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Gwen Build Guide by Lupus_ToplaneMain

Top Gwen Guide (Lower Elo) [S11]

Top Gwen Guide (Lower Elo) [S11]

Updated on August 13, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lupus_ToplaneMain Build Guide By Lupus_ToplaneMain 9,809 Views 1 Comments
9,809 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lupus_ToplaneMain Gwen Build Guide By Lupus_ToplaneMain Updated on August 13, 2021
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Runes: Conq 1

1 2
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Summoners 1
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

Gwen Guide (Lower Elo) [S11]

By Lupus_ToplaneMain
Why listen to this guide?
Gwen is one of my mains and I really like playing her. I also think that I am quite good and I have spent a lot of time in the practice tool praticing.
About me
Im a toplane Main and currently in Silver. Sorry for my bad english, im german but i want to make the guide in english in order for more people to understand it and to learn from it. I main fiora. I have a lot knowledge about the game for my rank, even though I dont always use it.
Gwen is still a quite new champion, but many consider her not that strong. I think she is still really strong, especially in lower ranks and against teamcomps without cc. If you are ahead far enough, you can literally just jump into 5 people and still get out on top.
Gwen Runes
I have tested all of these is practice tool and am now talking about how good they are.

Glacial Augment Bad It is a nice Idea to have a slow on a Champion like Gwen, but it is really not worth it. Your Ultimate already applies a 30% slow on every Opponent his and with your e, a dash, you dont need to slow your enemies even more. You can easily catch up to them.

Phase Rush Bad It is very similar with Glacial. AT first I thought it would be really helpful, but with the slow on your ultimate it is not worth giving up the potential of other keystones. The sorcery Tree is pretty on Gwen as second tree.

Arcane Comet bad It can be useful in some situations, especially if you want to snipe your oppenent with an Ult. But in melee fights this keystone lacks Damage because of its high CD and it provides no survivability. Can be used, but I wouldnt recommend.

Fleet Footwork MIddling This Keystone did surprisingly well. Gwen stacks the Energized attack really quick and it is a good amount of heal. It is good on her for the same reasons it is good on Kassadin. For a mage Gwen needs a lot of Autoattacks, especially early in the game. One Advantage is the precision tree which provides nearly everything Gwen needs.

Hail of Blades Middling/Good It is somewhat similar to fleet footwork with the difference, that this lets you stack your q really fast. With e really fast autoattacks and the e Attack speed for the 4th Attack you have an insane fast full-stacked-q. It still is worse then other keystones.

Electrocute Good This keystone is good because every Gwen combo/attack his at least three hits, so it procs everytime. The CD isnt that high and with the Domination tree first it provides more survivability melee, what arcane comet cant provide.

Conqueror Really Good Conqueror is really good on Gwen. It provides her with Extra damage (when stacking). This is really good on her. She gets stacks really easily. She is a melee champion, that way she gets 2 stacks and when fully stacked she gets 9% heal. That way she has Dmg and survivability. With the precision tree first she also gets attack speed (Legend:Alacrity) and extra Dmg (last row) and Even heal or mana (first row).
Gwen Items (Mythic)
Stridebreaker Bad This item is basically useless. She already has slow and a lot of mobility. And unlike Garen or Darius she can apply Slow from a distance and her mobility isnt movement Speed increase, so she doesnt need this item.

Liandris Tornment Bad This Item is way weaker than all otehr AP mythics, so dont buy.

Hextech Rocketbelt Bad/MIddling The same goes for Hextech Rocketbelt. But it is way stronger, because it provides AP, instead of AD. Also the cheaper items you need for this item are really good.

Goredrinker bad Surprisingly this Item helps a lot, because it provides you with the healing you might need before having Conqueror fully stacked, but there are WAY better Mythics.

NIght Harvester Middling Night Harvester is OK on Gwen. Not Good, but OK. You can buy it, but it is pretty similar to Ludens Echo, just worse

Ludens Echo Good Ludens Echo is Ludens Echo. It is usefull on every mage, but a lot of Mages have better options, which is why it isnt played that much. Same goes for Gwen.

Everfrost Good Everfrost is a strong item on Gwen. One of Gwens flaws is, that she is missing CC. Everfrost is a root if hit correct, and even a slow if missed. That way its easier for her to use her combos. Its more of a 1v1 or 1v2 Item on her. It is useful in Teamfight, but Gwen is not supposed to be a control mage, so dont try and play her like one. It is good and usefull, but not in Most games.

Riftmaker really Good Riftmaker is a really strong Item on Gwen. It constantly provides Heal, that way Gwen doesnt die before fully stacking COnqueror. It also provides True Damage on hit and its really USefull in teamfights. ITs not as good in 1v1, but better than Everfrost is in Teamfights. Riftmaker is the best mythic on Gwen for now, so dont miss the opportunity. At first I thought it wouldnt be usefull to go Conqueror and buy an item that does nearly the same, but they add really good and make a good combo.
How to play laning Phase
You should start e first, except in some Matchups you should start q (Yorick, Sett and other tanks). These are melee matchups that dont require a dash, like the mordekaiser matchup does, to dodge his q properly. Q is better in these, because it heals you with your runes and deals more dmg. Into champs like Fiora, you have to see for yourself. At first i though you need q, becasue she abuses her lvl 1 so hard, but with e you can just dash away and avoid the fight lv1. You can also prevent her from hitting vitals more easily.

