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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Goldenstinger

Support How I became #1 Fiddle World | Support

Support How I became #1 Fiddle World | Support

Updated on July 21, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Goldenstinger Build Guide By Goldenstinger 292 25 718,554 Views 56 Comments
292 25 718,554 Views 56 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Goldenstinger Fiddlesticks Build Guide By Goldenstinger Updated on July 21, 2024
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Goldenstinger's Featured Video

Runes: The Kings Path

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Glacial Augment
Hextech Flashtraption
Triple Tonic
Cosmic Insight

Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


All comp types
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Ability Order Always go this

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Champion Build Guide

How I became #1 Fiddle World | Support

By Goldenstinger
All comp types
Fiddlesticks is a highly effective champion who is often overlooked due to the popularity of mechanically demanding champions. This is actually a good thing, as it allows Fiddlesticks to slip through most ban phases unnoticed. With the new items available to him, Fiddlesticks is currently performing exceptionally well, with a win rate of over 53% despite a low play rate of only 4%.

Fiddlesticks can be a strong pick in the support role, with a low-cost, high-utility kit that has the potential to carry games. Keep in mind that Fiddlesticks may struggle in the laning phase until he reaches level 6, unless he receives assistance from the jungle.

In addition to his competitive potential, Fiddlesticks is also a lot of fun to play, with the ability to turn the tide of a game with a well-timed ultimate. If you want to improve your play with Fiddlesticks, or if you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out through the comments on MobaFire or through Discord (golden22x). I also offer coaching services if you want to learn fiddle more in depth in a 1 on 1 setting or are struggling to carry your games.

He is also a fun pick... Who doesn't like the thrill of landing a game changing ult that usually results in the enemy playing grey screen simulator.

If you pilot him well and adopt/execute on what this guide goes over you will start to climb and have an enjoyable time in the process.

Also if you have any questions or feedback please reach out and let me know either via comments on mobafire or through discord: golden22x or join our fiddle community
Who Am I?
I am a Fiddlesticks main in OCE, I have a strong track record of success with the champion, reaching Challenger in both the support and jungle roles during seasons 8 and 9, and achieving Grandmaster status in seasons 10 and 11. In season 8, I was even asked to play support for an Academy team in OCE, but unfortunately, I was unable to participate due to a temporary ban for negative behavior.

Since then, I have worked to improve myself and take responsibility for my actions. I believe that having a positive mentality and the ability to reflect on my own performance are key to achieving success in the game. I strive to be objective and focus on what I can improve, rather than pointing out the faults of others.

Check out my unranked to chall series (Will also be doing fiddle supp episodes)
Why this guide?
Follow this guide if u want to learn to play optimally and the right way from the start. Ive played hundreds of games for you, and synthesised my learnings into this guide to hopefully help you skip a few steps in the grind..

The intent with this guide is to not only help you learn fiddle support but also to understand your mindset and the game. Once you understand yourself, the game and its priority objectives you will climb exponentially. To get a higher win rate look to build on a growth mindset - This is a great video from a member of the community that I found scouring reddit that touches on what a growth mindset is:

I highly recommend watching this as being objective and clear with your intended decision making is going to make you a better player.
Quick Tips for success with Fiddle?
    1) Always always prio vision control
    2) Control wards on each back post level 6
    3) Poke with e for supp item procs, very under rated poke.
    3.5) Poke with e and aa where u can in lane - run into the bushes to lose agro
    4) Play for level 6 unless a roam is free.. His early game is not very strong.
    5) Track and ping the enemy jg/support and lead the team with shot calls
    6) Although you have traditional counters in lane, an experienced fiddle has no real counters... All match ups are winnable and skill based. Just play to the appropriate strat. Outlined in the match up section of this guide. Tanky engage play safe, anything else spam e.
    7) You can always hard carry 1 v 9 on fiddle - play with this mindset and mute if u need to.
    8) get to drags 30 sec before spawn and setup vision
Fiddle support cons?
Fiddlesticks can have a challenging early game, with a power level of around 4/10 before reaching level 4. Personally, I prefer to play a glass cannon, aggressive style, but if you are new to the champion, it may be more effective to build tanky items and runes. As you play more games and gain experience, you will improve your spacing and positioning.

To play Fiddlesticks optimally, it is important to have good vision control. Make sure to prioritize buying control wards to maintain map awareness.

