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Hecarim Build Guide by PTjimbo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PTjimbo

Hecarim Build - Death's Advance

PTjimbo Last updated on October 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

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Hello! I am PTjimbo, and I am here to run you all through my own Hecarim build. I will show you all how I use and build Hecarim and tell you all exactly what my game plan is whenever I am playing as the almighty bringer of death.

I initially derived my build from SilverSeer's DPS(D) build for Hecarim. So, a thank you to him. I also want to thank JhoiJhoi for providing me with the information to make my guide look fantastic. ^^ <3 So, thank you two for indirectly helping me make this guide. xD Also, I will be updating this once I can get some footage of the build in action. Just got to get Fraps.

Anyways, on with the build, "Deaths Advance"


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Pros / Cons

Okay, this section I will tell you all about the pros and cons to this build. I will tell you all some of the troubles I have had using it and some of the advantages I have had by using it.


- Using this build I found it extremely easy to overpower and outrun nearly every champion I came across. One exception being Kennen when he uses Lightning Rush. I just wont be able to catch him and I'll have to peel off and try again later.

- Having all the damage and crit chance and damage increasing items I have been able to hit for a maximum of 850 - 1000 to minions and about 250 - 400 on champions. Plus if you add in my abilities I can blow champions up rather quickly with Onslaught of Shadows.

- All the speed... It's like fast and the furious when I play. I can catch anybody, and run from anybody. Except Kennen... Sigh, little rodent can catch me in full charge. Anyways! The point is, you're a speed demon and with all this speed Hecarim gets that much more damage.


- With this build the only item giving me any kind of 'beef' is Trinity Force. Sort of the reason I snag it first, I will explain more on it later. But you are pretty squishy for a Hecarim using this build.

- If you do not use your team mates for advantages you will be caught in bad spots and die multitudes of times. You can avoid this by thinking your situation through and looking at your minimap. But yeah, try to avoid fighting more than 2 champions at a time until you have all items up to Phantom Dancer.

- Until you get either Zeal or Trinity Force ranges carries and other ranged champions, such as Graves or Swain, will give you a hard time. So play defensively for a bit, farm up, and you should be okay.

So far, it would seem, in my opinion at least, that this build makes Hecarim into a total freight train. Able to run down anybody... Except Kennen. Haha, well, the build has been working out so far and the only problems I have been having are when I fight against ranged guys with great stuns and other forms of crowd control. But that's only early on. ;)

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Okay, time to tell and give reasoning behind my skill sequence decisions.

- Rampage - I go for Rampage first because it helps me get that alst hit on minions for farming, which is needed a lot. I take this ability first and max it by level 13.

- Spirit of Dread - I grab Spirit of Dread at level 3. This ability rocks, just flat out rocks. With this ability, because of my amazingly high damage output, I can heal a vast amount of my health. Like I said, take at level 3, max by level 9.

- Devastating Charge - I grab Devastating Charge at level two adn max it last. I grab it at level two just so I have it in my arsenal and a good source of escape or gank. I have tried maxing it faster and switching around my skill sequence but I find maxing this last to be a bit more effective from my experiences.

- Onslaught of Shadows - The ulti obviously has priority in my skill sequence when I play. So I take it at levels 6, 11, and 16. I love the many uses of this ability; you can charge over walls and obstacles to gank enemies or to run away from a bad engagement. It does massive amounts of damage when you're jumping into a group of enemy champions, in which you would then activate Spirit of Dread and then go on with Rampage, using your abilities as they get off cool down and using Devastating Charge to catch enemies trying to escape your wrath.

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Okay, this is where people have been talking to me most about. The items I get and when I get them. So far, this has been working out for me. I have tested it a lot; getting a lot of champions kills and a lot of farm, getting mostly farm and not a lot of champ kills, or just straight up doing poorly. So far, in every situation I found it rather easy to get up to Phantom Dancer around 25 - 27 minutes in. Doing good I get it about a couple minutes sooner and get Infinity Edge at about 25 - 27 minutes. But I will explain why I get all the ending items, the major items.

Boots of Swiftness - This item gives me extra speed and damage that I want and need for this build. Obviously getting boots is a situation kind of thing, and you should adjust it as such. For instance, you're fighting this team; Jax, Tryndamere, Rammus OR Garen, Vayne, Caitlyn. Go for Ninja Tabi. Go for Mercury's Treads if you see a lot of heavy ability power champions. I go for Boots of Swiftness because they help me catch and kill, or get away and survive.

Trinity Force - This is basically my only source of health and mana. it also gives me a good amount of other buffs and bonus'. Trinity Force is a good all around item, giving you a buff in nearly every stat you have. But the biggest reason for having a trinity force, and I stress NOT the only reason, is for the increase in speed. After getting this item my speed goes from 410 with Boots of Swiftness to about 450. With all this speed boost it is also granting Hecarim increased damage, which is what I'm aiming for. The crit bonus from this item makes me hit enemies harder, making killing them a little easier.

