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Caitlyn Build Guide by Dumh1233

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dumh1233

Go ahead, run. I'll give you a five minute head start.

Dumh1233 Last updated on August 29, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Caitlyn with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Twitch same as corki... havent got the chance to rly get this champ since I havent played against him a lot but just be aware of him going invisible and when he does it just go to your turret for 2 sec and go back to farm or just poke him so much that he will be scared and not use the q :D. when he is getting the passive stacks on you do the same and go away. remember you got your e to avoid his bomb and you got better auto attack range then him so you can pretty much avoid his passive.
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Hello my name is cait lover 1233 and some may know me as officer caitlyn hentai pro :D
as from the start that my friends showed me this game I fell inlove with this champ called caitlyn and I just saved up to 4800 ip to get her as my first champ.
I played with her every day since I got her and never stopped having fun with her, she is hot :) fun to play ez to stare and high heels that ppl with no foot fetish wont care :D
I had a bit of stuggle with her at start but I kept playing with her cause I just wanted to have her as my main and till today im still playing with her in rank/blind whatev... its never gets old to arrest everyone and put them in jail as the sheriff of the town and that's all.

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So taking Attack Speed for adc is great as you can poke faster in early game, and get your passive faster. faster attack speed = faster time to get headshot = more dmg :D
Getting Armor and Megic Resist is great for defense and you are very squishy as an adc so this will be very helpful for you as you can take now more dmg than usual.
and ofc some ad for having dmg poke at start never hurt someone.

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How to use every ability

Ability Sequence
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Your Q (PILTOVER PEACEMAKER) is your main dmg and cause of that you want it to be the first ability to be maxed out.
this ability is great for farming and doing some dmg for champs around you (since its passes thro the champs until its max range which is pretty neat).
having your E (90 CALIBER NET) maxed out second is the best choice as its helping you a lot in engaging and disengaging. it might not do a lot of dmg (since its AP) but its a great tool for getting into fights and escaping or if you're enough smart to even get a kill with that.
your W (YORDLE SNAP TRAP) isnt the best stun in the game but its really helpful and once you get how to use it will help you a lot in teamfights or engaging and you can have great combos with it.
for example if you got a morgana with you and she stunned an enemy champ you can place your W under the stunned enemy and stun him again and get a kill. ( slso works with blitz,sona,taric,karma,lux...and every other champ who got stun) but remember to put the trap right after your supp stunned the enemy since the trap can be only triggered after a short delay so don't take your time!
You can also take the advantage of the bush by placing the traps right on the edge of the bush and once the enemy got in the bush he will get stunned and will not be ready for it.
and now lets move on to your R (ACE IN THE HOLE). this ult may be a bit annoying but its pretty powerful but you need to know how to use it.
since your ult can be blocked by any sort of champ or do less dmg from shields etc... u want to get all of those options out and to do that you will need a good distraction from your supp or whatever that you will get a free sight on the enemy you wanna hit/kill.

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So as any other adc you should always take Flash and Heal as your spells.
Sometimes you can use Barrier but be careful with that.

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Les's talk about farming:

always wait till the minions are on low hp and you will last hit them.

remember that you got a passive Headshot which gives you a shot that does extra dmg after

couple of shots which you save to shoot the enemy champs. so use it against your enemy and not

against a minion if possible. it will help you poke them and win your lane faster.

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Pros / Cons


1.Highest auto attack range in the game.
2.Passive that counters tanks.
3.your is great for engage and disengage.
4.Got AOE ability
5.YOU'RE HOT AS **** GURLLLLL!!!! GO CAIT <3 Caitlyn Caitlyn Caitlyn


1.Your ult can be blocked by any champ.
2.Hard to master.
3.Uses a lot of mana and squishy (like any other adc).

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Ok so that's my first guide and it's for my main champ, I hope you will get all I wanted to

write here. feel free to comment and give some feedback.

I dunno if I make more in the future but if yes I will let you know :D.

I hope YOu get lots of GG'S and have fun with your sweet ReadyToFight chick CAIT <3 .

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Ranked Play

1.Try to stay in lane as much as you can and push it as far as possible.

2.Don't think you are superwoman and you can win every fight even if you are fed as ****.

3.Never go alone as you can get into their team and lose which might give them the win.

4.Stick with your team in teamfights and stay behind.