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Graves Build Guide by SaynTly

Graves - I think your missin' a leg or two.

Graves - I think your missin' a leg or two.

Updated on October 28, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SaynTly Build Guide By SaynTly 4,611 Views 5 Comments
4,611 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SaynTly Graves Build Guide By SaynTly Updated on October 28, 2011
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This is a Champion Guide for AD carry Graves, In this guide you will find Item Sequences, 1 of many Rune Setups, Useful Skill order, play strategy, and Useful Summoner spell combo for Graves. Feel free to give your input and comment as you like, feedback is a very useful tool.
Pros and Cons to playing Graves

This is a Champion Guide for AD carry Graves, In this guide you will find Item Sequences, 1 of many Rune Setups, Useful Skill order, play strategy, and Useful Summoner spell combo for Graves. Ill explain what I use and why I use it. Hope everyone enjoys the guide and I hope it helps.
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Pros/ Cons

Pros / Cons


+ High Damage
+ Tanky
+ Good Maneuverability
+ Great at last hitting
+ Great Pusher
+ Early Game Harass is Above Average

- Mana hungry early game
- Focused In team fights
- Highly Dependant on items
- Needs rune setup to be dominant early game
- Really needs mid lane to build effectively
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The reason I use this mastery setup is to give graves a huge advantage offensively. I take the reduced cooldowns in the offensive tree instead of the crit % to help early game. If you want a a little more damage at the start stack instead. In the utility tree I take the increased gold and exp . With such a strong early game I often find myself zoning out enemy champs early game and out leveling them by level 6 or 7.
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  • greater quintessence of Desolation: These Quints are great when coupled with the {Greater Mark of Desolation] they allow you to have pretty good armor penetration early game which can allow you to do enough damage to zone out enemy champs like Karthus and Annie
  • greater mark of desolation: Awesome choice for any AD Champion, when stacked with the quints it will give you a great start with graves.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: I picked Resilience seals because of Graves Passive True Grit the armor stacked with his passive makes you pretty tanky at the start of the game giving you lane sustainability.
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: glyphs or warding stacked with True Grit make you a scary adversary for any level 1 caster in the game. Allowing you to zone them out early depriving them of exp and gold
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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

Flash: When used in combo with Quickdraw flash can be used to quickly escape or close gaps between you and the enemy team.
Teleport: Great for getting back into the lane after going back to buy items or after an unfortunate death. Also great for helping out lanes that need assistance.
Exhaust: I will almost always pick Teleport and Flash over Exhaust but it is really useful for securing kills especially with the help of Frozen Mallet.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Explanation

  • Gunslinger: This has to be one of the most useful passive abilities especially with stacked armor and magic resist from our rune setup. As long as graves remains in battle {attacking or being attacked] he will gain stacks each stack gives him 1-4 points of Armor and magic resist depending on character level. Late game graves will have 120+ Armor with no armor in his build allowing him to take hits while dishing out damage.
  • Buckshot (Q):Fires 3 shots in a cone dealing pretty decent damage. The trick with Buckshot is to try and be as close as possible when firing to maximize the number of shots that hit the target. Max Buckshot first as it does good damage and can help take over a lane.
  • Smoke Screen (W):Great utility in this ability as it slows all enemies caught inside the area and DRASTICALLY reduces their vision. Great in teamfights to disrupt the flow of their team. Smoke Screen is also great for escaping run into a bush, throm down a Smoke Screen and dash out makes you extremely hard to chase.
  • Quickdraw (E): Lunges Graves a short distance before boosting attack speed for a short while. Towards the end of the game you will be able to chain Quickdraw To Reap the Benefits of the attack speed buff constantly. Also great for getting out of bad situations and can pass through thin walls.
  • Collateral Damage (R): High Damage area of effect skill shot. great for turning the tides in a team fight. Another great use for this skill is finishing off an enemy who thinks he can run away, Fire Collateral Damage in his direction and when it reaches its range it will explode into a cone even farther allowing you to pick up kills that are out of reach.

