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Gnar Build Guide by RandomProphet

Other How to have FUN with Gnar (top)

Other How to have FUN with Gnar (top)

Updated on September 2, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RandomProphet Build Guide By RandomProphet 10,437 Views 0 Comments
10,437 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RandomProphet Gnar Build Guide By RandomProphet Updated on September 2, 2015
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This Build

this build is just here to show you a great way to have fun with gnar. this is not a proper build on gnar. DO NOT go ranked using this build!

Mini gnar's w passive in level 18 deals 14% of a target max health in magic damage. This build is entirely foucused on that feature.

Let's imagine this situation:

you are lvl 18 and you have hurricane, bork, wits end, mr boots, frozen mallet and the r. omen.
at this point you have:
2881 HP
151.7 armor
97 mr
180 AD
2.3 attack speed
370 mov. speed

You against 3 champions: A, B and C (they can't move or attack)
let's pretend they have 2000 hp each.
if you attack one of them 3 times for instence champ A you do:
(remember, they have no armor and mr)
-8%of2000(160) BORK
-180 AD
-8%of1660(132,8) BORK
-180 AD
-8%of1347,2(107,7) BORK
-180 AD
-14%ofMaxHP(280) HYPER

You would deal 1270 dmg in 1,3 sec to target A. (Because your 2.3 attack speed it would take 1.3 sec)

If B and C were near A, B and C would take:

(remember, they have no armor and mr)
-8%of2000(160) BORK
-180/2 AD (hurricane)
-8%of1750(140) BORK
-180/2 AD (hurricane)
-8%of1520(121,6) BORK
-180/2 AD (hurricane)
-14%ofMaxHP(280) HYPER

If you have a lot of attack speed you can deal a ton of dmg.

mini grar's w affects multiple targets if you use hurricane. you can deal a lot of dmg by comboing it with BORK. Adding to that, as your w deals magic damage wit's end is a great choice. it not only decreases the target mr but it also boosts your own mr, and as if that wasn't enought, WIT'S END GET'S BOOSTED FROM THE HURRICANE. you will get a tremendous boost in MR.
at this point you have more than enought attack speed, but as you are not allways in your mini gnar form you need hp and tenacity. buy the mr boots wich have the tenacity you need and go for a frozen mallet. it will make it harder for targets to run away and add a lot of HP. just to add a bit more hp and armor, buy the omen.

I hope you have a lot of fun playing gnar this way.
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Skill Sequence

w is everything in this build. but there is no point in maxing it 1st if you have no attack speed. remember that!
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cleanse spell is also a viable option. it works great late game but it is bad early
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RandomProphet
RandomProphet Gnar Guide
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How to have FUN with Gnar (top)

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