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Janna Build Guide by heartgoldd

Support Heartgold's Janna guild

Support Heartgold's Janna guild

Updated on August 27, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author heartgoldd Build Guide By heartgoldd 1,232 Views 0 Comments
1,232 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author heartgoldd Janna Build Guide By heartgoldd Updated on August 27, 2021
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Runes: Aery page

1 2
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Flash + Heal
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Heartgold's Janna guild

By heartgoldd
Benefits and Negatives

- Good scaling
- Playable into almost every matchup
- High skill ceiling
- Really high carry potential
- Fits into every team composition
- Useful every game
- Good CC especially as an enchanter

- hard to play optimally
- not a great weakside champ
- low range
- immobile
Runes explained
Summon Aery(Keystone rune)
Aery is taken as it works nicely with your poke and shield. It also offers more consistent damage compared to comet. Also you can deal far more damage with aery autos than comet in longer fights.

Manaflow band
Manaflow band is important as it allows you to keep spamming spells in lane and I take it every Aery game. Maybe I would take nullifying orb against 4+ AP but these games do not occur in my elo so I haven't tested it.

Celerity is a rune that too few Janna players use. It is far more consistent than Absolute Focus as it does not require you to be 70%+ HP. Furthermore it improves your roams and dodging as well as synergising extremely well with your passive and W since the bonus move speed results in higher damage on your W and autos . The AP granted by Absolute focus results in lower damage on W and auto and combined with the conditions needed to make it work it is evident that celerity is a better choice. The trade of is Absolute focus conditionally grants a slightly stronger shield and R heal however when most games are decided by 20 mins this is largely irrelevant.

3rd minor rune choice
Scorch VS Gathering Storm depends on your team's composition as well as the enemy. IF you think the game will be decided early game you should play for it and take scorch however if the game will still be even at 20 mins + I would take gathering storm. I would default gathering storm but scorch is extremely important especially as you get to higher elos and games are decided increasingly early on.

Secondary runes
Eyeball Collection is the best stacking rune as it can be quickly stacked up with Janna's powerful roams and it is also more consistent as you can stack it from normal gameplay without having to set strange wards up or clear in risky locations. Synergises well with the dark seal playstyle and well with Janna's kit. Taste of blood is also a good alternative to eyeball collection if the enemy lane is EXTREMELY high range and poke (Ashe + Xerath). Surviving lane and sustaining until first base is more valuable than the AP as you will outscale poke champs.

Relentless Hunter is the only rune that I take EVERY Janna game. The movement speed is so useful to move around the map and stacking it is really easy for Janna to do with her strong early game roaming and lane.

Alternative Guardian Rune Page
Guardian is a rune page that I take when I cannot poke the enemy lane and need to survive the lane phase. Most commonly this is against very aggressive ADC's and engage supports with un-interruptible CC (I.E Naut + pyke) However I have also have good success taking this page against poke champions that I cant W due to the range difference. (Ashe + Karma) however in this case make sure to take second wind to aid in the sustain.

Font of Life
Font of Life works with Q+R and extremely well with W and grants a nice little heal. Shield bash is really bad on Janna since you don't want to shield yourself if possible since your allies get way more value out of the shield + AD.

2nd minor rune choice
Bone plating grants around 100 reduced damage early game which is HUGE when against an all in bot lane (Tristana + Naut) it is quite often the difference between first blood and survival. However when against heavy poke take second wind since the sustain over time is far more valuable than the burst reduction.

Revitalize is very nice to have as stronger heals and shield is great for Janna who has both. It works with items like redemption and also with font of life, E and R as well as summoner heal.

Secondary runes
Eyeball Collection is the best stacking rune as it can be quickly stacked up with Janna's powerful roams and it is also more consistent as you can stack it from normal gameplay without having to set strange wards up or clear in risky locations. Synergises well with the dark seal playstyle and well with Janna's kit. Taste of blood is also a good alternative to eyeball collection if the enemy lane is EXTREMELY high range and poke (Ashe + Xerath). Surviving lane and sustaining until first base is more valuable than the AP as you will outscale poke champs.

