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Graves Build Guide by HyperDriveX

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HyperDriveX

Graves, Speeding with Crits

HyperDriveX Last updated on February 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, and welcome to my Graves Speed Attack and Critical Build/Guide. This is my 4th Guide, i'm starting to get used to this kind of stuff. And it's starting to get easy. If you like this Build/Guide, please Vote for it!

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Quick hitting and a lot of Damage per hit, great help in team fights with focusing one Champion, as well as Bursting the others
Cons: Extremely Squishy, focuses on Basic Attacks, Skills won't do as much than if you just build AD Graves

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Since this is an Attack Speed/Critical Build, I've chosen to go with very simple Runes. You will notice I NEVER go for Per Level Runes. This is because for two reasons. One. All Builds I do are focused to be Beginning Game dominators. Two. I honestly don't see a use for Per Level Runes. Anyway, I use Critical Damage Marks, Attack Damage Seals, Attack Speed Glyphs, and Critical Damage Quintessences. This is made so my Crits do a lot more damage, especially with the Infinity Edge boosting the Damage for Crits. I get the Attack Damage Seals so the Skills don't do as much (And I think that Attack Damage also boosts Crit damage, not sure). The Attack Speed will help alot with the Crits, because if you want to Health Melt, you need to take them down fast, the Glyphs mixed with the Phantom Dancers, will make you an extremely fast shooter.

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Graves is probably one of the easiest Champions to Farm with, in Beginning game, just use your Buckshot To kill a group of Minions and get tons of Gold. This can also be done to steal Minions from your Lane mate, but leaving them underfed, so be careful with how you Farm with Graves. Also, your Quickdraw could be used, in case you don't want to waste to much Mana with Buckshot, your choice.

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Time to explain how this Build will go, when you get your Doran's Blade for your Starting item, your Buckshot will be quite useful (You can't expect to be Criting yet, gotta wait until Mid Game) Try to get the Berserker's Greaves by your first Recall. As you go farther in the build, when you get your Infinity Edge. Sell your Doran's Blade when you get around to your second Phantom Dancer, probably Youmuu's Ghostblade if you're being fed enough. But with builds like these, there's always a Desperation Plan. If you're underfed, sell your Doran's Blade for either your first Phantom Dancer, or your Atma's Impaler.

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Special for the Build

So what if you're game is going no where and your Build is complete? Time to actually FINISH the Build, what you need to do, is sell your Berserker's Greaves and buy a THIRD Phantom Dancer, this'll give you the Movement Speed you'd get from the Berserker's Greaves and also the Attack Speed it gives you will be greater, you should be faster then a Master Yi with attacking.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ignite Would probably be your best choices for Graves, but if you have Mana issues, then switch Ignite for Clarity. Or if you don't trust Ignite to kill, then just get Exhaust so you can slow your Enemies and Crit, crit, crit until they die. Ghost or Teleport are good ideas, just so you can get to your Lane faster, or jump an Enemy if they are attacking a Turret I recommend just sticking with Ignite, just so when they're gonna escape, you can "Tag and Bag'em".

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Skill Sequence

Your first skill will be Buckshot, since that's really the only reasonable Skill to get a first for the Damage and also the Harassment. Next is your Quickdraw, this is actually very important, to go in and escape your enemies. Next is your Smoke Screen, this is also a very useful Harassment Skill, and use this to cover their eyes from Ganks. Then, your Ultimate; Collateral Damage, this Skill isn't very good for an Ult, this was made like Garen's " Demacian Justice", this is made to be a finisher, don't use this just for kicks, use this ONLY when your Enemy is about to die! Even though the Ult has a pretty low cooldown, I'd still use it sparingly.

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In the Beginning

Like with a lot of DPS Characters, your main goal in the beginning is to go into the Enemies' Bush and just wait for your Enemy, now here's where it gets different, don't let them check the Bush, hit them when they're close to you with Buckshot, don't chase because they'll be to close to their Turret for you to do much more. As Beginning game starts off, i'd stick in the Brush with your Laning partner, and hit your Enemies with Buckshot whenever you can, but because if you're against someone that uses Skill shots, for they'll hit you while you wait. And also, you can use your Buckshot to zone your Enemies from Minion farming, granted this is a bit difficult because of the range of Buckshot. You might want to consider laning with a Champion that has a Stun or Snare ( Sion or Ryze for example), they'll be very useful for when you're Criting. Sion or LeBlanc would probably be your best laning partners, considering their Stuns and (Usual) High Damage.

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Later in the game

As the game goes on, you'll start to kill a lot quicker, that's because of your Phantom Dancers giving you the Attack Speed. And by this point you should have your Atma's Impaler so you should be Criting quite a bit, so just use your Basic Attacks since they'll do quite a bit. Now, just because you need to focus your Basic Attacks, you can use your Buckshot and other skills while you're killing them.

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Ganking with Graves is very precise. When you initiate the Gank, use your Smoke Screen, so the Enemy doesn't see where you and your Teammate are, but in case they avoid it, if your Teammate has a Stun, Snare, or Slow. They need to use it so you can get in and destroy. Then you just Quickdraw in and just spam Buckshot Whenever you can, don't forget about you Criting Basic Attacks, you should be able to take the Enemy down quickly, then get back to your Lane to protect your Turret.

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In a fight

When you're in a fight, you need to start it off by hitting your Enemy with Smoke Screen, then rushing in with Quickdraw, after that use your Buckshot and take advantage of the Attack Speed boost from [[Quickdraw] to Health Melt your enemy with Crits. When you go into a fight, you're free to focus anyone (Or you can listen to your team on who to focus), and then just keep going until you get a Penta Kill! (Not gonna happen).

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In the Enemies' Base

So after a long game, you should be in the Enemies' Base, ready to win the game with your two Phantom Dancers and your Infinity Edge and what not, just keep pushing in, don't retreat unless the situation is really bad, in which case, use your Smoke Screen to slow your Enemies and Quickdraw away from them as well, don't forget your Flash, very important, it usually takes about 2 pushes to finally take the Nexus and win the game. Also, you might want to stay a bit back from everyone else, cause you'd get focused (Being a Squishy and what not), so you can get a little head start in your escape from the Enemy Base.

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Thank you all for reading this Build/Guide for Graves, I hope you enjoyed and will use this Build in the game. If you like this Build/Guide, please Vote up on it! If you've got any Champions that you think I should try and make a Build/Guide for, just say it in the Comments below, or you can PM me your thoughts, also if you've got any ideas on how to make this Build better. I think i'll do a Build/Guide for Xin Zhao next, Maybe Jarvan IV. Thank you.