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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Draven Build Guide by CallMeHelli

AD Carry Ha Ha Ha....Should Have Banned Draven

AD Carry Ha Ha Ha....Should Have Banned Draven

Updated on January 21, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CallMeHelli Build Guide By CallMeHelli 4 2 30,667 Views 3 Comments
4 2 30,667 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CallMeHelli Draven Build Guide By CallMeHelli Updated on January 21, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Hi guys! Been maining Draven since season 3. He has gotten me to plat and if you learn to master him he can carry very easily but it takes a lot of practice.
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One of the highest dmg outputs in the game
Insane snowball potential
Very Agressive Early on
Can Duel a lot easier than people think
Poor escape
High skill cap
Can be bullied and punished easy
relies heavily on peeling from support
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Laning notes and other.

Make sure you always have a spinning axe ready and that you are farming with a spinning axe to maximize your stacks from your passive.
Try to use your w to safely harass with a spinning axe.
In team fights try to stay in the back and do as much damage as you can to the closest target possible.
Focus on catching axes, but if your axe is prohibiting you from kiting ignore it. Remember though that your axes land in the direction you are heading towards so try to use that to your advantage.
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I take AD quints for the additional early damage on dravens q as it scales with his ad but you can swap it out for armor pen quints or lifesteal its personal preference
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Tri force is the luxury item on draven its only bought if you are snowballing and are very far ahead and you will 2 shot most champions. IE is a must purchase for dravens first item it maximizes his early game damage.
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21/9/0 is best for most adc especially draven as he only scales well with damage.
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Skill Sequence

Always max Q and whether you take your W or E next is preference and lane match up. You would take W to harass more easy and you would take E second if you wanna try and get some early kills with an aggressive support.
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The Blink. Hit it to blink a slight distance instantly, good for hopping walls to escape, get that bit close to deal a killing blow or to run away with a bigger gap between you. This is pretty much taken on 95% of every champion in the game. As mobility and positioning is even more important on ADC's I urge you to pick this summoner even more. Never use anything else, always Flash then choose a summoner based off of this list.

The Shield. Press this summoner and instantly gain a set amount of shield for a couple seconds, its like adding a free giants belt to your HP pool for nothing, in most cases you can bait (and outsmart) your lane opponents with a well timed barrier. This summoner counters Ignite perfectly as most kill lanes will be rocking that and heal is countered by that, so rather than this counters Ignite it's just not countered by it like Heal is. If you're learning a new ADC, Mid or even top, this summoner is very helpful, and is still useful on ADC's based on their tendency to be focused.

The "Get of Jail Free" spell. This summoner spell removes all de-buffs. Simple as that, everything that made your character worse because of another spell is removed. This includes summoner spells like Ignite and Exhaust but also CC like Wither or Dark Binding. This is perfect for those 1vs1 scenarios or when an enemy team relies on 1 hard CC such as Morgana or Sejuani. Not as popular anymore thanks to some support items and Quicksilver Sash but it's still extremely useful if you know what you're doing and know how to use it.

The Medic. This summoner spell fell out of favour as Barrier was simply better, but this has changed as of patch 4.5 and is now viable for both you and your support. This summoner heals you for a flat amount (scaling per level like all summoner spells with numbers) and gives you and your target that you healed a burst of speed. After doing this it then removes all healing debuffs (such as from ignite). This is a better summoner spell than Barrier if you're against an enemy with Exhaust however, as Ignite will still block half of the healing because the debuff isn't removed until after the heal Barrier is better against it unless you run a double heal bot lane, which is becoming a lot more common and even pros are starting to run that.. To know when to pick Barrier or Heal I would pick heal vs a poke or sustain lane as they're more likely to have Exhaust and then take Barrier vs a burst lane as they're more likely to have Ignite for the kill, however communication yet again is the best thing here and talk to your support about how you want to play.

