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Garen Build Guide by emielss

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League of Legends Build Guide Author emielss

Garen top tanky/damage

emielss Last updated on April 5, 2014
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hello ive been playing garen for a while and i have come up with a verry solid build with this build it is very hard to kill you. ive used this build for as long as i played garen and it works pretty well

garen is a champ you need to play agressive because it has good damage and also is tanky

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here i list some pros and cons about garen

+ tanky
+ has an exicute
+ has no mana
+ has a lot of damage
+ he spins to win :D
+ he has a giant armor of awsome and badassness

- rather slow
- only does ad damage
- ult has a kinda long cooldown
- a lot of people know how to play against him
- he is in love with the enemy #Katarina
- had his dance and jokes changed

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you start with a point in your q so you can harass you play verry agressive whole game because he has alot of damage and armor you should take the oppertunie is you have it to q your enemy but need to also focus on farming

if you have the chance to hit the turret you can use your q on it to do more damage your e does not work against towers.

if your lv 6 you can easy 1v1 a champ you start with your w to get more mr and armor than q in use your e and when he is low use your ult you can also ignite him to succure the kill

also dont be afraid to die because other than champs like yi or riven garen can easely come back because of his tankyness

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well farming is pretty easy with garen because he has his judgement a spin so youll hit a lot of minions at the same time. also it may help is the enemy top is away or something to q the cannon minion because they have a lot of healt for minions

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Team Work

you are the one in the front next to the jungler youll tank the high damage abilities and such and if someone tries to escape you execute them with your ult also make good use of your w because its very helpfull in teamfights

Baron and Dragon
well you are the one to start it youll tank the damage and take the debuffs and you use your q on them and also your e does do damage on baron and drake so use it you cant use your ult but you dont need it