,witch will make squishes fall very easely.
Greater Seal of Resilience.I use these for more tankyness since my build focuses mostly on damage.Also Garen benefits more from defensive runes overall.
Greater Glyph of Focus.Although you gain some MR from its never bab to have even more^^.Also helps a lot against targets who deal %damage based on your amount of hp.
Greater Quintessence of DesolationGreater Quintessence of DesolationEven more damage=even more destruction for the enemy team.


Although I believe that Summoner Spells are a matter of prefrence i like using + .Defenetly one of the best combinations when chasing chars,and also provides an extra Cc that Garen needs desperetly.Other viable options are:
As well as

Do not take Support Spells on Garen!.In my opinion its a waste for him.

But as i said...its a matter of prefrence.

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For Masteries I use 23/6/1.This allows me to grab some resistances as well as even more damage to throw enemies to oblivion.Since we are not playing tank i find this set more suitable.
Well before start scraching your head about why i use Archaic Knowledge let me explain.Although Garen's basic skills does not use spell penetration at all his ultymate does. is completely devestating when the target has 1/4 of even 1/3 his health.By using this masterie you increase you chance to finish off your target and also kill faster in sticky situations.

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Basic Playstyle.

Early game.

Your grab fast your and head torwards a sidelane.Hide inside the bushes.If an enemy do the mistake entering the bushes activate and keep your enemy inside your range with your summoner spells.Only targets with powerfull stuns or flash+ghost may escape.The others...just gave you an easy first blood.If noone appears you start your farming phase and wait for the perfect change to charge onto an opponent,slow him down with and kill him.With a little help from your lanemate you might get an easy doublekill.Garen is probably one of the best early game chars!.Take advantage of it.

Mid game.

You probably will have your and ready.Now you are able to intiate small fights and kill squishes with ease.Be carefull do not killsteal.Garen probably the best ks'er of the gamebecause ofDermacian Justice!.Let your teammates get kills as well since you are not the most important char late game.Help your teammates as much as you can.You dont have much cc but you have incredible damage making people focusing you out of hate not importance!.Yes you will be annoying!.Mindf@ck the right way and the game is yours with an easy surrender at 30 mins.

Late game.

Well.Its a bit annoying playing Garen after 40+ minutes.You are still addicted on killing a single target with just a simple Judgment and this cannot happen anymore.This with this build you will be devastating more than your wild imaginations!.The combination of and makes you incredibly deadly and the critical strike chance provided increase your overall .You will be engaging inside the heat of the fight without much problem but you have to be carefull of heavy damaging aoe nukes.If you can,infiltrate the squishies from the side to split their group and land confuzion on them.Remember you still are a Mind F@cker.Use it to paint the grass with their blood.

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.I really like these boots on Garen because with these you can reach incredible movement speed ensuring that your targets will remain inside your deadly`
.It synegizes perfectly with Garen's passive and provides a large amount of health to get yourself out of the "squishy" zone.Expensive overall but Garen is a great farmer and killer making yourself able to create it very fast
.Both type of resistances and a very usefull passive ability,making urself able to intiate small fights and play a bit as a semi-tank
.Garen is useless after his Judgment?.Not anymore.This item will make you slice through almost any opponent,and boosts your damage a lot(crit chance=more damage from )
.This item will make you **** your pants.It synegizes perfectly with your Infinity Edge and give you a ton of M.S!
.This item is the main cause for the most enemy leaves i've ever seen.Gives you so lunatic damage you will almost not believe it.The results after creating are just hilarious.

If the enemy team doesnt have Ap chars you can grab:

For an extra AD boost+Crit chance and good amount of Armor.

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I hope you liked my build and you had some pretty nice time owning with it!.Thanks for reading!