Relentless Hunter is the only rune that I take EVERY Janna game. The movement speed is so useful to move around the map and stacking it is really easy for Janna to do with her strong early game roaming and lane.
Ability tips and tricks
Howling Gale
Landing Long ranged Q’s in lane requires practise and understanding of the champion. Charge up the Q in a bush and fire it where you think the enemy ADC will be in 3 seconds time. You should fire Q from fog of war or a bush since this will give the enemy laners less time to react to your Q. Also use these positions to catch enemy’s off-guard.
Use your tap Q to immediately disengage. One tip to hit more Q's in lane is to run at the enemy support and then aim your Q at the enemy ADC this often catches the enemy unaware as they assume you are tunnelled in on the enemy support.

Use your Q to zone of chokepoints as it in theory gives 4 seconds where the enemy cannot walk through a choke or they will be knocked up. This is especially useful when you have control of the baron or drake pit and the enemy team are trying to walk in to contest.

Q should be charged up on enemy teleports in order to get an instant knock-up as they arrive to the fight.

Q can be used during the lane phase in order to proc spelltheif and manaflow band during times where you are unable to walk up and W. Q should also be used to push the wave in order to crash it allowing you and your ADC to reset safely.

When ganking a lane you can either use Q from out of vision and try to land a knock up or use it to zone the enemy away from the safety of his/her tower. Probably the most important use of Q is to interrupt dashes like lee sin's 2nd Q or Zac's E.

There are so many applications to this and getting good at reacting to these spells is paramount to success on Janna. One final tip for Q is when you begin charging a Q and know it will miss do not release it. It doesn't grant any cooldown reduction to fire it early and you will be losing out on the mindgame of where the Q could possibly be going.

Zephyr (W)

W is a poke and slowing spell. However it is worth noting that Janna's passive grants Janna's basic attacks On-hit and Zephyr deal bonus magic damage equal to of her bonus movement speed. This is part of the reason why runes like celerity and upgraded boots are so good on Janna.

You should use this spell early to attempt to poke out the enemy support/ADC. Late game it is important to note that Whenever Janna's abilities Slow or knock up at least one enemy Champion champion her E CD is reduced. This incentivises you to play aggressively in team fights and continue to cast W for not only the slow and damage but also the reduced E CD and potential application of healing reduction. (item dependent)

W is the most reliable and safest way of Janna applying healing reduction since you should not waste Q just for the healing reduction. You can also combo W into a instant Q most of the time resulting in a guaranteed knock-up.

Eye Of The Storm (E)

This is a shield that grants AD while the shield is still intact. It is important to note that the shield will decay over time so if possible it should not be applied when your carry will never be dealing or taking damage. It's cooldown is reduced by 20% when you land a Q or W so you can apply it multiple times in a team fight with correct spell usage. A good trick is mashing E when it has a low cooldown and then landing a W or Q which can result in you instant casting E as it comes back of cooldown early thanks to the cooldown reduction, it is rare that this trick matters but it does happen in game so it's worth knowing.

Late game the shield grants around 65 bonus AD which is about 2275 gold worth of AD. This is really broken and should be used to grant a carry not only increased safety but also greatly increased damage.

You should try to use correct positioning and the rest of your spells in order to avoid using E on yourself as much as possible late game. (Since the value on allies is so high)

Monsoon (R)

This spell has 2 main uses, The knockback and the healing. Janna knocks back all nearby enemies to up to 875 units ,though not through terrain. This is the best disengage spell in Janna's kit and one of the best in the entire game. It can be used to interrupt dashes such as Kha'Zix E or Zac E. It also has 0 cast or travel time. This allows you to instantly interrupt all dashes or teleports within 700 units. If you don't cancel it the R will also apply a heal within the 700 unit radius this heal is AOE and makes Janna's teamfighting really broken.

