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Taric Build Guide by ArtificialBlood

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ArtificialBlood

Harmony in the Jungle, an S3 AP Taric Guide.

ArtificialBlood Last updated on March 3, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello guys! Welcome to my first Taric guide. Taric is quite the champion. I've tried him support/tank, support/AP, AD, Bruiser, Jungle/tank, Jungle/AD, and Finally Jungle AP. Out of all, I personally liked and enjoyed playing as a jungle AP.
This guide, is for those who like to try new things, and destroying the meta.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: Crazy burst damage. Decent heals, and buff (when shatter is on, or ult used). Decent jungling speed (Faster than Xin Zhou). Painful ganks.
Cons: Slow movement speed (unless you rush Alacrity onto your boots). No damage unless you are up close to your target. No magic resist.

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Anyone who has played league since S1 can easily see that the community is rotting day by day. I was sick and tired of ragers, and people who followed the meta like their lives depended on it. So I started to "rebel" and played meta breaking moves. Top mages, mid bruisers, bot melee, and Ap jungles. I especially hated people who acted like a
"support" had to be the ADC's little hoe. So i went out and tried many supports at many other lanes, but frankly Sona cannot simply top. Or soraka simply mid. But I saw that Taric was extremely bursty and painful, and durable enough to jungle. So I jungled. And came out winning often.
Btw, another good way to mess with people is Bruiser Support tops. Soraka, janna, karma, lux. They all work fine lol.

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Summoner Spells

You're jungling. Use smite.
Flash is good initiating, or getting in range to actually hurt people with your shatter and ultimate.
Some possible options are: Heal can help a later teamfight, or dives.
Ghost is great for initiating and running away, but not as instantaneous as flash.
Exhaust is good for catching people, and shutting down ADCs.

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Skills and Skill Sequence.

His passive does great damage to the jungle, and synergieses well with AS runes and Spellsword Mastery.
Imbue is a great skill to heal yourself and team in the lanes and in the jungle.
Shatter is great for dealing damage, or buffing the armor stat.
Dazzle is the only and best CC on Taric, and deals great damage upclose.
Radiance is an amazing buff, and good damage.

Skill Sequence.
I take Shatter first to de-buff the jungle creep's armor stats for faster jungling.
Then Imbue so i can heal myself to full health, and maybe heal an ally while passing his/her lane.
Or so I can instantly go Red (Level 2) and start at it with full health.
Then I take dazzle, because it helps alot with red buff (level 3)
After that I take 2 on shatter for more damage, and quicker jungle time.
Of course I take ultimate at level 6.
Afterwards, it really doesn't matter what you take, but take ultimate whenever you can.

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Little tips, and tricks, for the Dazzling Knight.

When you are in a 1v1 duel with anyone, start with your ULTIMATE. It will let you deal more damage (AP buff) with your skills AND more damage with your basic attack.
When ganking a lane, instead of going strait in, let your team know, and wait for the other team player/players push. Walk in casually, try to cut them off, and hit them with your Shatter, and hit them with Dazzle when you are CLOSEST to them as possible. Do not go through this hassle if the enemy is already very low.
Do not smartcast on Taric, you may and will end up Dazzling a minion, or healing only yourself.

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Jungle Route

Start at wolves with a small leash. (Use a health pot now, to maintain full health throughout killing the blue buff)
Then Ancient Golems, smite to kill. (used 1 pot already, do not pop another, simply imbue to heal).
As you walk to the Lizard Elder pop a health pot, use imbue as often as possible as you kill the lizard.
Then quickly look for ganks, if mid gank is needed take wraiths and go. If top, take little golems and go. If bot, or no ganks needed, go for the little wolves again.
Continue wolve, wraith, golem, pattern untill about 7:05 (my jungle best time as taric) when blue spawns again, and repeat.
try to buy wards if you ever have extra gold.

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Thanks for reading the guide. First guide, and poorly made, I apologies for that. Anyways, thanks, have a nice day. Gl Hf, and post pics of wins if you get some using my build! Thanks!!