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Morgana Build Guide by Lostblue

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lostblue

Hating Thresh? Play Morganna Support!

Lostblue Last updated on March 2, 2014
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Hello everyone!

Thresh is right now the best support ever, and you are forced to play with or against him.
Now is your chance to know how to play against!
I'm Lostblue (for the moment plat 5) and I want you to know about this unknown counter to Thresh
Anyway this guide just tell you how to play Morgana :D

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Pros / Cons

+ The longest CC in the game Dark Binding
+ Great ultimate
+ Black Shield allow great combo/synergies
+ High Cast and Attack range
- Tankiness with dedicated runes and stuff
- Tormented Soil useless until lvl 15
- No Interrupt or AoE CC (except ulty)
- Reliable on skill shot such a Blitzcrank

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Depending on your skills, their is different way to play Morgana but all shall result in the same things.
In team fights:
1. Immune your main carry (AD or mid) to all crowd control OR your initiator depending on the context with Black Shield
2. Control an annoying target for your carries (such as the enemy top) with Dark Binding.
3. Annoy the enemy team with your ultimate.

In lane:
1. Prevent magic damage and CC to the focused. If you have the skill wait for enemies using their skills before Black Shield.
2. Annoy the enemy support in his own bushes if you put a ward in. Otherwise punish every overextending. ( Do not fight when the enemy have more creeps than yours. )
3. Use your Tormented Soil only if your ADC is fighting with you in order to maintain Expose Weakness .

Morgana isn't a good initiator but if you have to, keep your Flash for initiate and rush as soon as possible a Zhonya's Hourglass.
Why isn't Morgana a good initiator?
Ask the enemy support why is he doing Talisman of Ascension and Mikael's Crucible.

I said early on, there is different way to play Morgana, it depends on the enemy composition.
In lane, you are great against any high AP dealer such as Annie, Thresh, Leona, ... In that case, be aggressive and be victorious with any adc.
In team fight, you're weak against any catch up such as Nocturne, Vi, ... or dis-initiator such as Janna, Gragas (since only one will remain). In that case, defend your carries.