Ability Sequence Order

> > >

Alot of people that play Graves Grab Smoke Screen at level 2 and I think that by doing this you give up a great chance for an early kill and an easy head start on gold. Grab Quickdraw at level 2 and when you have a chance dash up to the enemy and fire buckshot, early game this damage is Amazing especially against Casters like Annie and Lux. Max out Buckshot 1st for good damage followed by Quickdraw for the utility. Smoke Screen has a greater impact late game than early game so I always level it last and pick up Collateral Damage anytime its available.
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  • : Always pick up first after you get vamperic Scepter for the attack speed and movement speed. Builds that wait to get boots until later leave you vulnerable to ganks. Attacking Faster means that the cooldown on your Quickdraw will end sooner allowing you to have more Maneuverability
  • : Zeal is relatively cheap especially if you get a kill or 2 early as long as you are farming. Pick it up for a nice little boost and hold onto it for Phantom Dancer end game.
  • : Black Cleaver should always be your first Fully Built Item. Black Cleaver Has a useful passive and is amazing for shredding armor, stacked with your runes it will allow you to do significant damage to any champion early in the game.
  • : Infinity Edge Is pretty pricey but I rarely find myself struggling to afford it. Graves is great at last hitting minions and can drop dragon relatively quick. Once you pick up Infinity Edge you will see a Huge change in damage. blood thirster with Infinity Edge will pack on damage.
  • OR At this point in the game you should be able to see what sort of build the enemy team is going for. If you feel like you are doing decent damage and your not having any trouble taking down champs definitely pick up Frozen Mallet It might not be too much damage but the slow is great especially with Graves allowing you to just punish anyone that gets caught with their neck sticking out. On the other hand If you feel like the other team is becoming hard to damage (they are stacking armor) then go ahead and pick up Last Whisper all that armor that they are picking up will be ripped away. Almost immediately you will see the difference.
  • : The last 2 Items in this build are what I like to call the Luxury Items of the build at this point you will already be devastating pretty much any other AD carry like Caitlyn or Ashe when you have the cash pick up Bloodthirster for a little added damage and survivability.
  • : Last but certainly not least Go ahead and upgrade Zeal to Phantom Dancer it will more than double all the affects of Zeal.

    In my opinion These Items on graves make him so well rounded, Giving him the damage and power to destroy enemy champions without sacrificing Sustainability. Doing damage is only PART of the game. Staying alive is JUST AS if not MORE IMPORTANT than out damaging opponenets.
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Gameplay Strategy


Graves Is an amazing farmer and last hitter. Always Focus on last hitting Minions Before killing enemy champs. Remember 15 Last hits are = to a Kill on an enemy Champion. Once you hit Level 2 pick up Quickdraw wait until you have an opportunity to close the distance, dash in and pop Buckshot point blank you will be surprised with the type of damage you can do even early in the game. Wait until you get about 1400 Gold, Recall grab vamperic Scepter and berserker Greaves then Teleport back to your lane. Use this method throughout the game to pickup the other items in your build and then use Teleport to get back into your lane as quickly as possible. ALWAYS Focus on your farm I cant stress this enough this build is very dependent on gold. Use your Teleport to help gank top and bottom lanes when needed. I like to have my team drop wards in their bush and wait for a good opportunity to Teleport in. Zone opponents out of exp and gold whenever possible, people will be scared of your damage especially early game so take advantage of this. If you get an enemy low health wait for them to retreat to their tower and then pop your ult on them for an easy cleanup.


Graves is great in teamfights His Smoke Screen Is great for disrupting the enemy team and with the support of your team you can lay waste to enemy casters in just a few hits. when you get low pop Buckshot and then use Quickdraw to back out before you can be focused down. When you see the enemy team grouped up shoot Collateral Damage into the middle of them to deal damage to all of them. One well placed Collateral Damage can turn the tides of any teamfight and you should always keep that in mind.
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This concludes my guide, Graves Is an amazingly strong champion and alot of fun to play. I hope this guide has helped and if you have questions or comments please comment I would be more than happy to reply

If you downvote please let me know why I would love any feedback.

Credits to jhoijhoi for all the help with coding, and layout it was more than helpful. find it here.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SaynTly
SaynTly Graves Guide
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Graves - I think your missin' a leg or two.

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