The biggest noob trap that I see so many Janna players do is the "Janna-sec". This is where you flash ahead of an enemy champ then tap R in order to push them back into your team. This not only requires you be within flash distance of your opponent which probably means you are positioning badly but also requires that you use flash and R in order to kill that enemy . It is so rare for this to ever be worth since you leave yourself so vulnerable with both flash and R on cool down. It also leaves you out of position often stuck between the enemy you pushed back and his/her team. It looks good in a silver Janna montage but in reality it is really impractical.

Additional Tips and tricks

When in fights you should toggle on "Target Champions Only" this will prevent you from misclicking W or autoing a minion or blastplant. This is important as it will improve your efficiency within fights and will reduce the amount of times you die or miss a kill due to wasting DPS. Target champions Only is also useful when fighting near allied towers since you can cast E on towers and shielding the tower when you need to use E on a low HP ally is the worst feeling in the world. As you can see in this clip the enemy, who despite being a Janna OTP in Grandmaster Elo with almost 1 million mastery points, could not manage this task.
Lastly when organizing active items you should move them in a way that minimizes the chance you click on them and waste them randomly due to a misclick. To do this grab a non active item and drag + drop it over the active item and the two will swap places, this allows you to get your actives to the correct key bind without the risk of an accidental activation.
Secondary Itemization
The item you take next depends on what your team needs in order to win:

Redemption = When your team doesn't need any extra damage and just needs to survive burst or deal with hard engage. I find myself building this item most games as it will always be good in both longer fights as well as shorter more burst heavy games. Furthermore the build path is great and the buffs this item received on patch 11.16 make it a great default 2nd item.

Chemtech Putrifier = When your team needs to deal with enemy healing (3+ strong healing champs) (I.E Vlad + Aatrox + yuumi) Building this item is really nice since it has a strong build path as well as being the best healing reduction item in the game since it applies so easily with janna's kit and it frees up your carries to build more items instead of having to invest into building healing reduction.

Ardent Censer = when your team has double ADC, only take this item 3rd or 4th (Its not as good as the others) (I.E kindred jungle + twitch ADC) Once again the build path is complete trash and requires 3 open item slots which is really difficult with spelltheif + boots + mythic + control wards + dark seal.

Mikael's Blessing = When the enemy comp has really heavy CC and sustaining through the CC is not an option. (I.E lissandra R or leona R)Its important to note that the components for this item are really terrible which makes building this item really hard.

Zhonya's Hourglass = I only take this item 3rd or 4th in my games and only against heavy dive champions that 1 shot me with 0 counterplay (Evelyn or zed). Its 9/10 far better to but just the stopwatch component and use it during a game changing fight such as the final fight before soul point or Baron.
Lane Phase / Early Game
Early game itemization.
Look to base with 650 gold for both boots and Dark seal you are able to roam around the map and dramatically increase your impact on the game with extra AP and movement speed, two stats that are extremely important for nearly all supports and especially Janna.

However against HEAVY poke (Cait + Xerath) consider dropping the dark seal and picking up a refillable potion instead. Boots + refillable will help you to sustain through the poke damage and the added move speed from boots will help to dodge skillshots and hence reduce damage taken.

Another deviation from the standard boots + dark seal is the removal of the dark seal in favour of a ruby crystal which grants an extra 110HP over the dark seal. This can often be the difference maker against HEAVY all in (Tristana + Naut). Also consider running straight to lane as the game starts and dropping a ward in one of the bot bushes at around 1:00 into the game before swapping to sweeping trinket. This will grant you safety and prior warning of any cheese strategies the opponents might be going for and the sweeper can help to conceal your position within a bush as you can remove any wards placed in your bush.

