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League of Legends Build Guide Author KeymasterOP

How to punch first as VI [8.13]

KeymasterOP Last updated on September 17, 2018
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Introducing myself!

First of all, I want to introduce myself. My name is KudØs (I was Crowniess but I've changed my name) and I'm a player from the EUW server, actually ranked at Platinum III (~35 games) who has been playing almost since season 3 and who is a crazy VI main. I am around #600 best vi in world in lolskill and got a sweet KDA and winrate as Vi.

I also want to say that this is my first guide ever and english is not my native language (I'm Spanish) so feel free to comment or let me know every spelling mistake, formatting problems or whatever you want, I will appreciate the support.

If you wanna contact me you can add me if u are from the EUW server, or at least you have a decent ping account there. My summoner name is KUDØS.

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Why I'm writing this guide and why you should read it

I've always wanted to start writing guides but I've never got the time to do that until today. I have played the coach/analyst role in some amateur teams and really enjoyed it due to apart from playing i feel like helping the others improving in their play it's comforting. And that's the aim of this guide.

Of course i have to say that I'm not a pro player so if your aim is to climb from D1 to top 1 challenger this is not your guide. This guide is for all the players of the rift who want to climb in whatever league he is playing (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond ...) or just know how to master Vi, how to clean the jungle through the right paths or what is your role as a jungler.

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Reforged runes

This was a difficult part of this guide because i have tried tons of combinations to find the best one for you guys and also for me (free elo). There are probably tons of options (or at least that is the way I feel) but the one that fits more my playstyle is having Domination as the main path.

Keystone: Electrocute

Electrocute helps with the burst on early stages of the game and i think that overall is always a nice extra output of damage. You have to use 3 differents attacks or abilities on a target (easy thing for Vi) and it deals extra damage to a enemy in a similar way thunderlord's does. Predator would be the other viable option, but i feel like it has lower synergy with Vi, and it's a downgrade overall.

1st secondary rune: Sudden Impact

After using some kind of dash or jump you gain lethality and magic penetration helping killing the vi's focus. I think that this is the most consistent rune of this family cause the healing of Taste of Blood is a rune designed for laners and Cheap Shot has a similar effect but i find that it's weaker.

2nd Secondary rune: Zombie Ward

After destroying an enemy ward this mastery creates a zombie one in the same place, helping with the map awareness. This choice is cause i feel like this rune is stronger than Ghost Poro that is aimed for the same map awareness and Eyeball Collection is maybe too slow for the game. If you aren't like me because im a crazy lover of the vision choosing Eyeball Collection may be the right thing.

3rd Secondary rune: Relentless hunter

I think that in this case the 3 choices are usefull but you have to choose the one who fits more with your playstyle. This one is for jungling and ganking more often, Ingenious Hunter can be a good option if u play vi in a tank style with a lot of items with an active and Ravenous Hunter is good for 1vs1 trades and surviving in teamfights.

Now we have to choose the secondary path. At least nowadays, i feel like Precision is the path that is more consistent and fits better my playstyle. It gives some extra attack speed (better and easier jungle clearing) and usefull passives.

1st Secondary rune: Triumph

I'm gonna be honest with you, i feel like when u use Precision there is always the same combination of runes Triumph and Coup de grace. This runes is just some kind of support for your character, rewarding your participation in kills and taking risks. When you achieve to get a takedown you earn some free gold (not many but it's free) and the good part of the rune you regain a % of your missing hp. Excellent for taking risks fights/dives in early game and in 5vs5 teamfights in late game when u are probably going to be around tons of enemies.

2nd Secondary rune: Coup de grace

This rune is an excelent complement for Vi's damage kit. It grants extra damage when the objective is below some amount of health. It's excelent an excelent help for bursting and finishing enemies.

To end this new section we will talk a bit about the changes. If u don't want to play aggresive and u like vi in his tank mode Resolve is your choice as the primary path, or even as the secondary. It's just a matter of how many damage you want to deal or to tank. Precision seems a weaker version of domination for me as the main path (Press the attack would be the coice) and Inspiration is kinda odd so i don't want to include it in the vi section but it has some nice runes as secondary path.

