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Singed Build Guide by SoloSingedOnly

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SoloSingedOnly

Guide To Singed Toplane

SoloSingedOnly Last updated on July 21, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Singed with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Shen Shen is a boring match up to me because its pretty easy, if you constantly push the lane you can roam and help your team secure objectives because his clear is really bad, but I give this one to singed.
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Intro To my guide :)

Hello, I am here to write a guide about the champion Singed. Since the first time I played Singed I fell in love with his high mobility tank play style. I have roughly 400 games played with him and only more to come. I leveled up mainly with Singed through co-op vs AI loving this type of champion, if you like singed, and you wish to get better with him this guide might be for you! :)

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For masteries I like to run 9-21 vs hard lanes and occasionally 21-9 vs easy lanes when I am really confident in stomping the lane. Taking 9-21 is 90% of the time what I use being the overall better choice. When choosing your masteries I suggest not taking any points into perseverance or second wind, as they were nerfed very hard and not really worth it. The legendary guardian mastery is a better choice in my opinion, when in team fights you can get up to 20 extra armor if all of the enemy champions are near you.

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I would run scaling Armor/MR yellows and blues if it's an easier lane to scale better in the lategame, but if I am going against a harder lane flat MR or armor runes are better depending if the enemy is AP or AD. For reds I like to take hybrid pen. because you auto attack enough for it to be worth the extra armor penetration, it also helps you last hit creeps. Movement speed quintessences are the best for singed because mobility is core on singed helping you get those crucial flings and slows off.

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Flask vs Dorans
80% of the time I start flask 3 pots for the early lane sustain, you can wait till minions spawn to get another health potion. When I build dorans ring I am looking to get an early kill vs a lane I know I will win to bully them and deny as much cs as possible, such as Jax, Nasus ,Fiora.
The type of boots you buy when to buy them
Ninja Tabi Great for laning against heavy physical damage opponents such as Tryndamere,Rengar,Fiora
Merc Treads These are the boots I buy the most, gives MR and tenacity which is a extremely core stat because you need to be mobile peeling for your team or rushing their carrys.
Boots of Swiftness I generally only get these when the enemy team have alot of slows and not much hard CC such as Nasus,Lee sin,lulu so you don't get kited as easily and are not slowed as much, they also give a little more movement speed than the other viable boots on singed which is good. These are a situational pick up.
Sorc Boots Don't buy these, they are not that good on singed yeah they give a little magic penetration but they are too expensive and you need other boots to be tanky and more helpful for your team.
RoA vs Tear
Personally I like Rod of Ages over tear of the goddess, but both are viable and good choices. Tear has the advantage of solving your early mana problems for a cheaper cost making a faster rylai's rush, but rod of ages, or an early catalyst gives mana and health sustain. Upon reaching full item of archangels or RoA, archangels gives 250 extra health from your passive, and Rod of ages gives you upwards of 700 health from the general stats and your passive fully stacked. I believe this is a better item in my personal preference, but I still occasionally build a tear in easier lanes or if I cannot afford a catalyst and need my mana problems fixed right away. All in all I still think rod of ages is a better core item giving more core stats than just mana and ability power making you a little bit stronger than tear as the game goes on, but the archangels active can be used to deny a large amount of burst which can be better than just having the extra health, so I think it has to be used at a good time to deny damage to be worth more than RoA, but then again it really is all down to personal preference and they are both amazing viable core items on singed. :)
Rod Of Ages
I Love this item, it gives all the stats you need and early game sustain. RoA gives you health, mana,and ability power and scales over time granting bonus stats the longer you have had it making it a strong item to rush, but I generally do not recommend stacking more than one of these.

Tear Of The Goddess/ Archangel's
This is a good item giving you mana sustain for cheap and working with your passive to give more health. Tear can be built into archangel's staff later on giving you 3% of your maximum mana into ap, and giving you an active shield from your mana pool. I think this is a great item but I prefer to have Rod of Ages over this, you should test them both out and see what you find fits your play style best.

Rylais's Crystal Scepter
This item is a huge core item to singed, it makes his main damage spell slow and gives very good tanky damage stats.

Liandry's Torment
This is an amazing item vs tanky teams with alot of health, it shreds current hp% and also does increased damage to slowed and impaired champions, so a very good combination with rylais which is core, so overall a good pickup.

Banshee's Veil
This is an amazing item in general and build it usually every champion I play. This item gives your Magic Resistance health and an amazing shield that can block very crucial ability's and potentially save your life while making you tanky in whole.