In higher elo games, Fiddlesticks can be more reliant on his team for success. It is important to always be on the lookout for proactive plays, but be careful not to force anything. A safer approach is to win vision and be ready to counter engage with your ultimate.
Why First strike?
First Strike post lvl 6 gives you free money and more damage. As a low income support this rune can help to accelerate your build and AP making it easier to impact the game.
Why Rocket belt over Imperial Mandate?
In my personal preference, I prefer to focus on killing the enemy back line rather than buffing my own team, as I have confidence in my ability to carry games. That being said, I have experimented with both approaches and have found that the magic penetration provided by the Rocket Belt (with its +5 per legendary bonus) is too strong to pass up. Ultimately, whether you choose to build the Mandate or not will depend on your trust in your team and their early game decision-making.
Improving Mental and decision making
    Be here, now. Pick out and focus on the right performance cues to help help you stay in moment.
    Stop worrying about the outcome of the competition.
    Let go of what others might think about your performance; stop trying to read others’ minds.
    Park distractions, from your life, that you might take into competition
    Perform functionally; the opposite of trying to be perfect
    Make it a goal to have fun, instead of being too serious
    Narrow your focus on one simple objective when you perform
    Keep it simple and avoid over thinking or analysing that’s happening
    Stop judging how well you are doing on every play; get to the next play
Why should I build rocket belt over something such as Liandry's or Night Harvester
This choice comes down to preference. I prefer the heavier ap and utility route (Rocketbelt) as its better raw stats and pads one of fiddles weak points of movement speed. Rocketbelt is more risk adverse and opens up more play options than liandris and night harvester. For example, you need the stars to align for a good ulti or have flash up to reposition. With RB the enemy can be just out of range and u can easily close the distance. Kind of a pseudo flash every 30ish secs. The higher rank you get, the smarter people are so the ms allows for ult results that you couldn't get on another item. Also the health is underrated.
My thoughts on Coaching?
I absolutely 100% recommend coaching - it's a near impossible task to understand what you can be doing better. Its all situational and has so many variables. I have been coached and found so many good insights into what I was doing ineffectively and the minor enhancements that could be implemented. Dont be ashamed to get coaching - most coaches are free and are a great start resource for improving. Instead of mindlessly grinding use your growth mindset and seek out objective feedback from those in higher skill brackets than you. I am also happy to help with free advice in our fiddle community
My thoughts on self-review and watching pro vods
Definitely both. However, I would also suggest watching videos of the other ELOs above you; not just the highest. Depending on your skill and ELO, you might see what a Challenger player is doing, but you might not know why. There was this video of a Master player doing bot lane with a Diamond player and he was coaching him along the way. That video stood out to me because of how great this Master ADCs awareness was. He was actively pinging, actively coaching the Support he was laning with, explaning what he was doing for the audience, all while watching the map and communicating with his team. It was nuts. I had no idea Master players track so many things. Conversely, when I watch Platinum players, they can make some great moves AND I understand a lot more of what they're doing. Sometimes too much information obscures your view from the most important things.

I would also suggest watching your videos and a high level player's videos side by side. When you encounter a specific encounter in your match, odds are you can find something similar in the video of the other person your watching. Ex. Your pushing far up and then get ganked and die. You can probably find a similar scenario and compare side by side what that player did differently. Or you can compare other things side by side like how you spend the first 10 minutes of a game vs how they do. For me personally, having the two items to compare juxtaposed, helps really make my mistakes stand out more.
Why is roaming important as a support?
Roaming is essential to being able to carry as a support. It enables you to create substantial pressure on the map and act as a second jungler. Your ganks should aim to get kills and objectives. Remember that LoL is a strategy game centred around objectives like towers and dragon. Map pressure is the best tool to get objectives, and roaming gives you pressure. So, remember your goal:

Roam to get kills, create pressure, and take objectives!
When to Roam?
Its not once size fits all

Here is an awesome excerpt sourced from here

Although roaming is a reliable way of carrying your team if you are able to actually get something out of your roams, you have to keep in mind this sways both ways. If you roam in situations where roaming is the correct answer you could be one of the largest carries on your team, but if you roam in situations where roaming is definitely not the answer - you could also be the person that puts your team in a terrible position. It is important to know which scenarios you should roam in and which scenarios you shouldn't roam in.

When should I roam?

As a general rule of thumb:

When you are able to leave your lane for a given time while causing a minimal amount of negative consequences for your marksman.

In other words, the fact that you are roaming should not completely obliterate your Marksman, and there are a few key elements that have to be in place for you to roam safely.

