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Veigar Build Guide by DatAintKosha

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DatAintKosha

How to play Veigar LIKE A BOSS

DatAintKosha Last updated on June 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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In this section of the guide, I will explain why I recommend the runes, items, ability sequence, and masteries that you see above, as well as give some tips for actual gameplay.

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The magic penetration marks and the ability power quints are usual mage runes, but the reason I take defensive seals and glyphs is because Veigar is naturally a VERY squishy champion. I do not take mana or mana regeneration runes because of Veigar's recently buffed passive, Equilibrium, which gives Veigar 1% mana regeneration for every 1% of Veigar's missing mana.

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I start with 2 Faerie Charms and 3 Health potions for plenty of lane sustain. Veigar's early game is incredibly weak, and you will be spending the laning phase and the beginning of the mid game simply farming up your Q, Baleful Strike, which gives Veigar 1 or 2 ability power if Veigar kills a small or large minion/monster with Baleful Strike and gives Veigar 1/2/3/4/5 ability power for killing an enemy champion from any source of damage. Transform these Faerie Charms into a Tear of the Goddess and a Philosopher's stone. This is also when I buy Boots of Speed. This gives you plenty of mana and health regeneration, as well as gold generation. This allows you to stay in lane longer to farm your Baleful Strike, and get enough gold to buy your Deathfire Grasp as quickly as possible. Buying Deathfire Grasp is so crucial because it greatly increases the damage of your E-W-Q-R combo. Just use the item in between your W cast and your Q cast to completely OBLITERATE the enemy mid-laner. From here, try to snowball by ganking different lanes when your lane opponent is MIA, and from there you can buy the rest of your items. The build I posted above is my usual full-damage build, but it is important to build situationally (i.e. Zhonya's Hourglass against an AD mid such as Zed).

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Ability Sequence

Maxing your Q first is SO SO SO SO SO important, as it is your main source of damage and it will give it a much shorter cooldown, allowing more Baleful Strike farming than if you maxed it other than first. Maxing your stun second is great for mid-game, as at rank 5, Event Horizon will stay on the ground for 3 seconds and will stun enemies that run into its wall for 2.5 seconds, which is, in my opinion, absolutely obscene. Maxing your W last, although it seems foolish because it would deal more damage if you maxed it second, is actually better than maxing it second for 2 reasons:
1) Making your stun last longer will make landing your combo much easier and will allow you to snowball with ease.
2) Because of your Baleful Strike farming, your ability power should be high enough where your Level 1 Dark Matter skill can 1-shot the back 3 minions by the time your Event Horizon reaches Level 5.
And, as with any mage, get your ultimate, Primordial Burst, at levels 6, 11, and 16 to maximize your damage output.

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Take the standard 21 masteries in offense for an AP damage-dealer. For the other 9 mastery points, I prefer to put them in defense as opposed to utility for 2 reasons:
1) Veigar is extremely squishy, and any defense you can get while not sacrificing too much damage output is a good thing.
2) Because of Veigar's passive, Equilibrium, any mana or mana-regeneration in utility is not required.

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In Game Strategy

Early Game:
-In the early game, do nothing but farm, Farm, FARM! Farming your Baleful Strike in the early/mid game is critical for success in Veigar's insane late game. You are squishy, and you will take a lot of poke, but that is why you have health potions and Philosopher's Stone.
-Jungle ganks, unless your jungler has a gap closer and can deal a high amount of damage for you (such as Xin Zhao or Jarvan IV), will usually do nothing more than maybe make your opponent use flash or another summoner spell.
Mid Game:
-As always, remember to farm your Baleful Strike as much as you can. Asking your jungler to give you the Ancient Golem buff can really help with this, as the cooldown reduction and mana regeneration will help a lot.
-This is the stage of the game where you're Deathfire Grasp is completed and you can nearly kill the enemy mid-laner with a single combo. To secure a kill, ask your jungler to gank mid, and this gank should secure you a kill, unless the enemy laner has flash or some other escape spell handy.
-Once you secure your first kill, start roaming during the mid game to get more, as Veigar is an incredible snowballer, thanks to his Baleful Strike passive, which gives him Ability Power when he kills an enemy champion.
Late Game:
-This is where Veigar shines. By now, you're incredibly fed (or at the very least, farmed), and you can kill an enemy carry with a single combo.
-In teamfights, try to land an Event Horizon around the entire enemy team. This will constrict their movement greatly for 3 seconds, and will allow you to drop a devastating Dark Matter on the entire enemy team, which can easily deal over 1,000 damage by this stage of the game. Landing this devastating Dark Matter can also be accomplished through the cooperation of your team to land any AOE lock-ups (I prefer having a Jarvan IV on my team, as Cataclysm and Event Horizon make an insane combo, and landing that 1,000+ damage Dark Matter becomes a piece of cake).

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Overall, Veigar is an incredibly fun champion to play. If you can overcome his weak early game and snowball during the mid-game, you can dominate the late game and carry your team to victory. This is my first guide I've ever written, and any feedback or reviews would be great!