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Nidalee Build Guide by Cerver

Support How to Carry your Carry (Ranked Nidalee Support Guide S3)

By Cerver | Updated on February 5, 2013
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Nidalee Support? I thought that was super bad?

PLEASE NOTE: Before you tell me i'm wrong and this guide is bad, please try it out. Everyone whose tried it out and given it a chance have been very happy so far. I assume all the flamers looked at this build and dismissed it without a thought.

Well Nidalee support is very uncommon, but that dosen't mean its bad. Nidalee is one of the very few supports (Other than Thresh) that can straight carry a game. The main reasons most people dont play Nidalee as a support is because A) They aren't aggressive enough to use her properly or B) They cant hit the broad side of a barn with a spear. Please note, IF YOU CAN'T LAND SKILLSHOTS OR ARE NOT AGGRESIVE, YOU WILL BE A GODAWFUL NIDALEE SUPPORT. Nidalee is by far my favorite offensive support due to her outrageous base damage on her spear, which can EASILY take out a third of any AD Carry's health out in a single hit. Anyway, welcome to my guide, and without further ado, I will teach you how to be the crazy healing spearchucker you are destined to be.

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Pros / Cons

+ Is great at preventing ganks
+ Javelin Toss does absolutely ludicrous damage after its 2nd level
+ Amazing mobility
+ Heal has great ratio/cooldowns and gives attack speed
+ Can push other teams support and carry out of lane by herself (Granted you have good aim)
+ Javelin Toss can steal objectives such as Dragon and Blue/Red buff.

Nidalee can turn into a monster, and end up carrying games with her absolutely insane damage, along with giving sight of the enemy team when they run over her traps. This utility and flexibility on top of her nuke Javelin Toss make her a force to be reckoned with. Also, unlike most supports, she can get away from situations easily with Aspect Of The Cougar
- Very Squishy Earlygame
- Requires practice and skill to work properly
- Need to memorize where to put traps for optimal vision
- Very little healing until midgame
- Very weird build for a support
- Ultimate is mostly used for running

Nidalee is a very advanced support, and playing her without practicing first can lead to feeding and frustration. Make sure to hone your aim in bots and unranked before trying this in ranked.
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Why the hell are you building so many AP items on a support?

Nidalee does NOT build like a traditional support. She specializes in badassery and shenanigans, and you need to build her as such. The Morellonomicon makes her spears and traps give reduced healing to targets that hit them under 40% HP, and this becomes absolutely silly in combonation with Bushwhack's Armor/MR reduction and the spears already crazy damage. Soraka ain't healing off your damage so easy now, huh?

Athene's Unholy Grail is for Mana regen, cooldowns, casual parties, self explanatory.

Boots of Mobility, the "Gotta Go Fast" boots, are integral due to mobility in combination with Prowl. If you use Aspect Of The Cougar correctly, there are few situations you cannot escape from, and with Gotta Go Fast boots, you can gank other lanes if yours is pushed, and lay traps all over the enemy jungle. Also, if you do go back, it can help you get back to lane much quicker.

Shurelya's Reverie. You are a support. Get this. Share your love of breakneck speed with your carry. Its only polite.

Rabadon's Deathcap is definitely a luxury item, although there are benefits to getting it before your Morellonomicon. With this, your spears will hit for INSANE damage. Like, fantastic, outstanding, amounts. Think 1k+. However, due to how low the boost is now, I sometimes switch this out for Void Staff.

Zhonya's Hourglass. What can I say about this item? Since the S3 patch, its ****ing godly. 120 AP? Thats the same as Rabadon's (Minus the 25% boost) and it has 50 Armor to boot. It gets better though, it turns you invincible! With Nidalee's low cooldowns, if you ever find yourself in a tight spot, always remember to bring your hourglass.

