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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrXbox360

Here to Play, Here to Win!

MrXbox360 Last updated on December 10, 2010
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Hello everyone and welcome to my Ashe Team Carry build!.

Can scout out ganks with Hawkshot
Awesome slowing ability
Great Farmer
Amazing ult

Squishy (perhaps the squishiest champ in the game =D)
IF you cant aim with ult then i suggest not playing with her
Difficult early game

Early game: Ok pick up Boots of speed and head down to the bushes u have to options here. 1. you use Clairvoyance to scout if enemy team is in base or in bushes 2. Grab hawkshot and use Clairvoyance to see what enemy champs are starting (items, laners, etc...) Other wise and i recommend this most is grab volley and use your Clairvoyance to check the bush. After gank head up to top lane and start farming. Stay aggresive with your enemy champ by tossing in a shot here and there but do not commit because chances are you will die considering how squishy you are early game and without the protection of your ult. You want to farm for 15-20 minutes because later game you will not get the chance to farm. You do not want to try to gank until lvl 6 when u have your ult you should harras the enemy champ until they are low then ult switch frost shot on then volley/auto to death. When you return back to base (lvl6-8) you should pick up your boots of swiftness and Malady.

Mid Game:
Ok around here you should be finishing up your farming. Now that you have your ult group up with your team and get a few team battles in. With your ult disable theyre heavy dps and make sure that when you disable them your team focuses on them and finsishes them quickly. Try to take out the other two but if theyre dps is gone they will most likely try to run from you. Once you head back to base you should have about 3-6 kills. Pick up your bloodthirster and head back out.

Late Game:
Now the fun begins considering you have the items you need (Boots of Swiftness, Malady, and Bloodthirster) Start by grabbing the center creep Buff and then having your team grab the dragon. (pick up other buffs to Wraith and Wolf) ok now you and your team should just stick together and push one lane to the inhibitor and take that out then swap to the other lane. If you take out the inhibitor you will get Super Creeps and switching lanes the other team has to switch also. My favorite part about this is people underestimate super creeps and while laning against you the creeps will slowly sneak into their base. Once they notice the creeps they will return. Knock out a tower or two on the other lane and head into the base for the final blow. This could take up to 20 mins so be patient and along the way head back to base and grab your other items because you will need the Attack Speed at this point.

Focus on Attack Speed runes and Critical Strike Chance.

Summoner Abilities Good:
Clairvoyance - When that one enemy gets away with low hp and runs behind their tower to recall pop your Clairvoyance in and pop your ult and you get a easy kill ( and you get to brag that they got sniped xD)

Flash - All around awesome ability. Flash over walls. Flash to get away or to get that last shot on the runner.

Ignite - You dont necessarily need this but if they run and you don't like clairvoyance use this to finish them.

Teleport - Awesome to bounce around the field ganking and defending or to return to your lane quickly.

Exhaust - Good to slow and if your playing a heavy meele player will cause them to miss.

Summoner Abilities NOT to get:

Ghost - This ability is just horrible i think. 33% isnt that fast so if your trying to run it wont work UNLESS you know before hand they are coming to get you.

Heal - If you have to use this chances are your dead anyways.

Rally - Just no.....

Item Build:
I particularly love this build. Its got the speed to run around. The damage to hit hard and the attack speed to hit fast. But my most favorite part is the LIFE STEAL! Late game you wont even need anything besides your Life Steal and Crit you can gain your HP back so fast off creeps its not even funny!

Well i hope this build helped you like it helped me (26-1-7 xD) If i left anything out just comment below and i will help out as much as possible thanks alot for viewing this and please rate!!!