Early game strategies

The way you play the early game in bot lane will change every single game depending on your allied ADC's champion as well as the enemy bot laner and support's champions. This makes it useless to apply one size fits all tips like "poke with W when you can". For example how you lane against Tristana + Nautilus with a twitch ADC is a world of difference away from laning with a Draven against Taric + Vayne. Use your best judgement to determine when it is safe to use your spells and before lane starts work out how you will aim to play the lane matchup featured in your specific game.

Jungle tracking
This skill is extremely easy to pick up and you should apply it every game to make the enemy jungler have minimal impact. To do this effectively first determine where the enemy jungler started. This can be done by looking at the enemy top/bot lane's mana and when they arrived in lane, this allows you to work out whether the enemy jungler started on Blue or Red buff. From here you need to determine if the enemy jungler's champ is a full clearer or a early ganker. Full clearers will have weak pre-6 ganks (Shyvana or Evelyn) You should lay a ward around 3:00 as they will be moving into river around this time to look for scuttle crab or a gank just before .

On the other hand early gankers will be looking to do BUFF-BUFF-Gromp into a gank on mid or top/bot. The timing for 3 camps into gank is 2:30 for most early ganking champs (Elise or Xin Zhao). So if the enemy Jungler is pathing towards bot lane you can lay a ward in the river at 2:15 to basically be immune to their ganks. If they are pathing away from you you should ping their movements out on the map and warn your top/mid where the will be and when. Correct warding and jungle tracking will allow you to play aggressively in the early game and still be able to back off when the enemy jungler looks to gank. Doing this WILL create positive jungle difference in your games.
Identifying the correct roam timings within a game is a difficult but important skill to master. Firstly some good general roaming advice is when leaving base, don't instinctively click towards bot lane. 90% of the time pathing towards mid will be the better option as the around 20 seconds of lost time used in order to move midlane will rarely be necessary for your ADC's lane success. However the potential reward on hovering mid is huge as you can countergank the enemy jungler or set up a kill with a tornado from the brush.

Secondly when you are roaming away from bot lane you should give your ADC a danger ping on his head as well as type for them to play safe in lane while you complete your roam. This gives you the highest chance of your ADC actually playing correctly in a 1v2 situation and will grant you the highest chance of winning the match.

A correct roam timing is based of multiple factors, most importantly:
  • your allied ADC's recall timing
  • the enemy support's position on the map
  • the champions present within the game
  • the lane state and wave position for both bot and mid

These are the factors you should use to calculate if it is a good idea to attempt a roam on either top or mid lane.

Bot lane wave position
If the bot wave is crashing under the enemy tower you can either roam immediately or recall and roam from base. Almost every other wave state will require you to either be present in lane or be in the process of returning to lane or else your ADC will be severely affected. However if the wave has hit your tower and will bounce back to a neutral lane state you can then roam or recall.

Mid/Top Lane state

Some mid lane matchups will simply be ungankable (Pre-6 Kassadin VS Lucian mid). Even with prefect set up the enemy will always escape or 2v1 you. In this situation your time is better spend either bot lane or in top lane . Always consider your midlaner's champion, current HP and mana, the position of the wave within the lane as well as the cooldowns both laners have. Furthermore consider the posibility of the enemy jungle or support being present in the lane and counter-ganking you.

One final tip for finding more roam timings is when your ADC is CS'ing safely under tower you can recall before him as he collects the wave and use the extra time between your recalls to attempt a roam.
Mid Game
Mid game itenemization

When purchasing components in the mid game you should prioritize based on the idea that CDR is more valuable than flat AP which is more valuable than flat HP which is more valuable than mana regen ( Unless you are using the guardian rune page then mana regen is off higher value since you dont have the mana regen from spelltheif's edge or manaflow band.) This related mainly to completing your first item which 95% of the time will be Battlesong or Moonstone both of which have the same build path.

