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Vladimir Build Guide by prismstorm

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League of Legends Build Guide Author prismstorm

High elo GOLD-Indepth guide Vladmir

prismstorm Last updated on September 4, 2013
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vladimir is an extremely underplayed champion who i feel is underrated and ins actuallynthe most op championnin league of legends. he has a very versatile kit, and can be played as a support, ad carry, mid laners, top laners, jungler and is very effective as a roamer, as he has high amounts of ridiculous cc and mobility. in this guide i will teach you how tom be the best vlad na/eu/kr/br.
why play vladimir?
-op passive
-op pool
-op scaling into early game
-op op op op oppa gangnam style

-None, he is by far the greatest vampire in all of league of legends, better than ******** edward from twilight

I am gold because I got gold in ranked 3s, didn't even get boosted

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importance of csing (********ing/creep score)

The creeps originated from the depths of the nexus, as they undergo mitosis to reproduce in the form of minions. Creep scoring is the most important aspect of league of legends, far more important than pushing map objectives like that ******** dragon (not worth it, in my gold elo experience dragon is only worth a wave, and is therefore a waste of time, dragon infact does reward skill as last hitting it gives you a small 25 gold), nobo towers, and purple worm. At my high elo, you must acquire an EASY target of 200 cs, if not report yourself unistall, and report yourself so i can punish you when i see you in tribunal

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i find that vladimir can go eith any mastery tree, but i will go into my personal preferences.
30-0-0- i feel that grabbing all the ad and ap masteries greatly benefit vladimirs exteemely potent early game power. taking all the offensive masteries makees vladimir a stronger powerhouse than he already is. our autoattacks will be much stronger as will our spells.
0-0-30 this allows us to have high amounts of gold gains (all kinds of gains). along with reduced cooldowns on summoners, this lets us use our summoners the second they are off cd. for example, if i flash instantly 8 times i give myself 120 (8 x 15) seconnds o f efficiency
0-30-0 this setup is extremely useless as ****, vladimir is tanky enough with our runes and getting more defence i sa waste. dont ever do this unless you are 900 elo.

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flat hp all around, this makes nus extremely tanky which is what we want. thhis also synergizes well with our passive. scaling hp is fine as well because it works with our passive. If tou are too poor to afford these runes,you can opt for flat attack damage to harass in lane abd aqiure CS (creep score)

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starting items in order of preferrence
ruby crystal- this item is the numero uno (huehue) item to start with, it synergizes with your passive
regrowth pendant- thhis gives us high staying power as our q heals for immense amounts early, great item
dorans items- these are not cost effective items at all, dthey do not build into anything, only get these to troll
boots 3 pots- ****tiest **********ing startinng items in the game, the extra mobility is **** as we have our w for mobility needs

warmogs- SYNERGIZES WITH PASSIVE, strong regen and excellent hp, builds from ruby crystal or regrowth
rylais- strong slow on spells, good hp
tiamat- your spells now do splash damage enough said
sunfire cape- HP SYNERGIZES WITHNPASSIVE the strong aoe damage is vital
infinity edge- best item in the game, it lets our spells crit
leviathan- you will never die, and getting this item late gives lots of stacks because there are many teamfights later on (EDIT:THIS ITEM IS REMOVED, BUY WARMOGS INSTEAD)
leave a slot open for hp potions

not only are boots overrated like my biceps, vladimir already has nike airs on his feet, cant you see them in his splashart you noboo

Haunting guise- This item is only bought by low elo scrubs, who follow the meta like sheep. It is actually a terible item, due to its lack of percentage magic pen which is always better. You would be much better off buying another kages.


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Summoner Spells

heal and revive, slways
because heal baiting is very easy at 700 elo
your high utility as vlad is valued late game, you can win fights becauhse of revive
flash is overrated and a crutch for crppy champs, if you want flash, get out of my sight and play cassadin or sumfin
what summoner is that, ive never seen it. either way youre a vampire, not a ghost.
other spells are redundant and should be removed from the game

ghost becomes 0 c if you run this setup making you an untargetable op ****hole pool the whole game. if you use clarity with this setup it gives you the ability to one hit k.o anyone standing within your op ****hole pool.

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awlways use w to farm, its a very strong aoe farming skill.
at all stages of the game, you should be farming. if you have more cs than your opponent, it means you won your lane and it is your teammate's fault for losing the game.

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Skill Sequence

why do we prioritize w?
it is an excellent farming skill, you only can kill 1 minion at a time with q.

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Team Work

Yoi are the center of the universe, your decisions are godly are should be piroritised before eveyone else. The logic I use is called The Creepscore Hierarchy (CH for short), who ever has the most cs is the leader of the group. If they fail to follow your orders, hit the exit button and report everyone on your team.

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Unique Skills

well no **** vladimir has unique skills, no other champ has his skills???

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you take a massive dump on evrybody, becaus you are the best champ in the game. if you have a mirror match, do not be afraid for you are using my superior build. obly leona beats vladimir because vampires are afraid of sunlight

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Creeping / Jungling

when jungling with vlad, max out E (tides of blood) so u have an extremely fast clear time. who cares if u die, yolo doesnt apply in league of legends. start blue so u have an extremely low cooldown on tides of blood. Go straight to red or u will die to wolves or some ****. gank bot straight away amd camp bot until 30 mins so u get free exp and cause ur adc is always a **** **** like me. take your adcs cs whenever possible as u r more important because vladamir is the most op champion

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Ranked Play

never play vladamir in any game above 2.9kelo or u might lose. anything under snd provided ur playing vladamir, u will win the game. when the enemy sees u playing vladamir the will surrender at 1:58.