Most games dont play out exactly the same, and I find myself switching Rabadon's Deathcap and Zhonya's Hourglass out for other items such as Deathfire Grasp and Archangel's Staff, so never stick to this build word for word if you feel like another item could help turn the tides in your favor better.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Prowl is hilarious, makes you nigh impossible to get a hold of in lane and in the jungle, makes you go super fast, and makes Nidalee able to harass her pursuers to death with Bushwhack and Javelin Toss before they get close to catching her. Prowl is also the reason I wait to buy boots, as you are already fast enough in lane without them.

Now, as you can see I start with Bushwhack because of its ridiculous utility. I'm going to sidetrack on this a moment. As a support, Bushwhack isBROKEN. It will come up around once every 12 seconds, lasts for 4 minutes, and it allows you to have vision of whoever hits it for 12 seconds, along with reducing their armor and MR by ludicrous amounts at later levels. This means that these things act as "Mini-Wards", and although they should never be substitute for the real thing, they add an extra layer of protection against ganks not many (if any) other supports have. Not only that, but if you start with mana regeneration, you can practically lay them indefinitely until you start throwing spears. I only put one point in it until I need to level it up, as the mana cost goes up with level for minimum improvement utility-wise.

I level up Javelin Toss at level 2, and max it first. Why? You should know by now how much I love it's damage. With no AP added, at max level this skill hits for 460 damage at max range (Which is easier to land than you think). With AP, MOTHER OF GOD does this hit! This is the skill that wins bot lane 9 times out of 10. With better players they will know to dodge your spears most of the time, but worst case scenario, you are making them miss out on farm quite a bit dodging your 600 damage spears.

Primal Surge is one of the most under-rated skills in the game. It heals for a moderate amount (less than Soraka) but gives attack speed, and once youve got cooldown items, is on a 6 second cooldown for 300+ health. We have learned from Nunu & Willump that AS steroids are OP as hell, so go ahead and share the love with your carry as you pepper the other team and barrage your way through turrets.

Aspect Of The Cougar is why most people dont play Nidalee as a support. It offers nothing to your carry or a teamfight, and it has minimal utility apart from moving yourself around (Which it more than succeeds at)

However, this allows you to get back to lane to help your carry quicker, and lategame you become a kiting MASTER. If you get skilled at this, you can absolutely harass anyone at any time.

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Who to Support?

Ezreal and Nidalee are a match made in heaven as far as winning a lane is concerned. Pokes, pokes, and more pokes, Ezreals Mystic Shot is like a mini Javelin Toss and in tandem will have your opponents spamming for ganks. Which, as it so happens, you will see coming with wards and traps, and will respond with more Mystic Shots and Javelin Tosses. Ezreal and Nidalee can literally win versus anyone if played correctly, although CAN is the keyword there. Skillshots are the difference between an amazing lane and a derpy awful one.

Primal Surge <3 Silver Bolts, nuff said.

Again, a comp that can push most people out of lane with skillshots alone. The difference from Ezreal however, is that Varus's ultimate can make your spears hit much easier, and the slows he has make landing spears easier as well. Essentially, you can win this lane comp if your Varus knows how Nidalee works and you are good with your spears.

Ashe normally has trouble keeping others from bullying her, but with Nidalee chipping off chunks of HP with Javelin Toss and giving her AS with Primal Surge, this becomes a non-issue. Sidenote: Bushwhacked champs with low health make prime targets for a good Enchanted Crystal Arrow

For the poor souls who play TF as an ADC, good news! Nidalee buffs your attack speed, and makes your stuns hit for copious amounts more than they used to.

Youre both long range, so you should be able to safely harass whoever you with with your skillshots.

Nidalee is universally good in bot lane, these are just a few suggestions of better lane partners.
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Ranked Play

I would advise to NEVER play Nidalee in solo queue until you have a consistently good record with her in unranked or duo queue. The reason for this is because Nidalee is such an uncommon support, many solo queues result in you getting paired with some megaderp who dosent know what the hell is going on. However, if you are with someone who knows whats up, you should be able to dominate your lane every game (unless you get completely outplayed.)
League of Legends Build Guide Author Cerver
Cerver Nidalee Guide
How to Carry your Carry (Ranked Nidalee Support Guide S3)
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