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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Shiggityswaa

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shiggityswaa


Shiggityswaa Last updated on February 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So you have chosen Heimerdinger, a man of Genius. A person who is well known to place down turrets to annoy his enemies and to send a missile flying your way. But many are wondering, "How can I get more bang for my towers?" At least that Is what I asked myself, mind the random intrusion. So I have devised a build that would work in an over round playable character. So lets get started!

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If you look closely above the runes chosen in my build are the best in my opinion that I believe will work. I am almost a level 20 and then can purchase, With Influence points of course, so what if I'm cheap!? Anyways since the chosen champion needs Ability points, mana regen and anything that can involve magic he should get.... if there were only such thing as 100% mana regen and 4X Ability points.... now that would be overkill.

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As of right now I am almost level 20 online so At this point I have finished the Utility side of the tree while the other side has half of what I need. In the beginning the best masteries you can choose is to upgrade your Mental Force or Expanded Mind. This gives your character the extra oomph in either mana or magic damage. When playing Heimer he has the tendency to run out of mana quickly so having the Meditation down next would help vastly.

The rest of the items in the tree are up for you to decide to choose next. Since Heimer is a character using ability power and no physical power I find the build above to work well

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Skill Sequence

Since Heimerdinger is a great pusher and can prevent many different people from progressing forward in the beginning of the game it is best to get that as your first skill. After that many of you are asking, "Now I can prevent them from pushing but what about destroying them?" Well then your next skill would be to get, what I call, MAGIC MISSILES! Then you can jump around yelling this awesome name while pressing 'w'.

But the most important thing about him is that you need to upgrade your turret to their max AS FAST AS YOU CAN! This ensures that no one would dare penetrate your wall of towers, (Sadly only two) at least in the beginning of the game. Then it is wise to upgrade your missiles when you feel you are not doing enough damage to them. But make sure you upgrade your grenades and UPGRADE.. lol redundancy.. UPGRADE is good to upgrade at least once to slow down you enemies to help you escape or peruse them. The grenade helps with stunning them but if you are a terrible shot, then have them to help you escape your enemies when they are wailing on you. stun wont affect you but it will effect them; some magic science voodoo.

The build above is an example representation that I would use 7/10 times. {don't normally keep track of how I order my skill order}

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So you start off, ready to begin in the new world of pok.... wait... my bad. This isn't 'pocket monsters' [if you don't know what that means look it up :o ]

When everyone begins off the wonder, how can I get the edge in the beginning of the game? If my opponent is stronger/weaker than me how will I be able to run away/toward them? So my idea was to grab the 'boots' first and grab three mana potions. You wonder whats with all the mana potions? and you haven't been reading the guide up to this point and should start from the beginning. For those who have should give themselves a pat on the back, go on... its not wierd LOL. When your gold reaches 800 GET THE 'PHILOSOPHER'S STONE'!!!! In the end you will sell it but by that time it will have given enough gold to you to have made a profit from it. Now that the money is flowing in you can easily obtain the 'sorcerer's boots'.

So now you have the speed and gold but need the power and need the mana. its tiring going back and forth to get more mana potions, need to either delude the potion or make it last longer during battle. So your next aim is to get the 'Archangel's staff'... The one with the wierd eye that....keeps staring... into my soul... k... moving on *shudder*

Now you need to do damage while further decreasing their magic resistance, so now get the creepy skull staff.... not THAT one the OTHER one; ugh... the 'abyssal Scepter'. It also comes with the bonus of magic resistance. Next up is to stop running away with only 50 or less HP; so getting the 'rylai's crystal scepter' will help you look healthier than a fiddle, or a Heimerdinger in this case.

now getting damaged is not cool, especially when your special doesn't slow them down and gets the jump on you; don't worry. This item will allow you to escape once in a blue moon while giving you MORE ABILITY DAMAGE!!!! it is called 'zhonya's hourglass'. this beaut can not only tell you when your time is up... but also when it isn't! Now remember when I was saying that the 'Philosopher's stone' was not staying around for long? well now its your time to part with this item.

I know it is difficult, and you have either murdered many or assisted in it but it needs to pass its love of gold to everyone else in the LOL universe. Now... with that fancy gold you got from it buy an exquisite hat, not just any hat mind you but the 'rabadon's deathcap'!
This hat can not only help bake your enemies at 120 ability damage but also increase it by 30% WHAT A DEAL!.

.... and thats it.... but many of you would be asking me, "why is there another item up there?" And the simple answer would be that some matches last a LOOOOOONNNG time and eventually you need to buff your character. well Most of the items in my inventory i need to survive... except my footwear! So besides catching a cold while running around bearfoot on the battlefield you can add 'lich bane' to your list. it matches so well with your other random cepters and the DEATHhat that it makes you... well AWESOME! And that is my random rant on why you should get these items. But seriously, if you couldn't get that info from the items then thats fine by me XD

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If you have any questions on this build just shoot an email to me and if worthy enough I will post it on here and answer it. Heck the questions might effect the entire build of Heimer... maybe the ENTIRE WORLD!!!! MUHAHAHAHA!!!! ehem... excuse my evilness.

Day 1;

Question 1
Now... I don't agree with your mana potions in the beginning. Boots of Speed 2x Health Potions and one Mana Potion is a common starting and it works great. Or you can buy Chalice of Harmony early and then you sell them mid or late game. So the items are ok.


I do agree with the fact I should have some health potions. This will help sustain the character during combat in order to efficiently place your turrets in key locations without taking a lot of damage. I tend to use mana like no tomorrow I would suggest Boots of Speed, 2 Mana Potions & 1 Health Potion but if you find yourself getting injured a lot then the build you mentioned would work well.