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Heimerdinger Build Guide by HoNSol0

HoNSol0 Split Push Top Heimer - CHALLENGER Guide

HoNSol0 Split Push Top Heimer - CHALLENGER Guide

Updated on July 5, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HoNSol0 Build Guide By HoNSol0 35,722 Views 0 Comments
35,722 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author HoNSol0 Heimerdinger Build Guide By HoNSol0 Updated on July 5, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Hey guys, this is your boy HoNSol0, high Challenger player in North America.

The easiest way to learn Heimer is to see him in action, so I'd like to start out this guide with a fun video:

If you enjoyed it, make sure to subscribe! I will be releasing more videos as fast as I can!

Also, make sure to follow my twitch channel!
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If you don't want to read the whole guide, just read this.

- Do not pick heimer against champions that can easily kill your turrets.
- Don't go AFK at the start of the game.
- Place 3 turrets top lane level 1.
- Push your lane non stop and harass whenever u can with autos and spells.
- Just keep on pushing. Ward up every now and then.
- Literally waddle around in circles if anyone ever goes on you and let your turrets do the work
- Wait for people to come top for you. If you think you can 1v2 or 1v3, do it! Place big turret (turret from your ultimate) and pop zhonyas if they go on you.
- Split push all game; also baron and dragon are easy to take if you have charges
- Collect freelo
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Magic Pen Reds for more damage.

Armor seals is overall just really good because it reduces creep damage you take when you harass and it's especially good against physical damage top laners. You can go health per level seals against magic damage top laners, but its not required.

CDR per level glyphs is the best because the build lacks CDR. You can go magic resist glyphs if you're against an AP top laner, but it's not required.

AP quints for the extra damage.
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Thunderlords is the best. It is easily applied by your W and is a consistent damage source for harassing.

I do not like deathfire touch because it very hard to harass when the enemy top lane is under tower because the tower aggros you a lot more frequently.

You could go strength of the ages... but it's really not that effective and you don't get stacks that often.
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Summoner Spells

Flash is really good to dodge spells and helps you kite while dancing around your turrets.

Gives you movement speed, but more importantly it allows you to make some dank baits. When they see you low, they usually over commit, so just pop heal, walk around in circles and let your turrets do the work.

Ghost is actually pretty good. It lets you circle around your turrets a lot easier and it's hard for a lot of champions to get damage on you when you're that fast.

Barrier works well too. Short cooldown, more shield but you don't get any movement speed, which is why I prefer heal.

Not bad, but I find myself never really using my teleport for any good reason when I play heimer. Usually, you want to use teleport to gank other lanes or get back to lane quickly when you're low, but heimer's ganks are just really bad and he usually crushes lane so I recommend not using this summoner spell.
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Don't pick heimer if you're laning against a champ that can easily kill your turrets! Also, facing melee champions is a lot better than facing ranged champions.
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Early Game

In the loading screen, you never want to go AFK when you play heimer because you lose your chance to place 3 turrets. Leave the base as soon as you can and place the turrets one by one at the desired location. You have 2 options:

1. Set up three turrets top lane (safer option) around the middle of the lane. Setting up three turrets in your lane guarantees a free laning phase. The enemy top laner usually can't kill your turrets, so you just have a free push for a long time, forcing them to cs under tower. While their top laner is csing under tower, make sure to harass him with auto attacks and spells. If you have trouble landing your E(the grenade), launch it when he is going for a cs to guarantee the hit.

2. Set up three turrets at an enemy jungle camp (risky). You can solo a jungle camp (even buffs) with 3 turrets as heimer, giving you an xp advantage and potentially severely hurting the enemy jungler. However, you need to get to the camp unspotted and they can easily collapse on you. Make sure to wait in a brush and place your turrets in that brush. This maneuver is risky because there is a good chance that they find you, causing you to lose all your turrets or even a summoner spell.
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The best and funnest item you can go on heimer. This item allows heimer to 1v2 or 1v3. Simply set up turrets and wait for people to come. Place your ulted turret when they overcommit and press zhonyas! Just watch as they all die to your turrets.

Good item to go if you're against burst magic damage top laners (ex. Akali)

ayy lmao. MORE PUSHING POWER with this item. Good especially against magic damage dealers.

Push 2 lanes at once! Or just push one lane super hard. Really fun item.
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As top heimer, try to split push as much as possible! Set up three turrets close to an enemy tower and just keep on pushing. Even if you got the first tier, second tier or 3rd tier, just keep on pushing! I've single handedly gotten the inhibitor many times with this strat!

Wait for the enemy team to send people for you. If you think you can't beat them, just back off, but if you think you can, just stay there and wait for them to come to you. If they kill your turrets, replace them with extra charges and once they go in on you place your big turret (ultimate turret) and use zhonyas if you have it. Rinse and repeat! Just keep on pushing.

You could also get baron really easy. Make sure to clear the pit of any wards and put wards at the entrances that lead towards baron for a safer secure.
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Heimer is just so fun to play! Everything from his character design, to laugh, to playstyle is just so hilarious. Plus last hitting minions is a breeze! I mean, you don't even need to do it most of the time because you got turrets to do it for you.

Thanks for reading and I wish you guys the best of luck on the Rift! If you liked what you read, check out my Youtube Channel or Twitch Page! Any support is appreciated. Thank you!

Youtube Channel:
Twitch Channel:

Some Highlights of my Twitch Stream:
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HoNSol0
HoNSol0 Heimerdinger Guide
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HoNSol0 Split Push Top Heimer - CHALLENGER Guide

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