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Hecarim Build Guide by BlackBull33

Hecarim - Rider of the Apocalypse (Solo Top)

Hecarim - Rider of the Apocalypse (Solo Top)

Updated on April 21, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlackBull33 Build Guide By BlackBull33 2,986 Views 2 Comments
2,986 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BlackBull33 Hecarim Build Guide By BlackBull33 Updated on April 21, 2012
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More Hecarim Runes



Hey guys, this is my first Guide. English is not my native language so please be nice and give me constructive criticism :D
I played Hecarim for some matches and just want to share some experiences. This is not a I-tell-u-what-to-do-guide, its just a way to play Hecarim i came up with.

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I take the normal runes that fit to every situation.

This rune supports your Q-Spell, that is your damage source.

This rune is very standard on Bruiser, gives u more sustainability

I take this rune for the same reason as Seal of Resilience, because it gives u more resistance against magic damage.

This rune is very replaceable. Take the Quintessence which fits most with ur playstyle. I prefer AD because I often use my Q-Spell which scales with AD.

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Also my masteries are quite standard. If u want to, u can also go for a more tanky mastery build. I prefer the offensive type, because i get my tankyness with my ingame items.

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Early Game

and 3x

This is a guite standard way to start the match but this has an especially meaning for Hecarim, because the movement speed = damage.
HecarimĀ“s passive gives u a nice AD boost for ur additionally movement speed.

This ia also a basic item for bruisers. It gives u more resistance on magic damage but more important 35% Tenacity.
I prefer this boots even when u face a almost full AD enemy team. I made very great experiences with this Tenacity upgrade and u gonna need this especially when u go solo top.

This is also a good choice comparing to Hecarim#s passive.

This is a nice and cheap item and it gives u some sustainability. Armor and Lifesteal garantee that ur not die especially when ur lane get ganked. The additional AD makes u even more stronger and harder to fight.
Btw: I really like the free ward that prevents u from ganks.

Mid Game

Now its time to get some power on hecarim with Trinity Force. Normally u wont have enough money to buy this instantly. I prefer to take before I get because it adds some HP to ur MR and Armor.
Trinity Force is a core item on Hecarim, because it gives u AD and AP to scale with each of ur abilities and more important it triggers ur passive with the +12% movement speed.
I know this item is really expensive but u wont miss it in every match!

Here is another item that is really perfect on hecarim because it is tanky and offensive at the same time. The slow from the passive makes it even easier for Hecarim to chase enemies.
This is another expensive item but I grab it whenever I finished Trinity Force[/i].

Late Game

Phantomdancer is a nice item to complete your build. The extra movement speed triggers again ur passive and the attack speed gives u some extra autohits between ur hits.

If u have a very long match this item is good choice to finish ur build. Perhaps, this item gives u the damage u need to dominate teamfights in late game.

Again this is just the way I build Hecarim. There are many other builds that are even better, but this is a concept I am really successful with.

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Skill Sequence

Ur passive is extremely nice, because u cant collide with minions or enemies but even more important it changes ur movement speed into damage.

This is ur bread and butter skill! It has a nice cooldown and target multiple enemies. U really wanna stack this so u can spam ur Q-Spell for farming and harassing. But be careful: This ability has low mana costs but if u spam this too much, u maybe get low on mana!
Because it is ur main damage source u wanna max it immediately!

Tis ability is ur AoE spell that also grants u some healing. Spirit of Dread is a nice ability to kill enemies that try to escape. Because of ur movement speed u catch them up everytime. In teamfights u wanna initiate with this spell to have a steady heal and dmage source. Because it scales with AP u will be successful with this ability very early in the game when u grab .

This spell is just a usefull skill to split the distance or escape ganks. U really wanna grad a point early but leave it until 18. People will hate u for this ability because in addition to ur Tenacity from ur boots u are really hard to gank!!! Trust me

I really really love this one because for 2 reasons. Firstly, it is a great way to chase down an enemy by cutting the distance. (Especially useful for last hiting enemies and tower diving) Secondly, u can initiate teamfights with it because it hits multiple enemies at once and gets urself in a great position to spam ur Q-Spell!
Really nice ulti!

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Summoner Spells

This is the PERFECT summoner spell for Hecarim. U may ask why i chose this spell while Hecarim already has some great movement speed. The reason i take this spell is that u can escape from serious situation but also get urself a nice damage boost because of ur passive !

This is one of my favorite summoner spells because I killed so many champs for first blood. It is quite useful to get some additional damege.

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Pros / Cons

Now i want to summarize the pros and cons of Hecarim:

- great ganker
- fun to play
- great tower diver
- really good ulti to initiate and chase enemies
- hard to gank

- need items to be good
- expensive build (my build)
- not that great dmg
- get often focused in spite of his tankyness


League of Legends Build Guide Author BlackBull33
BlackBull33 Hecarim Guide
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Hecarim - Rider of the Apocalypse (Solo Top)

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