Randuin's Omen
This item is so strong even after the recent nerf to it, and I still build it because it makes me so tanky vs AD champions giving health armor and an active slow. I think this item is core to building tank singed.

Guardian Angel
GA is a great late game item giving you resistances both MR and Armor and can be game changing, this is a great pickup for last item but I generally take banshee over this.

Abyssal Scepter
Abyssal is a great item to have if you have more than 1 ap scaling champion on your team, it gives you AP MR and an amazing passive reducing nearby enemies magic resistance. Great item if you run teleport and team fight alot.

Thornmail is an easier to use armor item than randuins to get the full potential from but, I prefer to have randuins or frozen heart over this item because I don't feel that its as useful as the other tanky armor items that you can buy, but if they have heavy auto attack damage team then this item will be amazing, this would also be a good pick up if you are newer to the champion since it's easier to use and get potential from. All in all a good item.

Frozen Heart
Frozen Heart is such an amazing tank item on singed because of his passive making this extremely cost efficient. FH gives armor mana cooldown reduction and reduces nearby attack speed of enemy champions. very good item if you don't want to build randuins or thornmail, you can get both if vs 2-3 ad champions.

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Skill Sequence

While laning with singed no matter what laning opponent I always max R>Q>E>W
Q-For the poison trail damage, your main damaging ability.
W-Your W I don't end up putting one point into until level 8 because it costs way too much mana to use early game and you should have some sustain by 8.
E- Fling is such a fun skill, it has a high ap ratio so it does alot of damage and when you use it with your poison trail on you fling them into it doing more damage.
R- This is what makes singed so mobile and tanky, when you activate your ultimate you gain armor, magic, resistance, movementspeed, health regen, mana regen, and extra ability power, whenever you have a chance to level this up do it.

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Generally I like to take ghost ignite. I take ignite when I want to win lane and get kills from my laning opponent. Taking teleport is more of a teamfighting pressure spell. Teleport is a very good summoner spell to pick up especially if you are in a hard lane because you can help the team with teleport ganks or change a 4v4 teamfight into a 4v5 and take more objectives.

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In summary I think singed is an amazing teamfighting champion and can carry games when fed or farmed. Singed mainly tries to get ahead in Creep Score and take objectives and teamfight with your team, he also provides alot of utility with his slows and catch potential with fling,

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Ranked Play

I love singed in ranked, generally all I play. I would try to stay away from first picking singed because he is kinda out of the meta, and has a lot of counter picks such as kayle and lulu which are played a lot in the toplane meta. So if you are looking for a late game team, or teamfighting ap tank toplane this is the guy for you!

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Pros / Cons

Singed can farm very easily with his poison trail
He has great teamfight potential
He has amazing catch potential with his fling
Can snowball very easily with kills
Very mobile
Very tanky
Great peel for your carries

Can be kited somewhat easily
Has a lot of counter play, most ranged champions
Somewhat difficult to cs with without pushing wave
Hard to get the last hit for securing the kill resulting in more assists
Can't 1v5 carry the game
You need a team to back you up you cannot win games solo unless fed

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Creeping / Jungling

Singed jungle I feel is very weak.
-You have terrible ganks without ultimate or ghost up.
-Your clear is semi ok with poison on.
-You rely on blue buff to clear camps and have enough mana to do anything so you cannot give to your midlaner.
-Sunfire cape is a good pick up when jungling singed for the extra clear but I think there are much better junglers.

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Team Work

Teamwork is crucial part of singed play. Singed cannot carry the game 1v5, you need assistance from your team and your team needs you. Singed has great peel for your team with fling, mega adhesive and your q slow if you buy rylais. Being in to the toplane so far away from your team and early objectives teleport is a great summoner spell to take along with ghost. If your team gets into a fight you can teleport in and change the tides of the fight, but make sure you are far enough away from your laning opponent they cannot stop you with crowd control.

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Singed is the god of farming!
Singed can wave clear very fast with his Q poison trail. You can also farm behind the enemys turret, which is called proxy farming, but this is VERY high risk high reward and I would recommend only doing it vs harder lanes such as Kayle,Teemo,Ryze and you need to have alot of ward coverage to see the enemy jungler and mid laner because they can easily roam top and kill you. Proxy farming is also very good in ways because if, say mid jungle and your laning opponent are chasing you around toplane trying to kill you,tell your jungler to secure dragon or get mid tower for a free objective which is worth 1 death in the overall gold lead of the team.