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Ashe Build Guide by DamnThatTreeIs3D

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DamnThatTreeIs3D

How to Play Support Ashe. [S3]

DamnThatTreeIs3D Last updated on October 5, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello there and welcome to my support Ashe guide. Support Ashe was always something that I wanted to try but I wanted it to have more of an exciting flavour than a normal support. This is when i started experimenting and found a good combination of items that gives some decent damage output but makes Ashe's kit absolutely terrifying. I know the build looks weird but if you give it a try you'll see the kiting and safety you bring to your AD and the strength you bring to teamfights. Not many people think support is fun but Ashe support gives you a feeling that you're doing more than just helping in lane it gives you an impact throughout the game that your team will notice. I love support Ashe and soon you will too.

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Ashe support is very strong in lane when you get your ultimate it is basically a free kill if combined with some more CC. Good lane partners are people like Varus who have more CC to follow up or Graves for the bursty follow up damage. Ashe can be played with a variety of ADC's so test what combinations work for you.

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Pros / Cons

-Great harass in lane.
-Global Ultimate.
-Utility in the late game.
-Slows to make escapes difficult.
-Crit in passive.

-Other supports can do what Ashe does better.
-Very Squishy.
-Build is gold intensive.
-Needs to have another tank on the team.
-Gap closing skills decrease her kite potential.

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For runes I like to run standard armour seals for trading better in lane against AD's, scaling magic resist glyphs for later game team fights to give Ashe a little more bulk. For marks I like to take flat AD as well as flat AD quints. The attack damage from these runes is good for your in lane poke as your critical strikes will do more. I do not recommend running gold generation quints as you are focussed on poking and can get some good gold from the pickpocket mastery as well as the early gold generation from the Avarice Blade. I also do not recommend any sort of critical strike chance runes as the item build focusses on obtaining critical strikes as well as Ashe's passive which gives natural critical strike chance.

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For masteries I like to go with a 0/9/21 page for my support Ashe. 9/0/21 may seem like the smart choice to some but that isn't as good. 0/9/21 gives Ashe some more bulk in lane while still giving her all the support masteries she needs. You don't need the offensive mastery setup because of the more offensive minded runes. Basically the AD from your rune setup combined with the bulk from the 9 points in the defensive tree gives Ashe a lot of versatility of what she can do in lane. The pickpocket mastery is crucial as you are very intent on poking in lane. It is always necessary to use a Q and a critical auto attack to give some good damage in lane and zone for your AD carry to farm while you pick up gold from pickpocket.

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Laning Phase

In laning phase try to create opportunities for your ADC. Basic attack the other AD when passive is up and try to volley people early to do damage and net some early kills, remember the bush is your friend. When you hit level 6 try to create pressure in your lane or in other lanes with the threat of your arrow. The arrow is one of the best initiates in the game and can make teamfights if you catch an enemy carry.

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Item Choices

-Sightstone:The sightstone is necessary on any support or pseudo support. An item that gives you wards is irreplaceable and can save someone on your team or yourself from getting caught.

-Statikk Shiv:Very strong item on Ashe support as it gives stats that she needs. Critical strike to boost the passive count, attack speed to slow more often with Q(to chase or kite), movement speed(also to chase and kite) and the passive that can make an AOE slow with the Q.

-Phantom Dancer:Basically another Statikk Shiv without the passive on it. Gives more movement speed to chase even better or kite better and the crit to scale the passive faster and more attack speed to proc Frost Shot even more.

-Infinity Edge-Damage and increased crit damage need I say more?

-Zephyr- Item of choice if someone else builds Locket. Gives cooldown reduction which is good for your arrow and to spam Volley. It also gives Ashe even more damage to pack an even larger punch late game.

-Locket of the Iron Solari-Cost efficient item for supports, buy for aura it provides in team fights, only build if no one else can build one on your team.