The Last Push. The ability to finish off enemy's that escaped after you died or just managed to run from your attacks, this will tick down their HP using a little bit of true damage. It will also cut heals by 50% stopping a Tryndamere or a Dr. Mundo from surviving. This summoner is a killing one, usually not taken on yourself as you need the survivability the other summoners give as an ADC, but you also need to understand what it does because it's common for supports to take it to help kill you, or help you kill.

The Wall. This spell will basically shut off any enemy AD champions from dealing damage or escaping without a blink for 3 seconds. The exact number is 30% attack speed and movement speed reduction and a massive 50% damage reduction. Perfect if you see an enemy Vayne being picked and your support doesn't know what to pick vs them. This is another summoner, like Ignite that isn't usually picked on ADC's as mentioned before that they need survivability but like Ignite it's common in the bot lane attached to your support as a means of peeling and counter engaging. With the current change in summoner spells for ADC's this becomes very useful on the ADC when playing Solo Queue. If your support is basically the tank of the team and you don't have much peel, this can shut down the assassin trying to kill you making it a better counter than both Heal and Barrier.
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Farm with your spinning axe as it will maximize your stacks, you should be outfarming most adc's if you arent dying.
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Unique Skills

Farming | Farming is really easy as Draven even from level 1 you should win the lane in minion kills if you are not dying. As Draven you always want your Spinning Axe up, deals more damage causing you deal around 90 damage to last hit from level 1.
Whirling Death | This ability is a global ultimate with a return feature, after it strike an enemy champion or reaches the end of the map, it starts to come back to draven after a 0.5s delay, or activating the ability a second time. A trick with this ability is to just before they hit the target you're aiming at, is to manually activate the ability a second time so that as it hits it's target, it already started the 0.5s delay and gives them no time to react dealing massive damage. If you time it properly you will hit them twice as soon as it touches them.
Kiting is simply mechanical and proper use of your spinning axe and blood rush will make you an amazing Draven but no matter how good you are at kiting, the enemy team will still eventually get to you unless you Flash, which isn't up 24/7.
So, you buy yourself the Guardian Angel. If you die, you get suspended in purgatory as you fall onto your back in slow motion before hopping back to life with around 800hp and a chunk of mana.
As this happens your team had better come and save your *** otherwise you'll just get bursted straight after being revived unless the target who was killing you is dying as well. Upon re-spawning activate your Spinning Axe and if it's up, make your killer Stand Aside. As a personal note i like to /laugh as i'm getting revived just to annoy your attempted assassin.
Spinning Axe | The trick with this ability is how you can juggle it. When you stand still and hit an enemy with it, it will land near or on Draven, the same distance as Riven's Valor. If you're chasing an enemy the Spinning Axe will land in the path that Draven is running in at the time, meaning you can chase and still use the axe, however it will also fall slightly to the left and right and it is not always the best idea to grab the axe as the target may get away. When last hitting / harassing you want to throw the axe at the target and while your attack is in mid air you want to turn around and start running back. This will cause the axe to land behind where you stood, usually avoiding the reaction poke from the enemy or safely getting the last hit with poke sustained on yourself.
Spinning Axe Part 2 | Whatever you do when you use the axe, DO NOT MAKE IT YOUR GOAL TO CATCH. doing this will make you positioned badly or more open for attack, similar if you're poking and then your support gets them but your axe is behind you, just auto attack the poor enemy and leave the axe to fall. You do not want this too happen:
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Team Work

In a team fight you wanna be in the back hitting the closest target possible never go into the middle of a team fight YOU WILL DIE.
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A Note: This was my guide on how i personally play Draven and how his mechanics work. Everyone has their own way of building but this is how i think you can get the most out of Draven. This has been my first guide and i want to thank everyone who took the time to read and a rating would be appreciated. If I made a big mistake at any place in this guide please comment so i can rectify said mistakes. Thanks again :D ~ CallMeHelli
Credit: Sadly I did not make this by myself, (well i did but i used other peoples stuff to add too it).
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CallMeHelli
CallMeHelli Draven Guide
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Ha Ha Ha....Should Have Banned Draven

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