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Zilean Build Guide by drbison

Support diamond

How not to be a BronZILEAN

By drbison | Updated on October 15, 2017

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About me

Hello,Im Warden Zilean Currently Diamond I im a otp zilean support ,sharing some of my knowlage since im too old and need to find someone to carry my legacy ;-;

also this is my first guide sooo,yeah dont expect much ;-;
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How to play zilean


Here's how levels playout for the most part:
lvl 1 try poke enemys with auto attacks and finish trades with a boomb if you need to proc thunder decree

lvl 3 you can either get 2 points Q and start poking adc with it (aa>Q>aa)
OR get E and set up ganks with jungler / set up stuns for ur adc

lvl 5 is when you can explode someone e>double boomb enemy adc or support(IF NOT TANK)
with adc should be a kill or at least force out of lane

lvl 6 you wanna play it safe withh poking Q and staying back as your 6 isnt a spike but a get out of prision card to earase a mistake

lvl 7 your E gets a bit stronger ,more reliable for cc/roaming

lvl 8 get a point on E and try to find a roam as youre pretty strong at roaming by now

lvl 9 your E is pretty much a semi-stun try to set up ganks with it /speed allies to engage/slow enemys to disengage

10-same as 9 but try to ward in their jungle as by now you should havee orcale lense and maxed E should be safe to do so

11-18 is basically peel your adc or get a pick on enemmy carries/try to cc on team fights and ward around basic stuff
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Items section

Mikeals gives MR- Mana reg-cdr-CLEANSE EFFECT and speed which all boosts your early and helps survive as well not to mention the 20% on healing which procs on redemption+ultimate -build it as first item aganist leona or cc heavy teams folllowed by normal build

redeemption gives tankyness-AOE heal-mana reg-cdr ( mikeals boosts its healing so its good buy even after nerfs)

mobi boots : most people would go nuts saying "BUT CDR BOOTS ARE BETTER" and yes they are normaly but in this build youre giving some of your mid game for a better early (zilean's only weakness is early so if you get past that you should outscale ALL supports )

Okay now it gets difficult, basically you want knights vow first as its most useful here (not a core though)

if you do decide to skip it i would reommmend sommething with hp first as you need a bit of health to stay alive here goes the item explaintion :

Locket is good aganist Aoe damage eg : orianna ulti/karthus but you gotta at least have 1 or 2 hp items to make it useful since it scales of bonus hp

Warmogs is good when youre the main tank but get it as last item (full carries team)

Knights vow is good when you need to keep carry alive no matter what dmg they do 6% dmg reduction goes long way (plus it give YOU tankyness )

Banner of command is good when you need that extra split push/seige power to force obectives

Glory is good when you need extra engage or you want to make picks ( Your E+Glory makes you IMPOSSIBLE to escape from works amazingly when enemy has no summs as you can keep him in place for a zilean years )

Ninja tabi + Omen are good when youre aganist 3+ AD champions along with knights vow youre basically a god ( if you get those 3 items in this kind of games usualy you want to stay infront to cc and soak dmg)
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Spell combos

E>Q>W>Q>E for cc chain (you can repeat it with max cdr for easily 3-4 repeats )

AA>Q>AA short trade to proc thunder

Q on ground> E yourself >. Q place you want stun at AND flash there

Q>W>Q typical combo ( can be used on minions as the stun range is still big to hit people)
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thhose are the rune pages you need to know about

1-The Safe lane ( you cant poke and need to surive//scale )

HP yellows- 2 flat cd quints +1 armor quint +7 flat MR blues +3 scaling cdr blues

2- The aggressive lane ( you can poke and not aganist super aggro laners eg lucian/blitz )

Hp yellows - 2 AP quints + 1 armor quint - ap blues - magic pent reds
League of Legends Build Guide Author drbison
drbison Zilean Guide

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How not to be a BronZILEAN
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