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Hecarim Build Guide by BackFireEUWest

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BackFireEUWest

Hecarim - The deadly pony! (A Jungle Guide)

BackFireEUWest Last updated on April 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi guys, welcome to my Hecarim Jungle guide, ill try my best to take you through all the aspects of Heracim so you can start your own pony rampage! :)

Hecarim is a evil badass in jungle, he is really strong and with the right moves you can clear jungle very fast and get those early ganks that will help you and your team win in the fields of justice!

This is my first guide tho, so please do not hesitate to comment with suggestions, critics and so on!

enjoy !

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    Incredible mobility!
    Awesome team fight ulti
    strong in 1v1
    can take a beating

    Goes oom without blue buff
    Limited ranged options
    New champ so you WILL get the focus

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Rune and Summoner spells Explanation

There is ALWAYS diffrent options to maximize you runes so they fit you playstyle, this is what i found most usefull for me.

Summoner Spells
Ghost is both a Catch-up, Escape tool and a Damage increase for Heracim, since your pasive gives you more damage equal to your movement speed, you really want to have ghost.
Smite will simply help you get the tough mobs in the jungle in the start, aswell as dragon/baron steals.

Greater Mark of Desolation x9 you want to slice of your foes, and with the extra armor pen it will help you do abit more damage to those tanky types.
Greater Mark of Attack Damage x9 can also work, but they whont help you much if the enemy build armor.

Greater Seal of Armor x9 Always remember that mobs in the jungle will do basic damage, so armor will help you reduce that damage, and help you sustain better in the jungle, and ofc. vs other auto/physical damage champs.
Greater Seal of Replenishment x9 or Greater Seal of Vitality x9is also an option if you feel he is either to weak when it comes to his mana or if ou simple find that he have to low health.

x9 (this rune did not show when i chose the runebuild on this page) This rune will help you to not just get nuked when you move in to gank their mid ap, Champs like Brand/ LeBlanc/ Lux can melt people down in a matter of seconds, these runes will make sure that doesnt happends!
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x9 does the same as warding, the flat will just give you a early game boost while the per level gives you a edge late game.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed x3 due to that you will get movement speed, wich will increase you damage and your jungling + gank speed.
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage or Greater Quintessence of Desolation is also and option, altough you whont gain much from your pasive.

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Mastery Explanation

I roll with 21/9/0 due to that it maximizes my Damage output in jungle and on ganks. Alot of people dont want to take the Bladed Armor but i like it, it helps me out with the minions, it may not be much, but something is better then nothing right? :D

why is choose to go 21 to get Executioner in offensive tree and not 21 to get Juggernaut in Defensive is because those 15% damage is awesome when you are ganking, there is NOTHING worse then see a enemy get away with 50 hp, and it may even lead to you trying to overextend and dying to turret fire or a enemy gank.

i know Hecarim Gains attack damage from movement speed, but i dont find it worth getting 2% movespeed from utility tree and loose the defensive advantage from the defensive tree.

But feel free to mix up and try diffrent specs to find what ever floats your boat! :)

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Item Explanation

Early Game
i like to start with the Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion on Hecarim since it will help me stay in jungle long enough to get the required skills and buffs to make a few ganks,
Wriggle's Lantern is in my oppinion a MUST on all AD Jungle characters, it helps you alot in jungle due to its pasive proc.

Mid Game
Phage will grant you a health boost, a chance to slow on ganks wich should make that gank a success if it procs and you need it for Trinity Force. Sheen is a great item on Hecarim, when you use you "Q" Ability, wich has 1.5 sec cd when stacked to 2, will make you sheen's pasive proc ALL THE TIME! the damage is incredible, and ofc, you need it for Trinity :)