Leaving lane for good

Deciding when to leave lane will depend on a whole host of factors but basically when you feel that the value from your presence on the map will be greater than your value in lane. (The latest that this timing will be is around 14:00 when tower plates will fall down.) Finally a reminder that this refers to the end of lane phase and has nothing to do with early game roaming which I already talked about in an earlier section.

Identifying a win condition

A key part of the midgame is being able to identify which player is going to be your team's win condition. You should then move around the map if needed in order to best support their snowball towards victory. This usually takes the form of shadowing top/mid on a side lane and counterganking for them or following your jungle around the map allowing them to invade and continue the snowball.
Late game
During the Late game your ability to make plays is comparatively low as any forward positioning will likely result in instant death. Your best bet is it play with and around your team in order to attempt a 5v5 team fight win as your powerful kit is very strong in these team fight and skirmish scenarios.

Late game itemization
If you are approaching a game ending objective such as Baron ,Elder drake or soul point, you should consider spending 500g on a potion of sorcery since the AP it gives is really efficient and could easily be the difference maker in these fights. Another route of itemization you could branch into is buying a lone stopwatch for 650g against a heavy dive or burst based composition as surviving trough that initial burst is often pivotal for success in these late game fights.

Warding flanks

Around key objectives or when sieging up midlane you should place wards on your flanks in order to prevent champions with high CC , burst or displacement from coming in and ruining your team fight before it even begins . (Qiyana and Kennen for example) These wards will spot flanking champs early and give your team time to retreat or better position to deal with the incoming flank.

Q usage in late game fights

The first and sometimes second Q of a late game team fight should be charged up and angled into choke points once you have control of a key objective. This will prevent the enemy team from walking through it for up to 4 seconds which is really strong.

General objective macro for beginners

Nexus > Elder > Soul > Nashor > inhib > drake > turret.

After a good/won fight you should be looking to either take an objective from the list above or push the minion waves and then reset before the enemy team respawn and kill you due to having full mana, full HP and more items compared to last time you fought.
Q usage

When a teamfight or skirmish first breaks out you should aim to charge up a long range tornado and use it to disrupt the enemy frountline and possibly hit the backline also. After this initial long range Q all subsiquent tornadoes should be short charge or Tapped Q's in order to provide momentary CC on the enemy team's dive champs or assassins.

W usage

You should use W on the frontline or next closest target in order to reduce your E's CDR and also apply the slow and poke damage. If you have oblivion orb this will also apply healing reduction to this target.

E usage

You should use your E early within the fight to grant AD to whoever is in the best position to deal damage. After this you should use your E for a more defensive purpose using it to peel for the teammate who is at risk of death.

R usage

Using Janna's R during a teamfight is highly dependent on the situation presented. It can be tapped and instantly cancelled to disengage for an ally or for youself. It can also be used to push away enemies and then held in order to provide AOE healing for your team. Alternitavely it can be cast with no enemies nearby in order to provide a heal for low HP team mates. However some aspects to using Janna's R never change. Its important to never push enemy dive champs towards your carries however with correct defensive positioning this rarely is a problem. Furthermore you should be comfortable with the range of Janna's R in order to use it to its maximum potential over terrain if the situation calls for it.

A good tip for improving your survivability during team fights is to cast a spell and then immediately click away from the fight and kite back. This keeps your position dynamic, increasing your survivability and can help to bait out skillshots and lure enemies into over extending as they chase you.

Lastly you should weave in auto attacks when safe in order to increase your team's total DPS as this damage could potentially make the difference between a won or lost teamfight.
Janna skin teir list
Janna's skins are all bad in my opinion XD. They are either too anime and cringe or suffer from horrible splash art or ingame model. Maybe when Monster Tamer Janna comes out it will be worth it to buy a Janna skin but right now don't give your money to Riot Games.

* Side Note if you are really cringe and sweaty you should use Sacred Sword Janna since you can charge Q and recall on top of it and since both the Tornado is light blue as well as your base during the recall animation you can disguise the first second or two of the windup.
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