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Elise Build Guide by speit

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League of Legends Build Guide Author speit

Guide for the OP Spider Queen Elise Mid [Season 3]

speit Last updated on February 3, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Patch 3.01 -> updated guide

" Neurotoxin
Mana cost increased to 80/85/90/95/100 from 60

Mana cost reduced to 50 from 65

Due to this patch (which really nerfed her q!) I now prefer skilling her w first. Before this patch i was never that sure if it's the better way to max q first or her w. It finally depended on my enemy and if I can hit my w against him. Well, but now it is kinda easy to decide. You aren't increasing you percental damage if you max q first just the bonus damage AND you even increase the mana costs dramatically!! So now you should max your w first.

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Hi guys!
I'm neeewwwwwbie and this is my first guide for LoL. Furthermore I'm not a Native English speaker so please excuse my English which won't be perfect. :) Why am I doing a guide for Elise? Well, I guess I do this because nearly NOONE plays Elise and if I see someone playing her he/she sucks hard or is simply not good. Once even someone started to threaten me with reporting me for "trollpicking Elise". So I try to give you some help playing Elise, because she is really OP if well-played!

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Pros / Cons

- Two abilities doing percental damage ( Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite) means high damage
- Percental damage, so she doesnt have to have that many AP like any other AP champ
- Great to push towers in Spider Form ( Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy)
- Great heal by Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy
- 1,5 sec stun ( Cocoon / Rappel)
- Button for every case( Cocoon / Rappel): chasing, getting untargetable, escaping
- Dominates the lane against nearly every champ
- Spider and Human Form --> more cooldowns --> more damage in 1on1 than other champs
- Her poke is no skillshot!
- Spider abilities do not cost any mana

- Enemies playing very defensive may be a problem (you can't do damage bacause your q has a quite low range)
- Shields are very annoying!
- CC (you can avoid most of CC but some like Nocturne's Unspeakable Horror will hit you anyway)

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I prefer picking Magic Penetration Runes for some bonus damage and those 15 bonus AP for the bit AP you should have as AP champ. Then I choose armor and MR for being more resistant. It is also possible to pick Quint of Percent Health for some more defense!

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In my opinion there are two ways of skilling Elise which make sense:
21-9-0 and 9-21-0. I prefer going 9-21-0 bacause - as I said above - you dont really need the bonus AP you get in the attack tree. Of course it isnt useless to go 21-9-0 because of Spellsword and Archmage and Executioner , but I guess 9-21-0 is the better way.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer this because it is the additional ability to escape ganks and in late game to get over walls.

Most times this is my second spell because it gives you some bonus damage and allows you to pick up kills which otherwise will have escaped.

It's a possibility, too, but I guess you wont really need it because you are able to burst your enemies away until they are even able to do real combos.

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This is the standard build if the enemy isn't really special. If you wonna see how to react with possible situation, I got an extra chapter called "Situational Items".

I won't list all the items again because I already listed them above so I just wonna say why I pick those. If you skill your W at first you will do VERY HIGH damage. That's the reason why I'm building Rod of Ages and Rylai's Crystal Scepter first. It is the bonus life which will make you dominating your lane in the early game! But then you have to choose between Sorcerer's Shoes and Mercury's Treads. If you have a strong ap burst champ as enemy (e.g. LeBlanc) this will give you more resistant which really won't be wrong. If not feal free to get Sorcerer's for even more damage. After that I always build Iceborn Gauntlet. This item gives you Armor, AP, CDR and it slows, so it's everything useful in one item. Great! Then I get bonus life( Warmog's Armor) because I think I don't really need more AP any more and it is the best item for getting just a maximum of life.At least I get an Abyssal Mask for some AP, MR and reducing the enemies MR for some more damage. Finally you will have about 4k life (some arent included in the stats above, e.g. Rod of Ages and you will have very high burst dmg.

It is always useful to use your remaining gold after you were shopping for wards and health potions!

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Situational Items

This is an item I like to get if they don't have any strong AP champ so I can replace Abyssal Mask by it.

Randiun's is an good alternative for Warmog's Armor if their adc is very strong. If their adc and one more champ on AD in their team are very fed I sometimes get Randiun's Omenand Zhonya's Hourglass (instead of Abyssal Mask, too.

Well, I buy it nearly never but if your team does no damage and you are down until they managed to win the fight buying GA is an option as well.

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This is your main ability. It allows you to switch from human to spider form and from spider to human form. Each form has other abilities. In Spider form you get up to 5 spiderling and extra MR and armor. Use this often because switching your form is what makes Elise strong!

In human form you do a "shot" at an targeted enemy dealing percental damage (more HP left means more damage). It is great for poking your enemy. When you are in spider form you jump to your enemy and deal percental damage (less HP means more damage, so great for finishing). This ability costs no mana in spider form! So i always use it for farming if there is no near enemy.

In human form you throw a cocoon at your enemy which stuns and uncovers him for 1,5 sec. In spider form i treat this ability as my "emergency button". You and your spiderlings jump in the air. If you targeted an enemy you will jump to him afterwards. If not you will stay 2 sec in the air and land then at the position from where you jumped in the air. I use it like my emergency button because if the enemy wants to flee you can chase him and pick him up or may if you get ganked, you jump in the air stay there, wait how they do react(it's quite funny some people don't even know what happens next when ELise jumps into the air) and then i pick a minion or any enemy to flee.

In human form you send a spiderling which uncovers the area she passes and when seeing an enemy it runs to it and if it touchs the enemy it deals damage. It's simply one more ability doing damage. In spider form it is way more variable. You and your spiderlings gain extra attackspeed for some seconds and you get healed when your spiderlings attack an enemy(towers not included). So you can use it for tower pushing as well or simply getting healed.

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Skill Sequence

I'm afraid there isn't much to say. R > W > Q > E
Of course always skill your ultimate if possible. Next priority is W because it does your main damage. Then skill Q for some more damage and finally E because its stun length is same at every level.

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Here an example for the typical combo: E -> Q -> W -> R -> W -> Q -> R -> Q

Of course there are some differences: in this case it would have been better if I had done W (Spider Form) first and did some auto attacks before I had used my Q. So I would have increased my damage, but I was afraid he will run and i won't be able to land any auto attack later.

Some more you can see here: IT IS ****ING VERY IMPORTANT TO USE YOUR ULTIMATE
I saw some guys playing Elise which were just using human form and some just using spider form. I guess that's the main problem summoners have playing Elise. They dont use her full potential and suck then ..
And as you can see in this video Elise is very strong! At the beginning of the video you can still see on the right side of the screen I killed LeBlanc before, too!
/league-of-legends/champion/veigar-33 /league-of-legends/champion/nocturne-72

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Farming is very important because the build is rather expensive. How to use the two forms?
If my enemy is on lane I farm in my human form so I can poke him using my Q and got safe range when im farming. If he pushes too hard i sometimes use W for minions to push the lane back. When he left the lane I switch to my spider form and use W for pushing (if I want to! It's not said you HAVE TO push as soon as your enemy is gone). Especially I use my Q for lasthitting because it costs no mana and it very easier to lasthit using it.

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Closing Words

I hope I allowed you to gain insight in Elise. I'm still sry for my English, please do not downvote just because of my English. I would really appreciate if you would PM me so i can correct mistakes!

Then good luck and have fun playing Elise, the OP spider. :)