Late/End Game
Finish your Trinity Force to get the extra speed boost, pasive proc with with both slow and extra damage and start your killing spree! Giant's Belt to Warmong's armor will get you the Helth required to ulti dive their team, you'll have decent health, and with a team following you into the Teamfight you should have no problems dishing out some serious pain! Atma's Impaler will grant even more Damage and even more Survivability, same with Maw of Malmortius, it will really piss off those AP Charaters on the other team espicially if they have a Karthus, and not to talk about the extra damage gain from its pasive. Blood Thirster is the last item you should get, and that item does not need an explanation, its simply awesome :)

Ofc there are situational builds, every match have a diffrent setup, so mix your build up abit in every fight, example: if they are REALLY Ap heavy, feel free to get a Force og Nature for the MR and the movement increase. and a Thorn Mail To counter theìr fed Tryndamere :)

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Jungle Route and Ganks

Let me start by saying, as a jungler DO NOT BE SELFISH ! your job is to help your team get a victory and not get a personal victory by feeding yourself and leave you team hanging.

As Hecarim you have amazing AoE Damgage from LvL 1, so start with wolfs -> blue, ask your team to guard and pull for you, and use a Health Potion while fighting the Ancient Golem , move on to Wraiths -> Red buff -> Golems -> Wraiths -> GANK! remember to use your potions to keep your health topped, so you can make those ganks (i will get to gank explanation)
no matter how the gank goes, return to base to get health/shop, and move back in your jungle, Golems should have spawned, so head over to them, after golems go Wraiths -> Wolfs -> Give blue to your mid champ if you feel confident enough in your mana pool to go on without it, After you take second blue just start taking your jungle as you see fit.

How to Gank
Hecarim can make some strong ganks, due to his movement speed, just like Udyr, you wanna make you teammate on that lane lure them abit towards your own tower, then start out with activating your "E" Ability to get the movement speed needed to reach him, make sure that you attack your enemy at its MAX Duration to optimize damage from it. It also give a small knock back proc, so try not to knock them away from your teammate, or skill shots like Lux Rainbow beam, once you and your teammate are in the fight, activate your "W" to give some extra damage when you chase, and most but not least, SPAM THAT "Q" !! it gets lower and lower cooldown, down to 1.5 sec, so you wanna keep spamming that ****, to really do some damage. A Little hint is that when you are chasing them, remember, you are Hecarim, you cant get blocked by minions, so try to ALWAYS stay side by side on you foe, move with him evertime you land a auto attack or your "Q". you should have the movement speed to keep up!
If you have reached level 6, and you have you Ultimate, you do NOT! want to open with that, that should be the spell you use if the enemy flashed so that you can keep up, and even your teammate can catch up due to the fear it grants. and remember, just like Anivia 's Flash Frost you want to land it so that you run through them and then end up behind them to both get the "run thorugh" damage and the AoE splash when you land at your destination!

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Teamfights are BOUND to happend in League of Legends, and as Heracim, do NOT be afraid to go in a teamfight with your team, you have amazing AoE Damage and a great mass CC, with this build you get what i call a "Brawler" wich means, you deal good damage and you can take a beating aswell, so do not be afraid to get in there! your opjective is not to take down the carry, your job is to cause Chaos and cause the other team to split up, they really only have 2 choices, eaither take tons of damage from your AoE spells, or split up making your AoE damage minimized, try to always get in the middle of the battle, and fear as many as possible with your ulti, it will make it hard for supporters like Sona to land her ulti, and for Ezreal to land his skill shots.

but by saying your job is not to take out the carry, im not saying you should let him/her stand in the back plowing your team to bits, feel free to move in and knock him/her into fight, so you team can close up killing the carry without trouble!
and once again SPAM THAT "Q" ! it really is your primary damage spell, so make use of it, make them bleed !

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As i said, this is m first guide here on mobafire, hope it can help you out, remember that no one plays alike, so try to mix it up abit, see what works for you.
And i hope that you guys will give me either some positiv or negativ response to this, every little bit will help me to improve!
(sorry for my bad english, i have dyslexia, so please do correct me if there is spell fails! )

hope you did enjoy reading this, good luck!
ill see you on the Fields og Justice!

- Best Wishes, BackFÎre