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Jax Build Guide by Ex49

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ex49

How To Jax Like A Choppa!

Ex49 Last updated on July 29, 2015
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Jax Build

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Jax is a fun champion to play and i would recommend him to anyone who enjoys playing champions like Wukong or Darius. I like playing Jax as an AD/AP hybrid tank hybrid castor marksman carry assassin bruiser mage. I like playing him like this because its way more fun than the other ways! Now lets get started!

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Starting Items

Doran's Blade
Health Potion
Warding Trinket
If you want you can start with Doran's Sheild, Long Sword or Cloth Armor
If you are jungling, start with Hunter's Machete.

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You don't need runes on Jax, just buy all the ad stuff. Who really cares about runes anyways?

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same thing with masteries. Go 0/0/30 cause who cares???
(just go 15/15/0 its better, or 6/6/6 for fun lol)

If you want to get a perfect game, go 30/0/0 cause every point into defence is another death. so yolo who cares.

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there is about 1 to 2 ways to build Jax. My way that I invented all by myself(yep) is the following:
Blade of the Ruined King
Trinity Force
Hextec Gunblade
and then tanky stuff

If you are super fed then you can buy another Trinity Force, a Phantom Dancer, or an Infinity Edge. Whatever you do, DO NOT BUILD RUNAAN'S HURRICANE!!! It is extremely useless and will not help you at all.

o yea, get boots, too

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q Jax jumps at ANY TARGET except for turrets and inhibitors and nexuses. If its an enemy, THEY DIE
w Jax makes his next auto attack(aa) do MAGIC DAMAGE(scales with ap) and also resets his aa!
e Jax becomes an untargetable helicopter for like a bajillion years and then whacks everyone around him dealing aoe damage and stunning for about 2 seconds I think.
r Jax becomes tanky for something like 5 seconds...?
r Every 3rd aa Jax deals extra MAGIC DAMAGE

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Skill Sequence



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ooooooh, yea! time for the fun part. i like to call 'em WOMBO COMBOS!! they are super fun to do and stuff

1: e, q, e, aa, w, aa, aa, aa AND THEY'RE DEAD! (for super fast killing)
2: e, aa, aa, w, e, q when they start running AND THEY'RE DEAD (for medium speed killing)
3: aa, w, aa, aa, aa, aa, q, aa, w, aa AND THEY'RE DEAD!(for super slow killing)


1:upgrade your warding trinket. Warding Trinket
2:place a ward
3:q on it!

This is extremely useful for juking out the enemies, and can also give you a kill very easily if you do this right.

Also, place a few wards in lane so when you are getting banked you can just q one of your wards and be free!
You can also use your q on th minions in lane to escape from attacking turret or just hop away in general

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Thats it, folks! (or is it?)

Thats it folks! Have fun playing Jax and remember, DO NOT GET INTO FIGHTS BEFORE LEVEL 6!!!!!! ok? good. Jax will do like 200 damage before that unless your opponent is a noob. for that reason, play him jungle!

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buy the chilling smite devourer.

start at the rocks, smite the big one.
then go to the birds and kill them all.
go to red buff and smite the big one fast.

if your on the other side of he map, go fat fromshroom dude, smite him, then go blue buff, and wolves.

ALWAYS remember to get Mr. Scuttler from the river. use your e to stun. when he is stunned you will do extra damage ti him which is always great!