In laning Phase you want to trade aggressively with your opponent and abuse your strong levels (level 1 with e (Often kill potential) and level 6 first (KILL potential). You can all in before 6 in a lot of Matchups, but dont do it random. You need to prepare these all ins and against champs like DARIUS, FIORA, RIVEN, TEEMO this doesnt work well. Stack your q full or to 3/4 and when they want to kill a minion, e-q onto them. That way you do a lot of dmg and dont overextend too hard. Then go behind them and attack them, while moving with them to their tower (if they disengage), but DONT DIVE pre 6. You have a lot of pressure in lane if you trade a lot early, because they will get afraid of you and you deal a lot of dmg. That means, Nasus is natural a good matchup. You can roam easily BUT are also vulnerable to ganks, so WARD!!. You can kill the enemy jgl in a 1v2 if you have played Gwen a lot and learned to 1v2 etc. But only if you have ult. After 6 you arent that vulnerable to ganks if you have experience and skill.
How to play after Laning Phase
You want to help your team on every front possible. You are a good Splitpusher, because you are very fast on taking down towers! Your E gives attackspeed and on-hit Damage even on towers, so you can splitpush really good. She is also good in 1v1 and 1v2. You are also a strong Teamfighter so you are very usefull in Dragon Fights and Baron fights.(YOUR ULT DOES DAMAGE TO DRAKE AND BARON). YOu can also be a 1v9 carry. This is mostly because Gwen hasnt been nerfed too hard since release.
Video Guide - Everything
This is a Highlight Video of my gwen plays. You can see her insane Healing with RIFTMAKER + CONQUEROR. YOu also see me moving a lot and in different situations, like in (or after) a Teamfight or while Splitpushing. My First blood kills are proof of her strong early game. BUT you can see how close i live all the time. It was luck, yes, but also proves that there are big differences in skill with Gwen (The Clips are sorted chronologically). A lot of players wouldnt have been able to get the first kill. You need to use your spells and never think you are dead! At 00:34 you can see me thinking im dead, but then I realise Akali cant finish the job and I heal an ****ing insane amount! So I start using my abilities and getting a double in the end.
- First the obivous e and q combos

There are 2 combos with e-q.

The first one is e-q and you Dash and immediately cast q. It saves time to press q while e, and it starts earlier too.
The second one is qe. Your q will get a higher range, becasue it deals Dmg to the first Targets and also to the ones after your dash. You can sue this to Poke an enemy Champ further away and still get cs.

- Combos with r

- First the fast double-r combo
You cast r1-q-r2
You can cast q while r1 and because of the multiple hits you will be able to recast your ult. It doesnt matter how many stacks you have, the q has the same length with 1 and 4 stacks. I didnt manage to let 1 q reset the ult twice and even IF it were possible, I dont think it would be worth it.

- Kite r
You want to start with 2-4 stacks and then r your enemy. Then use the q and during q e backwards. Then r2, use your ranged aa to reset the ult again and use r3. This comb works best against melee champs.

- Everfrost full combo

(have 2 stacks) aa-r1-MV-aa-MV+q-Everfrost-r2e(after casting r immediately e to another side of your opponent, your ult wont redirect, all needles will hit the enemy)-w-aa-r3-aa.
In this comb you have cc, that way you can kind of kite around him (MV = movement) and he cant run away. You seem to use w really late, but the start of the combo is really fast. The aa make up half the time this part of the combo takes.

- full combo

(3 stacks) aa-r1q (the reset from the start)-r2-w-e+aa-r3-aa-aa-q OR r3-aa-q (2 or 3 stack q, depends on your opponent HP and his distance to you.) YOu need to follow your opponent while doing this combo, so he doesnt get away!

These are the more important more easy combos. The might seem simple, but these are most combos. I dont know about any way to shorten animations or stuff like that. These are 3 important combo and the Everfrost Combo, because that one is necessary for Everfrost as mythic Item. And they are harder than they seem, gl and hf learning them!
Tips and Tricks
- Your e dash can bring you over a lot of walls. I was surprised over how many I was able to dash.

- You dont have to hit a Champion to be able to recast your Ult! You can attck a random minions on Monster while chasing to recast your ultimate.

- You can use Abilities to be able to recast your Ult. So a good combo is r1-q4-r2

- You can use E on towers and these attacks stack your q.

- You can reposition your w once. This is common knowledge. But you can either walk (or Dash/flash) out of it and it centers onto you again, OR you can recast it and it centers on you, doesnt matter where you are.

- BUG Idk if it might already be fixed, but if you cast your w inside morde ultimate, when you leave it, you are invulnerable from ANY dmg , until your w is over. (credits: Vandiril (ofc whoelse?xd))
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