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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Drike

Go Where You Please

Go Where You Please

Updated on October 30, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drike Build Guide By Drike 2,620 Views 0 Comments
2,620 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Drike Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Drike Updated on October 30, 2015
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Hello, Summoner. Welcome to my Dr. Mundo guide. Dr. Mundo is currently a very strong top laner. He is very good at playing safely early game by using his cleaver to farm, and late game, once he gets some items, he is an unkillable juggernaut with incredibly high base damage. If you are good at farming early game, and like to be a monster late game, give Dr. Mundo a whirl.
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Pros/Cons to Dr. Mundo

  • Mundo scales very well with HP, since both his passive and ult heal him a % of his HP
  • His base damage is very high
  • Infinite slow (if you don't miss)
  • Great late game turret diver
  • Great carry potential as far as tanks go because he snowballs hard
  • Built in tenacity on W
  • Runs very fast with ult so you can go where you please
  • No mana, good in lane sustain
  • If you get too behind, you do not have as much utility as other top laners (Maokai, Sion)
  • Pretty weak early game
  • Abilities cost HP, making you feel squishy early game
  • No hard CC
  • Main damage (cleaver) cannot go through minions
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Item Sequence

Titanic Hydra 3300
Warmog's Armor 3000
Dead Man's Plate 2900
Randuin's Omen 2700
Spirit Visage 2900
Mercury's Treads - Distortion 1550
Greater Stealth Totem 250
Items that are good on Leona:
  • Titanic Hydra is my favorite damage item on Dr. Mundo. It gives you physical damage based on your HP, and since Dr. Mundo scales so well with HP anyways, it fits into his build quite nicely.
  • I consider Warmog's Armor one of the best items on Dr. Mundo. It gives a butt-ton of HP, and it has a nice sustain passive. Do not build warmogs if you have under 3k HP, or they have a lot of % damage. For example, Blade of the Ruined King, Liandry's Anguish, Shyvana's Flame Breath, Gnar's Hyper.
  • Dead Man's Plate is my favorite armor item in the game. It gives movement speed and that first auto attack is a slow. This makes getting to your enemy AND landing that first cleaver much easier.
  • Randuin's Omen is still a great armor item that also gives a lot of HP. The active is a great way to escape a gank from a lot of people since it slows all enemies near you.
  • Spirit Visage increases your healing. This works for your passive health regen, and your ult, so this is one of the best buys for Dr. Mundo. If they have any magic damage, Spirit Visage is usually a worthy buy.
  • Mercury's Treads reduce incoming CC. This combined with your W makes you very hard to lock down. Get these babies whenever the enemy has CC that you are afraid of (taunts, stuns, slows, etc)
  • Ninja Tabi are nice when the enemy team is auto attack heavy, since it reduces auto attack damage.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drike
Drike Dr. Mundo Guide
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Go Where You Please

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