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Nocturne General Guide by Jack Rubino

How To Change Color To Hp/Mana/Energy/Shield Bars and Fades.

How To Change Color To Hp/Mana/Energy/Shield Bars and Fades.

Updated on November 23, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jack Rubino Build Guide By Jack Rubino 4 2 71,813 Views 15 Comments
4 2 71,813 Views 15 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jack Rubino Nocturne Build Guide By Jack Rubino Updated on November 23, 2013
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After patch 3.14 if you modified your colors in game, it will cause a bug on health/mana/level bars above the champions. It may be fixed deleting your GeneralCharacterData_Legacy.ini file or, if it dosent work, you should use the repair option.

I archive the guide for the moment untill i find out how to make that work again.

Thanks for reading :)
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Pls ignore the build above, that was a derp moment, the real guide starts nao!!!

Quick note before to start

Hi, I'm Jack Rubino, and I’ve played LoL since December 30th 2012, close to the season change. I'm from italy, so I play on EUW server. Once i started play LoL, I looked for builds for champions I played cause I didnt know how to play them, and then I found MOBAFire. I didn't partecipate with community life immediately,but after read a guide I made an account to comment and upvote it and not much later i started being a part of the community. Why I did it? Because people looked so friendly and funny, and I really liked their thoughts and discussions on the game and the various play-styles for it. My favourite champions are Malphite, Master Yi and Ezreal(if I dont forget anyone :D). I'm actually a Silver IV player, I climbed up to Silver II 2-3 times, but I always go down at the end xD. Well, let's talk about the guide. I've making this guide cause I like customizing certain stuff for the game, because I can make it cooler and looks better (every person has his personal taste, and can customize his game in whichever way he prefers, which makes the game more enjoyable). In this guide I will teach you "How To Change Color of Hp/Mana/Energy/Shield Bars and Fades", which is really cool!
Without any other delay, let's start!
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Wait, why should i change my bars' color? Is it safe?

They're good and legitimate questions that i will answer:

Why should i change the colour of my bars?

  • To be more aware of your own HP
  • To not lose yourself in a hectic teamfight
  • If you have any problem with your sight(colourblind), you can make it easier to see colours for allies/enemies/spells/hp/wards ecc...(if colourblind isn't enough)
  • It's freaking cool :D

Is it safe?

Totally. I have never faced any problem, and don't think anyone will. Just don't mess up the file while following the guide.

There is any chance that the game will break?

I have tested it it several times. I have even changed the file while already in a game or during the loading screen, and it never broke anything(but if you change colours while already in game or during a loading screen, the changes will be live for the next games, not the current one). If anything of bad happens, you can use the repair option on the launcher, and i'm sorry, but this is something that wont happen if, as i said before, you wont mess up the file.

Now let's damn go! :D
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I will show you the path to the right file

To change the colour of our bars, we need to get to the required file that is deep inside the folder of the game. To save you the trouble of finding it, I’ll show you the path. Follow my steps:
  • Start by going to your league of legends folder ( Usually C:\Riot Games\League of Legends )
  • Go RADS/solutions/lol_game_client_sln/releases/ folder name may change for any patch, but isnt really important)/deploy/DATA/menu/hud. Now you should see a file named "GeneralCharacterData"
    Image Guide
  • Rename the file "GeneralCharacterData" in "GeneralCharacterData_Legacy"
  • Open it with Notepad(should be done automatically by opening the file)


If you don’t find the file "GeneralCharacterData" in the "hud" folder, here’s a link to download it: (I have made this downloadable file, no worries, it’s totally virus-free, if you don’t believe me, check on any site that scan files looking for malware): GeneralCharacterData_Legacy.ini Download,This is the link for the VirusTotal Scan and as you can see, it's safe, you can even scan the file from the link without needing to download it first

(The download is my personal file, that is modified for making your hp bar colour white, the bar of your team black, and the bar of your enemies a type of gold, but don’t worry, you can change these colours without any problems)

Also make a backup of your original file if you want to go back to previous one.
For those who didnt have the file and had to download; you just have to place it outside of the folder to go back to standard colours.

Now see the paragraph of which bar you want to change color to.
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How To Change Color To Hp Bars/Fades

Here I will explain how to change colour of hp bars Yourself,Your Team and Enemy Team.

