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Ezreal Build Guide by Adminium

AD Carry Get out of Bronze with Heavy AD Ezreal

AD Carry Get out of Bronze with Heavy AD Ezreal

Updated on September 29, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adminium Build Guide By Adminium 6,217 Views 1 Comments
6,217 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Adminium Ezreal Build Guide By Adminium Updated on September 29, 2014
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Who the hell am I?

Alright well I'm Adminium. I'm a silver 1 scrub trying to get into gold. I was bronze 3 earlier this season but Ezreal really helped with a chunk of the wins I needed to climb.

So why the hell am I making this guide? Well because in my honest opinion all the current Ezreal builds are not that great overall and if you don't get super duper fed they becomes very weak. As Ezreal early high AD is very important.

Below I will explain exactly why I choose this build.
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The "Stupid Build"

The build is very very old looking and seemingly out of meta. However that doesn't make it any less effective.

"Look at the scrub going for full damage". Yeah yeah I get it, but hear me out a moment.

Ezreal scales well. His Q is 1.0 with AD and his ultimate 1.0 with bonus AD. His passive gives a lot of attack speed if you can land you W on teammates/yourself and if you ult before a fight. You don't need many attack speed items beyond the boots and triforce.

If you build an early IE after triforce, you can overpower almost everyone while still having a little sustain from the dorans, but if you play well you won't get hit by much poke.

This is why I think it's a better build. So many people saying that BOTRK is best but I just don't see it. BOTRK works well with high attack speed, but if you build high attack speed on Ezreal his damage is practically nothing.

So go old school kids. Use the build that actually lets you do what an ADC is supposed to do in the late game.

Also as a sidenote, the Blue Ezreal builds fall off so hard late game that I literally cry myself to sleep every night.
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Important Mechanic Tips

So probably the most important thing to do while playing Ezreal is to land your skillshots. If you struggle with this, go into your settings and TURN ON SMARTCAST. It's damn good and lets you react faster without dragging around the arrow to aim your Q all the time.

(If you want to improve that even further, turn on the RANGE INDICATORS setting. It will show you the arrow as long as you hold the key down and once you let go it fires without having to click. Really helpful.)

Before I really get into mechanics I'm going to go ahead and give you the most important mechanical tip. ONLY USE YOUR E TO GO IN WHEN YOU KNOW IT IS SAFE (no jungler or mid around) AND WHEN YOU KNOW IT CAN KILL THEM.

I cannot stress this more simply because if Ezreal is caught out with his E down he's probably gonna die. It's a long cooldown and is an amazing escape tool so unless the kill is 100% going to happen don't use it to go in.
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Mechanics: Q/W

Your Q is your main ability and blah blah you know how important it is. It's spammable and has an amazing mana cost. And with the 1 second off all cooldowns whenever it hits, that's pretty damn op, but nobody really realizes it. So don't be afraid to farm with your Q often, because it's safe, pretty mana efficient, can be done from long range and has enough damage to finish cannon minions before the creep take em. (We all have troubles with those don't lie to me.)

Use your Q to poke as well, great damage and spammable. Once you get sheen you'll be doing a lot more with it in lane.

Your W is really underestimated. Always maxed last because blink cooldown is more important, but once you have a Sheen you can dish out maybe 70-90 damage while giving yourself attack speed if you E into it, which is nothing to laugh at. It could be the little thing that wins you the fight.

Remember hitting teammates with your W gives you passive stacks. If you fire your W in a teamfight and it hits a bunch of teammates and enemies, guess what? You probably have full passive stacks. And if you E into it you get that extra. This is a great way to get your passive up without using your ultimate. Going into a level 18 teamfight without your ult, you could still use your W/E to gain yourself a whopping 90% attack speed for the fight.
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Mechanics: E

Ezreal has low base movement speed. What does that mean? Well it means you'd have a hard time escaping if you've got someone chasing you around. That's where your E comes in, Ezreal's troll ability. So many great uses and jukes that I'll list them out for you now.

1. Over a wall: Pretty standard, blink over a wall to safety.

2. The bush reversal: Run into a bush going in 1 direction, then when the enemy chasing walks into the bush E into the other direction behind him and run from there. Still pretty basic.

3. The 123: E, W, Q. Using this on a low enemy who's hiding under their tower can usually be enough for the kill. I love this one, my favorite.

4. The Double Wall Juke: (REQUIRES FLASH) When being chased by an enemy who has only one method of escaping or wall jumping, use your E to hop over a wall. When they hop over to get you, flash back over that wall. Pretty simple but not really used at all in bronze/silver/gold so can be useful in dire situations.

5. The "Yeah that's right I just did that.": When you wait until the enemy team is clumped up then E behind them and use your ult, it'll hit all the carries in the back doing as much damage to them as your ult can. (Only use this when you're so far ahead that you could literally fall asleep and still win. Works well sometimes but overall is just really, really stupid. It just makes you look good if you pull it off.)
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Mechanics: R

Let me start with, if your support gets clairvoyance or the blue trinket (NOT BOTH) then ult sniping will be a breeze.

Use at the beginning of teamfights, throw it at other lanes for a little help now and then, use it to clear big waves that could take a tower, keep landing Q to reduce cooldown drastically and finally use at beginning of teamfights for the attack speed.

3v3 Skirmishes could go either way. Use ult for attack speed or for picking people off if they manage to flash or run away.

Pssst, you can also disengage decently if it comes down to it.

Lil somethin I forgot to mention is that if someone is low and recalling but your ult won't make it in time or they're low and you don't know where they are, make sure there's no minions in the way and fire it at their spawn pool. If they recall within a certain time, your "Heavy AD" ult will probably secure the kill. Pretty low cd so it can be worth a "shot". (lol)
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Good Luck

There is my advice to you on playing Ezreal the way I think is best. Good luck chunking out whole teams with your ultimate.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adminium
Adminium Ezreal Guide
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Get out of Bronze with Heavy AD Ezreal

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