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Passive: Blast Shield

An underrated passive that have saved me from a lot of situations when it is timed right with the other abilities CD. It provides a shield everytime we land an ability within a small cooldown. Usefull to suffer less cleaning the jungle, to deal with epic monsters(baron, dragon, herald), to survives engages and even if well timed to bait some people in 1vs1 or little fights. Having always an eye in this passive CD can make the difference between surviving or failing.

Q: Vault Breaker

The main ability in her kit, and the key to succed in a gank, engage or fight. It provides a gap closer, knock-up, and also adds one of the Denting Blows marks. It's commonly used full charged (more damage and distance covered) but sometimes when you are in a fight you just use it instantly in order to make a fast knock-up that can make the difference.

W: Denting Blows

A simple passive that provides an attack speed steroid and damage depending the victim's health as long as we reach 3 marks in the objective(Auto attacks + Vault Breaker). Good for melting tanks, epic monsters (baron, dragons, buffs...) and helps a little in the burst to squishy objectives.

E: Excessive Force

A basic empower to her basic attacks, granting then a little more damage and making them AOE(Area of effect) damage. It's also commonly used after an auto attack as an auto reset.

R: Assault and Battery

The other great ability in Vi's kit. It provides a gap closer, a good amount of damage(even to more than 1 objective because it also deals 75% damage to the enemies located in the gap between VI and her objective), a knock-up and CC(crowd control) immunity that can be crucial if it is well used.

Further information of how to use this kit properlly will be explained in the combos' section.

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There are tons of ways that Vi's abilities can be used so I'm gonna explain the perfect combo and others that can be better in other situations in the game:


Vault Breaker> Flash

It's just the simply combo on VI that can be helpful to reach people that are out of the Vault Breaker range using the flash to catch them.


Vault Breaker>AA> Excessive Force>AA> Excessive Force> Assault and Battery

The main combo. It starts landing the Vault Breaker alone if in range or combining it with the flash . Then an auto attack and Excessive Force to reset it and proc Denting Blows. Then wait for a dash, flash or some escape from the victim to use the Assault and Battery. Also if after the Vault Breaker>AA> Excessive Force combo the victim's has pretty low HP u can use the Assault and Battery before he can move to burst him down quickly.

Chase/Gap closer combo

Vault Breaker> Assault and Battery>AA> Excessive Force>...

This is the combo used when u want to engage a victim that is pretty far from you. The combo Vault Breaker+ Assault and Battery is a huge gap closer in these situations but your combo will lose some damage. It's the most used in 5vs5 fights in mid - late game to make the engage and burst down the most protected and far units.

Flash> Assault and Battery> Vault Breaker>AA> Excessive Force

It's another version of the last one used in situations when u want to make a quick engage flashing a wall specifically. After landing the Assault and Battery you use your Vault Breaker with no charge to make a quick knock up and damage and then you continue with AA and resetting them with the Excessive Force.

As a tip I reccomend you to always save the Assault and Battery until it's imperative necessary. You can follow a wall flash from the victim if well timed or use it as a cc immunity to walk through things like the thresh cage, azir's ultimate or any CC ability they have as protection. It's the ability that makes the difference between a casual VI player and the one that exploits her to the limit.

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Starting items


Our everygame start. Provides a good among of sustain in the jungle and Hunter's Machete is the best option for champions that clear the camps in early with a lot of auto attacks and attack speed. The Refillable Potion without upgrading it will be enough to keep us in the jungle in the early game so we dont have to spend any money in buying potions.

Core Items and their possibles replacements

The warrior's enchantment provides all that VI needs to be useful in the early game: a lot of Attack Damage and CD Reduction. There's the only choice available because the other items are pretty inefficient as VI. Once we have the enchantment selected we need to make the blade choice. All of the three blades are playable with vi but my personal recommendation is choosing the Stalker's Blade - Warrior (Flat damage and some speed steal perfect to chase enemies and kite them). I only choose Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior when I have to fight vs duel focused junglers that will look for the 1 vs 1 trade or Tracker's Knife - Warrior when I'm playing in flex queue with my team because vision is one of the pillars of league of legends.

