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Hecarim Build Guide by Frozen-Heart

GAS GAS GAS - A pub stomp guide to hecarim for patch v8.16

By Frozen-Heart | Updated on August 17, 2018
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Hello and welcome to my first guide. This guide will focus on a pub stomp build you can play with on hecarim. By pubstomp I don't mean you're going to take this into every game and demolish your enemy regardless of what they do. What I mean is that you can take this build through low MMR games and pretty much solo carry. It is also great in certain team comps epecially when you need someone to blow up the ADC. Often times when I play this build I am killing the adc+support/mid and turning fights into 3v5s in the span of 2 seconds. If you like going fast then this is the guide for you.
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SS & Items.

For the summoner spells its pretty standard stuff, you are playing a jungler so you NEED smite. On hecarim you can take ghost or flash. I prefer flash so I can blink on top of the carry and kill them without resistance. But if you want to go even faster and have more damage than by all means take ghost.


Blue smite for more damage and chase potential, take red if you need the dueling power. We are going warrior for the damage, if you don't take warrior then theres no point going for this build.

Tri force and youmuus are our core items after warriors. Triforce gives attack speed, attack damage, burst damage, move speed(more damage), mana (stay out longer and get more Qs in), health (dont die instantly), oh yeah and move speed on attacks for stick potential and even more damage. Youmuus is for mid game where we have predator and our E and then we pop youmuus for even more damage and speed.

For boots we generally want boots of mobility so we can be everywhere at once and have insanely more damage on our first E, but if you feel like they can hit you before you can hit them, go for boots of swiftness or merc/tabis. I generally still like to go swiftness and play like an assasin.

From here you ideally want deadmans plate since it gives you tankiness and even more move speed (damage). But if they only have like 1 AD champion go for steraks first. After deadmans you ideally want to get steraks so you can survive and do more damage in team fights. If your team really needs a tank you can pick up rightous glory instead of steraks last then replace youmuus with steraks later on and mobis with tabi/merc. If your team somehow still needs MORE DAMAGE then stormrazor is a fun little item that will give you the ability to pop everyone that doesn't build armour (It also gives move speed after you first auto and attack speed meaning you can trample down anyone who lives through your burst.)

If you're vsing too many tanks and dont see yourself being able to assasinate anyone then you can pick up a BOTRK instead of youmuus ghostblade, it will help you shread them and even give you movespeed which mean moar damages. If you go for that route then you also want to tank up after building botrk.

If the enemy has a lot of CC and AP champions and you're scared that they can pick you off with a CC ability (e.g morg,malz,amumu,leona,etc) you can replace youmuus with a merc scim (though I've never done it myself).

Other options include dusk blade (for more damage), and shureliyas for movespeed for yourself and your team. You must have at least triforce in your build, the rest can be shuffled around.
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Early Game

If you are blue team (Red on the bottom half of the map) then you want to start your red buff. Save your smite and ask for a leash, and get your top laner to watch your blue buff. Once you have your red buff you want to head straight to scuttle crab in the bottom river. If the enemy jungler also heads for the scuttle crab you will win since you have red buff.

Important: Saving smite for scuttle crab. Watch mid to see if they roam to help the enemy jungler. Save your E to either chase down the enemy jungler or to run away if the enemy mid comes to kill you. Do not chase too far, the important part is to get the scuttle crab, if you get the enemy junglers flash than that is more than enough.

After getting scuttle crab you can either gank mid with your E or head towards wolves. Kills your wolves and save smite for blue buff. Take your blue and ward top river to see if scuttle is available, if it is then take it, if not then do your gromp. After doing gromp you can gank top or mid again then head to enemy krugs or back.

You should have enough gold for blue smite and boots, if you took magical footwear then you can pick up some longswords instead of boots.

From here you can either head straight to a lane for a gank or head to your krugs/bottom scuttle. Continue farming and looking for ganks as normal. You will ideally want to get a pick on bot lane or mid and then do dragon. Always try to make a play for Air drake or Infernal but do not throw here.
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Mid game

By now you should have your warrior, boots and triforce near completion or fully completed depending on how well you did early. This is where you want to look for ganks and coutner ganks. Get picks and make plays. You can't one shot people yet so don't run in thinking you're going to blow people up, but you can win team fights easily if you run in at the right time. You want to make sure your jungle is warded, specifically red with a pink, people will try and cheese you there if you mid is bad.

You can camp a lane and push it down when they are dead or even split push depending on the state of the game. Your role here is to secure kills and be a menace to the enemy. You don't always have to get kills on ganks, you can also do drivebys, e in and do half their hp and walk away, do a camp then come back around to finish them.
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Late game

Blow up the carry, play around objectives, etc. You are a diver so don't try and initiate unless its for a quick pick.
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Pros / Cons

1. Good burst
2. Fast clears
3. Good sustain
4. Good team fighting
5. Great for getting picks

1. Squishy
2. Vulnerable after using your burst
3. Weak vs team comps with multiple tanks and ap
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Creeping / Jungling

Blue, Red, & Gromp: Q and auto it. You can drag it back with E and E in if you want
Krugs & Wolves: Q and W, kite back with Q and auto the large wolf/krug
Chickens: Just q them and auto the big one, you cant kite them, but you can run into the bush.
Scuttle: Q when you get close then auto, dont waste W or E.
Dragon: Drag out and then W Q and auto, use all abilities off cooldown except ult and E. If you're struggling E away or take a honeyfruit and E to eat them and go back in.
Baron: Q and W, save E. Only do this with your team.
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Unique Skills and Combos

Generally with all your combos you want to Q after you hit them with your E and not before since Q resets your auto attacks.

Basic Skills and Combos
    W + Q
    E + Flash into range + Q + AA
    E + Flash behind them to knock them into your team + Q + AA
    Start up your E, R behind them with fear + AA (E) to knock them back in + Q + AA
    Start up your E then Flash + AA (E) + Q + R + AA + Q + W + AA

Advanced Skills
Your R has two abilties, a damage in a line, and a circle of fear. If you flash in the middle of your damage animation you can change where the circle of fear to be where you flash. This is good of you want to initiate onto the enemy carry and blow them up without resistance.
    R + Flash
    Start up your E then R + Flash + AA(E)to knock them back + Q + AA

Comboing with items
The general order you want to press them is:
1. Predator
2. E
3. Youmuus
4. Any other MS items

This ensures you have enough time to get to your target and benefit fully from the MS. If you don't want you enemy to know you're coming then you can do it in this order:
1. E
2. Youmuus
3. Predator
4. Any other MS items

This is less reliable to pull off since you'll most of the times be too close to your target and your predator will get interrupted, but they will have less time to react to you coming.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Frozen-Heart
Frozen-Heart Hecarim Guide
GAS GAS GAS - A pub stomp guide to hecarim for patch v8.16