Phantom Dancer - This item is for the attack speed, extra crit chance, and guess what?! More speed! :D After getting this you should have around 479 movement speed. That's a lot of extra damage and speed, making him hurt a whole lot more.

Infinity Edge - I think it's obvious why this is here. The crit chance gained from half the items in this build just got serious. Plus it gives me absurd amounts of damage, making the crits Hecarim hit all the more scary.

Last Whisper - Armor pen and more damage. Obviously there are better options such as The Black Cleaver. I actually think it would be better to just go for it rather than Last Whisper. So yeah! Get The Black Cleaver. d: Or Last Whisper whichever suits you and your needs. ^^

Youmuu's Ghostblade - Cool down reduction is nice, lets me get my ulti off a lot more frequently. More crit and damage. A great active which is sort of like Highlander. I think it's sort of like Trinity Force, giving me bonus' and buffs all around and making me that much stronger.

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Summoner Spells

Reasoning for Ignite
Okay, so the reason I go for Ignite. I really want to hurt people with this build right? I go for Ignite for that early gank, early champion kill, and late game pressuring. Also it gives me extra spell to damage my enemies and help me blow them apart faster.
SPACE Reasoning for Ghost
Next up is the reasoning for getting Ghost. I get Ghost because it gives me more speed, which in turn gives Hecarim more attack damage. See what I did there? Good, I want to hit harder so that I can get kills. Ghost gives me the damage and power I am really looking to get.
SPACE Alternatives
You could also go for Exhaust or Flash.

- Exhaust because that would decrease the enemies defenses and make you hurt them more so that would go well with this build for sure.
- Flash can help you escape tight corners or catch enemies off guard so you have some more survival over using Ghost in my opinion.

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Farming, the most important aspect of this build. I can not even begin to stress how important it is. But, I have tested this thoroughly. No matter what you should at least be able to get up to the Phantom Dancer or B. F. Sword. That's only if you're getting low minion kills and champion kills. This has been the case with my games.

Things you should do or keep track of when farming or killing champions.

- Use Rampage for minion last hits to farm. Rampage is great for farming minions, and later on killing champions.

- Spirit of Dread helps kill minions when paired with Rampage. Really effective when used after using Devastating Charge into a champion followed by Rampage. Use Onslaught of Shadows against champions if needed or if against 2 or more of them at a time.

So, your Q and W spells are your greatest source of farming, aside from your basic attacks. Just time your attacks and abilities adn you should be farming with out a problem.

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Team Work

Working with your team is very important for anybody. Anyone who knows what they're doing will always be trying to find ways to help his team out and help them get a kill, get a buff, or just save them if they're in danger and you can, or could have, do something to save them.

- Hecarim is great at initiating fights. Even with this build I found myself initiating some of the time our tank was not around or dead. But with this build it's better for you to come from behind or angle yourself so that your Devastating Charge pushes them into your team mates or into turrets. Try your hardest to push them away from safety. That is your primary mission with Devastating Charge.

- When in big team battles make sure to always focus down the major damage dealers on the enemy team. Obviously you will be focused down, if you're lucky all the damage you can do will out do the enemies and kill them before they can hurt you at all. You want to charge them with Devastating Charge then activate Spirit of Dread and then spam Rampage and use your abilities as they come off cool down, if the fight lasts that long. Onslaught of Shadows is a great source of damage adn crowd control. Us it also as an initiating attack if you want, r use it to hunt down fleeing enemies then use Devastating Charge to get back onto another enemy quickly.

- When laning try to keep your team mate alive by making the enemy focus on you. Do this by attacking them or using your Devastating Charge to push them away from your friend. This will make them focus you adn that's usually when I pop Spirit of Dread and spam Rampage. This will keep you alive a bit longer and hopefully push them back.

I find that buying an extra set of potions every trip to the shop until you get your first Zeal is really good. This will help for survivability and keep your lane nice and strong. Afterwards you could start grabbing sight ward and start wardding up "the belt". This will give you vision of possible ganks and allow you to counter gank them, and just punish them for trying it.

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I am obviously keeping a theme going here. I got everything I wanted to make my physical damage higher. Best part about increase my physical damage is that it makes my Devastating Charge and Rampage stronger. Onslaught of Shadows is an already powerful ability adn can wreck anybody who gets hit by it; that's the initial charge and the explosion that fears them.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Critical Damage

Greater Seal of Critical Chance

Greater Glyph of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Critical Chance

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Again, I will remind you of the theme of doing damage and getting money. These runes all increase some form of damage that my build for Hecarim gives. Be it increased crit damage, more crit chances, and more damage. I got the Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed for the improved speed. Which also increases hecarim's damage output.

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That about finishes my guide for Hecarim - The Shadow of War. I hope this guide helps you in anyway possible, as it is my first guide I hope it at least works out for somebody and is sort of successful. Just keep in mind that for this build to work you gotta be passively aggressive, try your hardest to work with team mates to get kills. After you get Phantom Dancer have fun and go at your enemies, crush them and feel like god.

Hope you all found this useful, take care.