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Braum Build Guide by YaksterX

Hello Enemies, Meet My Door.

Hello Enemies, Meet My Door.

Updated on June 21, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author YaksterX Build Guide By YaksterX 6,442 Views 5 Comments
6,442 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author YaksterX Braum Build Guide By YaksterX Updated on June 21, 2014
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Hello there, over here I am YaksterX but in the game I am TheLeith, and this is my first guide although I have been playing since November 2009. I play on NA server. I used to be Silver but then did not play for a very long time and dropped all the way to Paper Mache V.

Anyways, the guide is very concise and is for new players or advanced or whatever type of player that you are but the role is Support/Tank without much of visible damage output (but you can just take so much punishment and most of the time you will win).

Obviously this is how I see Braum and is not a must and feel free to play around with it.
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You can use Locket Of The Iron Solari and Mercury's Treads if enemy team is a bit heavier on AP. Also Mikaels Crucible is a good idea for its active + Locket Of The Iron Solari active + Face of the Mountain active as they can add up to 1280Hps (With full build) to a team mate.

Face of the Mountain is good for healing your ADC or team mates - but don't just get CS if no one is hurt because the charges will go away for nothing. And more than that you can also shield team mates for 10% of your health which can go up to 450hps of shield with this build.

I don't usually use Sightstone or Ruby Sightstone unless the team doesn't help with wards. You can replace it with any of the defensive gear. Just analyse the enemy team for best option and adjust to it.
When you do use these, remember to swap Warding Totem with Sweeping Lens.


To decide on Enchantment for your Boots, I suggest either Alacrity or Captain.

Alacrity is better if you decide to play initiator and chase enemies to inflict Concussive Blows.

Captain is good for the team mates when they are running away from a fight and you are running to meat them for example or to close in on enemies from two fronts.
This can also help to push lanes with Creeps as it gives them a slightly faster movement speed.
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Skills / Skill Order

Start with Winters Bite, then Stand Behind Me and Unbreakable.
Max out Winters Bite, then Stand Behind Me and max unbreakable last.

I take Stand Behind Me and max it out second because although it does not block projectiles, the fact that you already have Unbreakable that absorbs 30% damage at rank 1 and 40% at rank 5 is not that great of a change.
It might just give some MR and Armor but the good thing about it is the fact that you can jump in to save an ally then pop Unbreakable or jump out on a minion or ally when you need to get out of a grim situation. Many times I used it to turn a tide of battle and target a fleeing ally just to pop Unbreakable and start pushing lane with Winters Bite that begins the Concussive Blows passive effect - enemy team usually runs away leaving the poor team mate behind while he is dazed as practice dummy.

The Glacial Fissure is great as it has a fair distance from the point of execution plus the fact that it knocks up enemies (works marvelously with a synced Yasuo Ult)and slows them on top of that. Use it for initiating fights or defensively to save allies and use Stand Behind Me with Unbreakable to create a barrier between the teams.
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21/9 is how I like to play Braum.
The damage output is not great but surviveability and initiating potentials are great. I like to have the Fleet of Foot because you can chase an enemy (pop Unbreakable to get even faster) and catch up to them to apply Concussive Blows - letting your ADC and other team mates to apply the stun.

I like Culinary Master because it gives a nice sustain in lane as it regenerate both HPs and MPs + Meditation = almost full Mana bar.
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This is fairly normal build for support. I call it "Support with Gold".
It is working pretty well with Face of the Mountain when you have charges as your team mate will gain gold from it as well.
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+ Pros

You will have enough HPs and armor/MR to survive most fights.
You can jump in and out of a fight if there are allies around you.
Your speed should be good enough to chase or run away from most enemies.

Braum is excellent with CC, Tank, save team mates from a grim fate and to lead and initiate attacks.

Tip: Late game you can just go bash a turret with barely getting damaged by it, or just stand on opposite side of the turret from your team mates with Unbreakable on to shield them from incoming enemy attacks while they take it down. Buying 2-3 seconds for enemies to try and attack you or position themselves to hit your team mates can cost them a turret.

Tip: Using Unbreakable in a lane while hugging your turret can shield the turret from minions and champions ranged attacks for several seconds and give your team mate some more time to get there and help you - These 3-4 seconds are sometimes the difference between keeping the turret or losing it. And if you manage on the way to trigger your stun from Concussive Blows, you might get a kill with some help from the turret.

Tip: You can use Stand Behind Me on creeps to make them take less damage from enemy turrets while taking one down.

- Cons

Braum does not do a lot of damage, specially with this build. Although you have Concussive Blows as passive that deals some damage when it triggers, it is still not enough to go one on one against some champions.

The build is expensive and might take you several games to adjust and understand it to use its full potential on how to gain gold - you can still get kills but remember that you are support and should let the ADC get the kills (assists give a nice sum of gold though). If you can handle yourself while your ADC is going back to base, try to last hit but don't push the lane.

You definitely need team mates around you to fully unlock Braum's potential - you can use the creeps with Stand Behind Me but they are not much of a help.

Last Words

Overall this build should make you a formidable opponent if you play right.
Don't be vain thinking you can take on the world (you probably can) and aimlessly jump or initiate fights - know when to wait and analyse the game so far. You can always take some heat off your team mates while they are burning down the enemy damage dealers as you have a lot of sustain but have map awareness and make sure you are not alone or too deep and far away from your team mates because you depend on them.

Braum is fun to play but takes a game or two to understand how to play him plus the fact that you get more ideas of what you can do as you gain experience also from games that you have lost because you can see what you have done wrong and implement that on your next game.

You will get scores like 2/5/20 or sometimes even 9/7/31 like my last game with him - the assists are mainly because as the game progresses, you will find yourself in every fight as the backbone of your team.

Hope you readers will find this guide helpful. And good luck on your games :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author YaksterX
YaksterX Braum Guide
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Hello Enemies, Meet My Door.

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