1: Ward Coverage. Without ward coverage, roaming is generally a really stupid idea. You are basically leaving your AD Carry in lane without any sort of protection, rather than with at least some protection, which he would have gotten out of wards. This means he has to hug his turret until you return, which is not very ideal at all. You are also unable to see whether or not the enemy laners have gone back or has left the lane. Having deep wards is not only great in order to call out ganks, potentially making you able to turn a 2v2 fight mid lane into a 3v2 fight in your favour, but it also allows you to go on roams later on based on jungler movements and avoid a scary 2v2 situation in mid lane versus the enemy mid/jungler. They provide yourself and your team with so many different fragments of information you could put together in order to dictate the pace of the game, as well as it helps your jungler set up his jungle route based on the movements of your enemies.

2: Vision Denial/Knowledge of enemy wards By denying enemy vision, or at the very least know where they no wards, you are able to execute your roams properly. If you are not able to deny them vision in your jungle or in River, there simply is not point in roaming mid, which in fact is the most common lane to roam to. Not only does denying the enemy team vision open up for ganks on your end, but it also forces the enemy team to play as if the jungler or yourself could gank at any point. It is very hard to play your lane the way you want to play it without the proper ward coverage on the map.

By having those two elements of the game under control, you have created the opportunity to go for roams without being detected. This does however not mean you could wander off at any given time. There are certain scenarios that gives you the opportunity to go for roams, but they require little to no hesitation.

There are only a handful of situations I chose to roam, these being:

1: When you shove a large amount of minions to the enemy tower: This is a perfect time for you to roam, especially if you have been able to deny the enemy team vision. The very second you have shoved the minions to their tower, move into their fog of war and rush mid lane; either through the river or through your own/the enemy jungle. You have to make sure you enter mid lane through the fog of war as well, so communicate with your mid laner or pay attention to mid lane every once in a while to make sure you never run through a ward. This is also an ideal situations to call for your jungler to create a 3v1 situation mid lane, improving your chances of killing their mid laner as well as grab up easy objectives afterwards.

2: When the enemy laners/your AD Carry returns to their base: This is also a very ideal situation for you to go roaming. This is very similar to point 1.

3: When you recall: This is probably the least common situation people roam in, yet it tends to be the most rewarding. When you recall, you buy items as well as you get healed to full hp/mana. While I recall, I always look for ganking targets - my favourite being top lane. Nobody expects the enemy support to roam top lane early on in the game, which is what makes this so hard to counterplay in a long 1v1 lane. Simply tell your top laner to make sure the lane freezes in the middle of the lane, and sneak into one of the lane brushes. This way you're able to complete catch the enemy top laner off guard, and it results in a kill or a flash pretty much every single time.

4: If you are relatively far ahead in lane: If you are relatively far ahead in lane, leaving your AD Carry alone might be a smart move, as long as he is able to avoid dieing due to your ward coverage and by freezing the lane to his advantage. He gets some neat soloexperience, while you are able to assist other areas of the map. This is a win/win situation, and you should not be too afraid of leaving your AD Carry alone unless he has incredibly bad waveclear versus a strong dive composition.

5: When you get a kill: If you get a kill in bot lane, you automatically remove any pressure their bot lane would of had in a 2v1 situation in their favour. This means you are free to roam without putting your AD Carry at great risk, as he should simply not die in a 1v1 situation.
Where to ward?

Ward deep if you can safely - the illustration above shows all the spots. Dont be affraid to move vision line - as a fiddle support you should have one control ward out on the map and 2 in inventory at all times. Shift them as you gain control of objectives or you need to check if a spot is warded before ulting.
When to ward?
When its safe - after a reset or when a wave is shoved in. If you see the enemy jg on the other side of the map its safe to assume you have 30secs + if he is pathing up to not waste wards. Use sparingly and use as zonal control. Track the enemy jg and ask your adc to also help buy control wards. Vision = = information = winning games
Communication Tips
Best post on this has already been done - I wont be able to be clearer so sourced author and source below:


Author: Jeff Prasad

Proper communication in League of Legends is a vital part of a team's success. Whether you use pings on the map or use chat, you should try to communicate every source of information you gain with your team. After all knowledge is power right? This can be several things that happen in every game and can change the outcome of a game. Here are some things that should be communicated with your team and why is can be the difference between a Victory or Defeat.

