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Elise Build Guide by Sarason MK2

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sarason MK2

High Risk High Reward Elise Top/Mid

Sarason MK2 Last updated on January 4, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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About me

Hey my name is Sarason MK2. I'm A Diamond 1 Top laner who's favourite champion is Elise. A few interesting facts about me. 7 months ago I was actually Gold 5 and I pretty much used Elise to carry myself up to Diamond 1. I've decided to share how I play Elise to help other people gain better knowledge about this specific champion. Small Montage of me playing Elise - Not to great but :P

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Summoner Spells

Flash - Very standard can secure kills and help you escape from a tricky situation.

Ignite - Again another very standard pick will help you burst down a target or stop someone from healing.

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Item Build

I usually just start Dorans ring - Provides health mana regen and some extra ability power that you don't really need.

Now usually in an Elise lane for example top what you want to do is poke as much as possible before your first back but still keeping an eye on cs/trade potential.

What I always advise to do is play really safe until lvl 4 where Elise gets a nice power, till then just focus on last hitting.
Now Elise really does not need a lot of items/Ap to do very high amounts of damage which is why she is such a strong laner/mid game champion.

Your first item will almost always be an item with high amounts of Mpen for example if your laner has no trade potential and your able to get a constant steady harass off on them then Sorcerer's Shoes are a perfect buy.

Sorcerer's Shoes - Provides enhance movement speed able to get into poke range faster and poke easier, High amount of Magic penetration spiking your damage and enabling you to poke even more.

Now on the other hand if your laner is trading with you and you feel like you're not tanky enough then purchase a Haunting Guise.

Haunting Guise - This again provides extra Magic penetration for trade potential and also some extra health for the survivability.

IT IS CRUCIAL THAT YOU BUILD BOTH OF THESE ITEMS FIRST and every time you buy one of these items you will notice a huge damage spike.

The next item I usually build for the ultimate burst is Abyssal Scepter. This item is soo good on Elise and it is a lot better than void staff, if void staff is build you over cap the Mpen you can have which is a waste of stats, however with abyssal it just gives you magic resist and also ability power, this makes you a tankier Elise against AP's. Now the reason this item is truly god on Elise is because the passive range on the item is just a bit longer than Elise's Human Q which means you are always doing damage to someone who has less MR than they think which will allow you to assassinate someone before they can even blink.

Now at this point you want to be building a bit tankier for your team. Elise is an exceptional Laner and an exceptional champion for the mid game but you fall off a lot late game so you really want to build tanky so eventually you can peel for your ADC the real damage dealer. Don't get me wrong but late game you will still destroy their ADC so you should try and focus on killing the squishes every teamfight.

Sunfire Cape - Works really well with all of your Mpen/ MR shred which actually increases the damage Sunfire does because of the Mpen, Provides quicker lane clear and also extra tankyness to survive the teamfights.

Now you will probably want to upgrade your Haunting to a Liandries, This is because of the tanks getting a lot of hp around this point in the game and Liandries will help if your defending or seiging and will take the tanks down quicker with the extra ticks over time.

Liandries Torment - Provides more hp and damage for when you stun an enemy they take double tick damage from the damage over time and if you're bursting someone down then you will land your Cocoon and get extra damage from the Procs.

Now depending on their team comp you will either build more Armor (Randuins) or Magic Resist (Banshees Veil). Both of these items are nice on Elise Randuins gives you extra health and armor but also the slow effect means people can't get away from you as easily. The banshees veil is a nice item because its good against poke comps but also provides extra health and magic resist.

And last item if the game has got to this point will always be GA as it will just help you be a longer threat during fights, Aswell provides extra Armor and Magic Resist.

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Your Abilities

Pretty self explanitory

Your Q - Main source of damage and needed for your Poke / Burst
Your W - Extra damage during spider form mainly but still good for wave clear when used with Sunfire Cape.
Your E - Always get it second as it provides a lot safety if you do get ganked. Stun jungler and repel to minions.
Your R - Just taken for the extra spiderlings as these things actually do a lot of damage when used with your W

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Your Masteries

Double-Edged Sword 1/1 - This is for the extra damage as early game you really just wonna burst people down as much as possible.

Sorcery 3/4 - Extra CDR which will enable you to do your combo more frequently.

Butcher 1/1 - Will help with the last hitting as Elise has very weak AA's

Brute Force 3/3 - This is used mainly to unlock the one below but Elise Auto Attacks are very weak without this. Will help you last hit but also will provide nice free poke in lane by just auto atking and human form Q, it does a surprising amount of damage. Also Elise auto attacks a lot during her burst while using W in spider form so the extra damage is always needed.

Mental Force 3/3 - Just taken for the extra small ability power for the late game, Elise really does not need Ability power to be strong.

Spell Weaving 1/1 - You Auto Attack a lot in your combo and well will give you a small increase to spell power, More Damage.

Martial Mastery 1/1 - Really good for lane gives your Auto Attacks more punch and enables you to last hit easier.

Executioner 3/3 - Gives you more damage to champions who are below 50% health really works well with your Spider Form Q.

Blade Weaving 1/1 - Same as Spell weaving you use spells and get more AD, More Damage.

Devastating Strikes 3/3 - Gives Armor and Magic penetration pretty much the best things on Elise, Gives your burst a whole lot more potential as you use both skills and Auto Attacks.

Havoc 1/1 - Just an overall increase to your damage.

Block 2/2 - Helpful in lane if your against another champion that pokes.

Recovery 2/2 - Good in lane just for the sustain it provides.

Unyielding 1/1 - Again just reduces the damage you take from champions, good for trading.

Veteran's Scars - Extra health just to help in lane, Makes you tankier.

Juggernaut 1/1 - Really works late game when you have a lot of Hp for example if you have 3000 you will have an extra 90 so makes sense to get it.

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Your Runes

Magic Resist Per Level - You should be killing things before they can damage you early game so the high magic resist is not needed.

Movement Speed - Allows you to roam more frequently and can get into Poke range quicker.

Hybrid Pen Runes - Really good on Elise as you use both your spells and your auto attacks to do damage.

Armor runes - Very standard runes used for lane against the physical damage dealers.

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Extra Tips

Pretty much if you want to be decent with Elise you need to learn to press 6 buttons in under a second.

The way you want to burst a target is by first using Human Form E - Now you have stunned your target for 1.5 seconds so you have that much time to use ur Human form Q Human form W Press R Spider form Q and Spider form W and then continue to auto attack and either chase or wait till you can repeat the combo.

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This is my First guide so I hope you guys enjoy it, I remember using mobafire when I was a new league of legends player about 2 years ago so I'm just giving something back.

Please leave a comment I would love to read how your games go :D