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Heimerdinger Build Guide by nick pea

Middle Heimerdinger: The Dimsdale Dingerdome

Middle Heimerdinger: The Dimsdale Dingerdome

Updated on March 4, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author nick pea Build Guide By nick pea 2,812 Views 0 Comments
2,812 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author nick pea Heimerdinger Build Guide By nick pea Updated on March 4, 2018
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Phase Rush
The Ultimate Hat

Perfect Timing
Biscuit Delivery


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hi, here's my guide to playing as Heimerdinger. The first thing you may notice is that with Heimer, I don't suggest buying boots. Heimer's passive ability is a movement speed increase while around his turrets. If you're staying in lane, then you'll be happy with your move speed. More on this later.

This build is mostly about sustain and pushing power. Later in the build, I add some offensive items to keep his damage relevant. It's good for top and mid.
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The items I suggest building with him largely negate the lack of MS from boots. The only time you'll miss your boots is if you're running away from a losing fight. If that's the case, lay down turrets as you head back to your tower so that you benefit from little speed boosts.

ZZrot gives a speed boost around towers. If you're getting pushed in, this will also be quite helpful.

Phase Rush: this rune works with Heimer's turrets!! When 3 turret shots hit your enemy, you get a huge speed increase. Can you say... Gank Escape 9,000?
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Sustain and Push!

Overall though, I'm not suggesting these items just because of the speed. ZZrot is wonderful for sustaining lane and taking first tower. For the first tier, place it next to your tower (the zzrot minions get stronger the farther they travel).

The hourglass rune is dope. This saves you 600 gold and will definitely come in handy. Usually, you can put off building zhonya's hourglass until after you get banner of command. Protip: buying zhonya's resets the cooldown on the hourglass.

Banner of Command: use it on siege minions.

If you're pushing a tower and no one's around, go ahead and drop your Ultimate Turret to take the tower down quickly. Careful, it will prioritize minions.

Teleport or ignite? Well, if you're laning against a melee toon who you think is gonna be diving and eating your turret damage for lulz, go for ignite. This will dissuade them from diving and lingering too long. Otherwise, roll Teleport.
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I'm sure there are tactic vids all online.

If you're new to Heimer, the most important thing to know is that your E (grenade) and W (missle) CHARGE YOUR LASERRRS. You can hit an opponent with your E, let your lasers fire, then hit your opponent with your W, then your lasers will IMMEDIATELY fire again. This is crucial for competing with Heimer as a fighter.

You can totally get by without doing that though. The main tactic with this build is sustain, not being super aggro. When opponents dive you, all you've got to do is run around in circles while your turrets do the work.

Close call? try flashing away, but still within the realm of your turrets.
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Some vids

In this vid, you see me set up some turrets along the river before I go in to the fight. This is to block an escape route.

This one demonstrates Heimer's amazing ability to run around in circles.

League of Legends Build Guide Author nick pea
nick pea Heimerdinger Guide
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Heimerdinger: The Dimsdale Dingerdome

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