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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Toxic Skittle

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Toxic Skittle

Heimerdinger: Toxic Skittle Guide

Toxic Skittle Last updated on August 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello to all im Toxic Skittle
This is my Second guide and its one Heimerdinger
as always I suggest you to "Try this Guide before you Rate it". This is how I play Heimerdinger Like a'baus.
any questions post a Comment bellow an ill be sure to answer.

to see my First Guide heres a Link:

Thanks for Reading my guides hope this one will work for you as It does me.

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0.95 Magic Penetration: As for "ALL" Casters you are going to want Magic Penetration.

Greater Seal of Knowledge 1.17 Mana Per Level (21.06 at Champion Level 18) For Heimerdinger I choose this Seal because of my Item Archangel's Staff. "3% of you'r Max Mana is Converted to Ability Power". so grabing 9 of these being at lv 18 = 189.54 Mana.

0.65% Cooldowns: ofcourse we all know Ability Power for Heimerdinger is super Nice! "PEW PEW ROCKETS FTW"

Greater Quintessence of Knowledge 4.17 Mana per Level (75.06 at Champion Level 18) alright goes same with the seal but grabbing 3 of these being at lv 18 = 225.18 Mana. so already adding you 9 Seals and 3 Quintessence together at lv 18 alone is 414.72 Mana.

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I got with 9/0/21 Build.
9 in offense because of the +15 Magic penetration/Ability Cooldown by 4%/ and 0.60 Ability Power Per level/ talents. then 21 utility for ofcourse Mp5/Recharge .

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great Starter peice for Mp5/towards you Item Archangel's Staff.
Note: Once buying a Meki Pendent I buy 1 Health Pot and 1 Mana Pot other then 2 Health Pots

Great boots for Heimerdinger because of the +20% Magic Penetration.which is good for all Spell Casters.

GASP! my favorite peice of all! THIS IS MY ARCHANGEL'S STAFF THERE ARE MANY LIKE IT BUT THIS ONE IS MINE! well much to discuss about this beauty 3% of ur max mana is converted to Ability Power. an EVERYTIME you use a ability your mana is increased by 4! to a max of 1000 mana. now with your Seals + Quintessence that 414 mana means more Ability Power . so by getting this as ur first peice can be extremely good for heimer.

who one earth wouldnt want 155 Ability power? then as a Passive: Increase Ability Power by 30%. now with Heimerdinger not just having a **** ton of mana which 3% of your overall Mana is converted into Ability Power lets just say were going to increase that with a extra 30% overall Ability Power.

This is another Personal Favorite peice.Just Because it already gives Ability Power/health for survivability/Mana but the Passive: Your Champion gains 18 Health, 20 Mana, and 2 Ability Power every 1 min. Bonuses cap at +270 Health, +300 Mana, and +30 Ability Power. which means what again? More Mana= Ability Power. More Ability Power= Pwnage.

I changed an choose to get this for the extra HP and Ability Power and the Passive: Dealing spell damage slows the targets movement speed by 35% for 1.5 seconds which is extremely useful from players running from you or while chasing a enemy champion down so say if you had a Maokai that was a CM from being able to Twisted Advance him.
just use your pew pew rockets an he would be able to easley scoop up the kill.

I get a void staff for the Magic pen. It is great against tanks or to bypass any sort champion that have Magic resist

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Summoner Spells

since I always play Mid with Heimerdinger.
and all you QQ Ashe can GTFO.
I get

Say if I need to back I have my turrets placed up front so I can still get gold/Exp. run back to my Turret and "b" come back 4 seconds later and BAM teleport back to my PEW PEW Turrets

now this is prob the best Summoner Spell for Heimerdinger while in Mid say if you have a fail team that doesnt like to call mia's or you for example got a Jungler that wants to touch ur pooper all you do is Flash away ill show you places where I flash away/stand/run/ place turrets.

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Pros / Cons

Heimerdinger is a Baus.
Turrets do pew pew Sauce.
Heimerdingers ult can save ur life while running away then in the end are strong enough with the ult active to kill a enemy Champion.

Cons:Squishy, so play smart with heimerdinger so if you die alot blame urself not this build not heimerdinger not mel gibson not riot games not Blizzard...okay BLAME BLIZZARD cause WoW sucks tho I still play.

This guide makes me Chuckle what his first 2 comments that he responded to. for that is a Con. lawls an its highest rated jezz.

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now With Heimerdinger you "NEED" and "SHOULD" have a very high Creepscore average games with Heimerdinger I have 225-255 Creeps Killed. by a average 40-50 min game
Highest I got in a hour an 10 mins was about 450 creeps killed.
I mean if you have a ****ty creep score with heimerdinger ur just sad I mean you got urself an 2 turrets best farmer right there. They need a Heimerdinger skin with his big *** head as a Farmer an dead creeps around his ***.

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Pictures/Placements of Turrets

Turret Placements
RED:if on Red team the Side I choose.
BLUE: if on Blue the Side I choose.
WHITE: where I move from.
BLACK: Turrets.
GREEN: Bush.
PINK: Wards.

Uploaded with

RED:where I place the Turrets if Im Red.
BLUE:Where I place the Turrets if Im Blue.
WHITE: Safe Spots.
PINK: Wards

Uploaded with
RED:where I place the Turrets if Im Red.
BLUE:Where I place the Turrets if Im Blue.
WHITE: Safe Spots.
PINK: Wards

Uploaded with

SORRY for the quality IDK how to acess my screenshots I searched everywhere for it so its a Mobile upload. always positive btw :P no lies.

Uploaded with

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Thanks for reading my guide(s) I hope this guide helps you this is the way I play my Heimerdinger and always have.
my Next Guide will be on MAI DAWG Garen ill keep you all posted.
Atleast try it,play smart. and see how you like it. :] Have fun.