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Talon Build Guide by Chayox

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chayox

How To Escape Low ELO with Robin! ( Talon )

Chayox Last updated on December 10, 2014
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Threats to Talon with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Akali Literally, you are the polar opposite of Akali. You have a strong laning phase, she doesn't. Her ult. is pure aggression, Talon stealths to assassinate his victims. However, beware of jungle ganks because if she gets fed you should just surrender. Beat her up early and you'll be fine.
Ahri This lane can range from puke-rainbows easy, to ragequit difficult. When you ult her, pray to god she doesn't get a lucky Charm down on you, because if she does your screwed. Other than that, your abilities hit more often than hers do, and it isn't in her build to build Armguard early generally. Make sure to alert lanes for her roams, they are deadly.
Kassadin It takes a real player with some balls to play Kassadin after the ubernerfs to his kit. He is still a threat if hes fed, but by no means does he have any kind of pressence in lane. His only good asset is his roams, which are still pathetic.
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Who Am I?

Well, reader, i'm a Gold ADC/Mid Lane main, I play for fun mostly. I have a distant dream of someday playing with my idols Insoy and Vapora Dark, the true Talon gods. I assure you after reading this guide, you will be able to carry yourself to Gold and beyond!

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When To Pick

When to Pick Robin!

Robin is no longer a sidekick fellas! First pick him any time you want, but he works best versus squishy team comps, because his burst is simply unmatched.

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Little different rune setup than you may have seen before, but I've tested it and it works very well. The AD quints and marks are obvious runes to maximize damage output. I take scaling Health because I think Talons laning is extremely strong and I want to prepare for the late game. Also, you will be more than not facing a mage mid, so armor yellows aren't necessary. Scaling CDR glyphs are the best IP you will ever spend on runes. Ever. The CDR stacks up to about 15.03% CDR, which is a AMAZING tradeoff for a measly 12 MR that a normal set up tends to have. Since Talon is in fact an AD Caster that relies on his abilities, CDR is simply to important to not take. This allows your ultimate to get to around 46 seconds late game which is simply too good to be true.

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Stages of Game and How To

Early Game

Early you want to focus on getting as much farm as possible and poking your lane opponent with Rake. Immediately at 6 all in if you can, or use your ultimate to roam bot and get some free kills.Build a Tiamat and The Brutalizer ASAP because they are essential to your damages and crime-fighting potential!


If your fed , force some teamfights mid lane like all low elo players seem to love. Otherwise, split push and draw pressure away from your team and towards you. Talon's innate ability to splitpush so hard will need their jungler and mid to help shut you down, or they will lose lots of turrets.Oh, and rush Ravenous Hydra!

Late Game

This is where you become an animal. Destroy any carries that appear within 2500 range of you, and go for any 2-3v1's that take place as long as they aren't fed. Why? Because you can. Your AoE damage is off the charts, and allows you the ability to be virtually blind when it comes to fairly numbered fights. Just make sure you blow up the carrys first and foremost. That is your sole priority.

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Skill Sequence and Why

Rake First


We max Rake first for the poke and harass it supplies in lane. It is your main source of damage in the early minutes of the game.

noxiandiplomacy Second

Q over E is prefrence, but I think noxiandiplomacy supplies much more damage until you have enough AD to max Cutthroat's percent amp. worthwhile.

cutthroat Last

Maxing cutthroat last is preference, but I like to do it because I don't think the damage amp. it supplies is very good until you have a sizable amount of AD. So save this to max until late game.

Prioritize shadowassault

Like almost all champs, leveling your ult at 6,11,16 is mandatory. shadowassault gives you an amazing escape, disengage, and assassination potential with its stealth and MS bonus. It also has a very small CD compared to other ultimates.