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Poppy Build Guide by Tiltedhat

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tiltedhat

How to be the undying hammer spamming hero of 5.13!

Tiltedhat Last updated on July 12, 2015
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Hammer Spammer Hero (Season 5.

Poppy Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Poppy with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Garen If you found yourself going up against a Garen then you've basically already killed him. Is he stacking armor? Just Q. Growing health? Drop a Q. Building damage? Who cares? This lunk of meat can't do anything to you simply because you can switch up the game on him just by smashing that Q button, and his sword won't ever make it past your shield.
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Okay, right off the bat, yes this a weird build and it does kind of break the meta. Do I care? Nope. So just enjoy it for what it is. Have you ever played poppy been annoyed by her petite mana bar? Ever wanted to take a truck to the face and laugh it off? Ever want to continuously play whack-a-mole with your enemies? Well ladies and gentlemen, this is the guide for you, and it's been with the 5.13 patch in mind so everything is up to date.

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If it's one thing people say not to build on poppy it's stack armor. So what did I do? Made sure she had close to 300 armor. And 4000 mana. The entire goal of this guide is to make her this sustain god, while still keeping with damage. Hence why she is a hero. Now the first things you'll want build are your first frozen heart and archangel staff, preferably the staff first. That way you can scale in power as you build your other items. Once you've built one, or both if you're loaded, grab mercury threads. This build has no MR so you'll want to take what you can. You can put alacrity on when you feel it's convenient, usually after the Trinity Force. "What? Alacrity?" Yes, so you can outrun everyone and put yourself in a better position to fight. Remember, be a hero. Now you want to build Tons of Damage, unless you've fully charged your staff in which case you should build the manamune. If you dont have Seraph's Embrace yet then stick with Trinity Force. This is literally one of the greatest items for Poppy. She reaps literally every benefit unless you play full AP. Then you can finish with another frozen heart. Yes two of them. The only UNIQUE on this thing is the slow effect and that's not what we're looking at here. We want that tasty CDR. With these we get jacked up to max CDR with 200 more armor and hero mode is a go. Once you hit full build you can hammer someone almost every 2 seconds for around 700 damage each time and then another hit of about 600 damage thanks to trinity force. This constant rate of high damage and ability to not die or run out of mana easily is all around a good place to be. Do note that if you drop one heart and don't get another 20% CDR item I reccomend Boots of lucidity to get that CDR back.

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Now every Poppy player knows to max out Q first, and at least this time I'm actually agreeing. But after that I see Heroic charge maxed next. What is it about the W that people find so unappealing? its a good chunk of armor and attack damage just because people are trying to kill you. And the speed buff helps when you try to get into position, run for your life, or chase down a dead man. The summoner spells I've chosen just apply the same purpose, just much stronger. Those can be swapped should you decide to go jungle or something like that.

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Thanks to the stupid amount of mana and armor you can stay in lane all day. I don't care about the enemy laner, run up and smack him in the face! Assert your diplomatic authority! Then once you've proven you are the alpha procede to crush all of the minions. Don't be afriad to Q while farming, we have 4000 mana after all. Suddenly find yourself getting ganked? Just tackle a minion away and speed up with W. Or turn around and be a freaking hero with that godsend of an ultimate. Please proceed to pummel and beat whomever you wish into the ground while their team can do nothing but look on in terror.

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When it comes to team fighting you have literally one job as Poppy no matter how you play her: get in there and screw them over. I'm not even joking, if they have a fed ADC then you need to take them out before things get bloody. If their support is getting their team the kills then remove them from the fight. This applies to anyone and you have a couple ways to be the hero. You will always want to ult the support so that you don't instantly get gang banged and die. Once you're ready to rock, get in there. You can straight up kill your target, damage all of them with some well placed attacks to relieve pressure, tackle one into your team if you can't take them alone, or if you can, literally just murder everybody. Thanks to being able to do 600 damage a second or more we have a variety of choices, but keep in mind that you only have 6 to 8 seconds to be that hero so make it count. Also. should mention that you tower dive like a hero even without your ult.

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THE UPS AND DOWNS (the way the hammer swings)

•High sustain
•High DPS
•Practically unlimited mana
•Ability to power focus a target
•Faster than them 9/10
•Both magical and physical damage to change it up
•Extremely useful in teamfights
•Very powerful lategame potential
•You can ALWAYS get stronger
•Go ahead and kill dragon on like, level 4 or so
•Be the freakin hero you were meant to be!
°True damage will usually just ruin your day
°Magic damage will also ruin your day
°Cant do much if they ARE faster than you
°Piss poor early game until you hit level 6
°Sub par burst damage in most cases
°No level 3 dragon for you :(
°Naturally makes you arrogant, resulting in your downfall

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That's just about it, don't die, keep on going, destroy all, be the hero. Maybe you could learn more from another guide, but this is really just the rough basics. There are plenty of ways to change things, from taking an unholy grail, to doing whatever else it is people do. I wish the best of luck to those who plan on pwning noobs, and may the True Heroes live on in the League of Diplomacy. Bonus points for killing Veigar.