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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Fategas

AP Carry Heimerdinger build for 1v5 pentakill

By Fategas | Updated on January 23, 2014

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Hi my nickname is Normalpl and my main is heimerdinger. I`ve played with him a lot of games and I`m pretty sure heimerdinger is very op in good hands. He might seems to be hard to play with but after about 15 games I easily scored a 1v3 triple kills.
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Pros / Cons

+zoning and zone control
+aoe slowing and stuning
+can easily defend and also push lanes
+A little bit squishy (but you can take zhonyja and GA)
+Long cooldowns
+Need to know where to put turrets. it is key to wining all games
+except good stun from granate, no escape spells
+ it is a little to easy to take down your turrets in early game and also you have to wait for next turrets so long on early levels
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Why GA, you ask ?
It makes you imviolable for 4 secunds so it is something like double zhonya.
If you don`t get it imagine a situation, you at 50% hp stand with your 3 turrets near to you, and suddenly a wild jungler appears. But it is more, a enemy mider comes to attack you. Oh no, they come to you and start attack you, also turrets also attack them. they take your all hp and thing your dead but no, you are still alive(they all time stand under your turrets. So if you wont get double here, just stun or slow them with grenete and use combo R for w to take your double (if you did not use it before for 4th turret)
Imagine more enemies and you with zhonyja nad GA. just R for your q(4th turret) and you might take PENTAKILL with that combo :)

That is all for GA, lets go on and talk about other items.

Your Zhonya`s Hourglass is the item you can`t work without. As you might read, it will make you immune for 2 secunds(not much but, it makes me score quadra once for game or two :) )

Other items are for more AP and more damage

Also remember to buy wards. it is good to now when someone is going to you and who will give you score kill.

Why no shoes ?
1. You will be standing near your turrets and won`t move much
2. You won`t move much.
3. If you want to, you can take them, I just think I don`t realy need it.
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It is so easy to farm with your turrets. You will probably have the most cs from both teams.

Also outfarming is very strong with your turrets.
Enemy mid player will have to get cs under his tower because of zoning he won`t get nay cs`s when I`m on lane with turrets.
The only moment when he can take cs is when I`m
League of Legends Build Guide Author Fategas
Fategas Heimerdinger Guide

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Heimerdinger build for 1v5 pentakill