Me And My Teammates Colors. (Mana Color Changed too)
Enemy's HP Color and HP Fade Color
Me and Teammates Hp Fade Color

Now that we opened the file, click on "Edit","Find"
and type [HealthBarChampionSelfDefault], then you should find this:

PercentageOffset = 0 0.1
HealthOffset = 31 18
PAROffset = 31 30
LoCOffset = 31 38

HealthBarColor = 0 0 139 255
HealthFadeColor = 255 0 0 255
AllShieldColor = 170 170 170 255
PhysShieldColor = 255 103 0 255
MagicShieldColor = 153 0 255 255

FadeSpeed = 0.5

here i explain everything that i know for now to you (will update every time i find out what a thing is):
I would not touch
PercentageOffset = 0 0.1
HealthOffset = 31 18
PAROffset = 31 30
LoCOffset = 31 38
cause i really dont know what is it, but is useless for what we need to do.
There is what we really want to know

HealthBarColor = 0 0 139 255

HealthFadeColor = 255 0 0 255

FadeSpeed = 0.5

Little Note

If you scroll down, you will see that there are [HealthBarChampionSelfSpectator] and [HealthBarChampionSelfColorblind] as well, it's for when you spectate a game or use colorblind. The process for change them is the same as for default. This will be the same for Your Team and Enemy Team

Your Team
The same process as before, but this time you will change Your Team hp color ecc. Just search [HealthBarChampionFriendlyDefault] this time
HealthBarChampionFriendlyDefault Screen

Enemy Team
The same process as before, but this time you will change your Enemy Team hp color ecc. Just search [HealthBarChampionEnemyDefault] this time
HealthBarChampionEnemyDefaul Screen
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How To Change Color To Mana/Energy and... Mordekaiser passive?

"Mordekaiser passive color can be changed too?"

Well, yes and i would to thanks Lugignaf for that info!

Mana Fade Color (With the colors i use it may not be so much noticeable)
Energy Bar Color
Energy Fade Color

If we watch at the top of the file, we'll see something like that(Remember that any code that im using here for example are taken from my file and that are already modified, so dont worry if numbers dont match):

FadeTimerForHealthBar = 2.0
ZeroHealthAlpha = 225
FullHealthAlpha = 200
DefaultChampionCollisionRadius = 65.0
MPBarColor=148 0 211 255
EnergyBarColor=0 245 255 255
ShieldBarColor=0 0 139 255
OtherBarColor=155 155 155 255
MPFadeColor=0 200 255 255
EnergyFadeColor=240 240 80 255
ShieldFadeColor=255 255 255 255
OtherFadeColor=255 255 255 255
What we need to do is simply change number for MpBarColor, EnergyBarColor,ShieldBarcolor,MPFadeColor,EnergyFadeColor and ShieldFadeColor, or just the ones that u want. I have no clue for what OtherBarColor is for yet, but i hope i will find it out.

Mana,Energy and Mordekaiser passive(i dont know if ShieldBarColor affects other things for now) color changes will be one for all, so you cant make different color of mana,energy and mordekaiser passive for Yourself, Your Team or Enemy Team.
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How To Change Color To Shields

This simple as the other, and can be changed for Yourself,Your Team and Enemy Team. Just go in the codes of which one to change and you will find those

AllShieldColor = 170 170 170 255

PhysShieldColor = 255 103 0 255

MagicShieldColor = 153 0 255 255
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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions And Tips


  • If you are looking for color codes and want to see them before to try in game, go here: Link
  • If someone dont feel confident to download the eventually missing file, in this spoiler i copied the whole text from the file, so that you can make it yourself. To make an .ini file you just need to copy all the text from the spoiler to notepad then save into hud folder as GeneralCharacterData_Legacy.ini


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That's it for now, i hope to helped you and that my guide is easy to read and understand,and that isnt too heavy to read. This is my first guide and i'm not that good with coding right now. If you find any problem, need other info, want to ask something, give your feedback,maybe some tips on how make it look better,want me to fix something, try out something or just want to write, feel free to comment :P
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Special Thanks

Special Thanks to:

Lugignaf for helpfull infos
jhoijhoi for amazing help with her Making a Guide, that helped me alot with coding and her Line Dividers/Separators. Great Job! ^^
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Update Log

27/08/13 : Fixed some minor grammar errors.
31/08/13 : Fixed some other minor grammar errors. Added In-Game Screenshots.
19/10/13 : Fixed broken screenshots. Added a troll build above the real guide. Just ignore the owsome troll build about nocturne.

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