Ward Placements

You don't always know and see where the enemy wards are, however there are many instances where you see the enemy place a ward somewhere. Informing your teammates on the placement of the ward helps everyone. For example, if you are playing bot lane and see the enemy ward the river area, you can let your team know so if the mid or jungler tries to gank bot they will know not to go through that area. An additional advanced tactic is to keep timers when you are able. When you see the enemy ward something you can log in chat “13:17” or if you have timestamps on “river bush ward”. With this you will know when the ward will expire.

2) Spells

Keeping note of what your opponent expends can help greatly. It is difficult to know what is going on in every lane and informing the team of spells your opponent has used can aid in a successful gank attempt. This includes summoner spells, champion abilities or even the opponent’s mana reserve. Knowing that an enemies flash is down can help as your team will know they have no escape when ganking. Knowing an enemy’s ultimate has been used is helpful as you know that can be a large amount of damage not available in a fight. For example, if you are in the top lane and your opponent uses their flash in a skirmish. You can now let your team know that the flash is down allowing your mid or jungler to gank more easily. You can do this by checking game time and adding 5 minutes, for example "jg flash 14mins. Taking advantage of these opportunities can mean the difference between an even or lost lane to snowballing to victory.

3) Coordinate ganks

Planning ahead is never a bad thing and can give you the advantage over an enemy with poor communication. While every lane loves getting a gank from a teammate, letting them know in advance allows them to prepare better for the upcoming situation. I have seen many occasions where a teammate ganks a lane unsuccessfully due to the others not having mana or they simply did not know they were coming. Communicating your strategy with teammates such as “After I get blue I will come bot to gank” or “I'm going to buy an item then I will gank mid” raises your chances of successfully ganking the enemy. When they know ahead of time that you are planning on helping them they can prepare for the gank by conserving mana & health or shopping for items.

4) Communicate team efforts

This is similar to coordinating ganks but it involves every member of the team. These efforts usually include global objectives such as Baron Nashor, Dragon or taking turrets. Making sure everyone is on the same page leads to smoother plays to happen. Here are several key events in the game to communicate with your team. When you are to the point of doing the so called “Baron Dance”, inform teammates about how one player that appears on the bottom of the map will lead to the opposite team engaging the Baron.

With this, your teammates can position themselves closer to Baron for when they see an enemy player on the bottom of the map. I have seen countless times where the team gets very upset with a teammate because they went bottom and the enemy killed Baron. For dragon, communicate vision wards and enemy status. For example taking dragon can be made much easier with the following events: seeing the enemy jungler in the top lane allows for a numbers advantage, killing an enemy or forcing them low to recall also allows for numbers advantage, and also knowing the enemy does not have vision can lead to an easier kill on dragon. Communicate this with your team so everyone is aware.

One last thing to communicate is when the team is pushing a turret, use chat or pings to communicate targets. There are many instances where half the group is attacking an enemy, one is attacking the turret and another splits off to do something. This causes chaos, confusion and can lead to a team wipe. Simply ping or tell your team what to focus, it usually comes down to one person taking the lead for the rest to follow.

5) Positive Attitudes

Yes, you've heard it before and seems very “carebear” to always be positive and assuring with your team but as studies have shown, most people react better to positive comments rather than negative. This will help your teammates stay focused and in the game rather than have their spirits down and not fully in the game. Instead of saying things such as “OMG you’re so bad why did you engage”, say things like “Maybe next time we should wait for the whole team to engage”. Even a simple “good job” after a teammate gets a kill or does something good in the game can go a long way.

It raises morale and helps keep the communication levels up with the team. All in all, just try and be as positive as the situation allows you to be. Being negative brings down the team morale, leads to frustration and bad plays and probably will get you reported.
Where can i ult from?
There are so many different spots that work - prioritise getting in a good unwarded position if you can to use ult more effectively.

This video here explains all the different spots and is still relevant.
As a Fiddlesticks main, I am constantly monitoring the performance of other Fiddlesticks players across different servers to see what strategies are working well. I will update this guide with any new information I gather. If you have had success with a particular support build, please let me know and I will be happy to test it out. Additionally, I offer free video on demand (VOD) reviews on my Twitch channel, where you can learn alongside me. I appreciate you taking the time to read my guide and learn a bit about me. I hope you are able to achieve the high win rates you are after with Fiddlesticks. If you have any successes to share, please leave a comment – I love to hear about them!

If this guide has been helpful can you please leave a thumbs up before you leave this page so that this guide can help more aspiring Fiddle players! Thank you :)

Also if you want a more personalised experience to learn Fiddle or simply want to learn how to carry with him add me on Discord golden22x today or join our fiddle community here
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