The perfect Vi's partner and almost everytime a must in her build. It provides all that VI needs: Movement speed for kitting and chasing the enemies, Attack speed for a quicker proc of Denting Blows, a decent amount of AD and the Sheen passive that has a brutal sinergy with Excessive Force and of course also with the rest of her kit.

The most powerful boots right now, and a must if they have one AA oriented champion on top of their ADC (Yi, Jax, Irelia, Corki/Lucian mid...). In other cases I almost everytime go for Mercury's Treads. Boots of Mobility also can be an option in specific situations when you are ahead and want to have high presence in the early game.

The substitute of Trinity Force in games when you are behind or wanna go for a full tank oriented build, because it's cheaper and fits good on vi. It grants just the movement speed boost, AD and adds the anti-tanks passive. I don't recommend this option if you feel you can carry the game because it's oriented to a more passive playstyle.

This is the third and last damage oriented item that VI needs. It provides some AD to help with scaling and a brutal passive that makes us revive when defeated. It makes easier to go for an all-in or a more agressive play style, perfect when ahead. If the team has a lot of magic damage sources Maw of Malmortius is a good situational replace.

Deffensive items

The rest of the build gonna be full defensive almost everytime. Gargoyle Stoneplate and Dead Man's Plate fit good on vi and are the usual elections. Spirit Visage can be also an option when their composition has a lot of magic damage, or Randuin's Omen if they have two or more AA focused champions.

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Jungle Pathing

You can follow the standard paths cause VI is a jungle with a good clear Vault Breaker+ Excessive Force for the jungle camps with a lot of monsters (Krugs, Wolves and Raptors) and Denting Blows+ Excessive Force for the camps with high hp (Red-Blue buff,gromp and scuttle).

If you want for the standard start in the blue side is Red>Wolves>Scuttle Top side>Blue and in the red side Blue>Wolves>Top side Scuttle>Red. After that u will be level 3 and u can go for a gank because VI's level 3 is amazing. A full charged Vault Breaker with some experience at VI it's almost everytime a flash or a kill if they have still no vision (it happens a lot actually). If you are not confident for a gank or the lanes are pushed to deep and you don't want to lane gank or dive you can then go for a full clear prioritizing Raptors(Higher experience reward) because VI cleans them pretty quickly.

If you want to go for the experience route (It delays the gank but makes you a threat faster) you should start in the Raptors with a quick leash from the midlander then u go for Red buff and go for the Wolves, Scuttle and Blue. After that you will be close to level 4 and ready to gank, invade the enemy jungle(to get level 4) or go for the full clear with Gromp, Back and Krugs.

There are not a lot of junglers that can invade VI's jungle in the early game just some shacos, Lee's or Olaf's can make your life a bit harder but the normal thing is that u don't suffer a lot because if they do it bad you can kill them. After reaching level 6 you are one of the stronger junglers and with a good control of their jungle with the help of wards(trinket+pink) u can track and kill their jungle with the perfect combo explained before. You can burst almost everyone but some of the tankier ones like Zac, Galio, Sejuani...

At level 3/4 VI can do the solo dragon if she has backed and has bought some stuff. Cover the surrounded area with wards and pink the pit because you will lose a lot of HP and if their jungle discovers you it will be a mess. A good opportunity will be if you see their jungle ganking top, in the top area of the rift and of course if he is dead.

Also VI is a good jungler for invading cause she is strong in almost all the moments of the game. Ward a lot their jungle, track the enemy and try to steal some camps when you see him ganking in the opposite side of the map. Remember that as a jungler providing vision in the enemy jungle is pretty important to make the life of your laners easier and the enemy jungler's one harder.

I don't want to expand more cause this is a VI focused guide and not a general jungler one so I just have explained some of the basic stuff. If you want further information in this area feel free to comment or contact through the client, private mensage or whatever you prefer.

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In one hand, although VI can be a pretty tough frontline his best role is to be the second initiator, flanking the enemy team, looking for a good combo over an squishy objective, or just following the engage bursting down the enemies, while they are busy dealing with your team's tank.

In the other hand if your toplaner is a squishy one (Rumble, Gangplank, Jayce...) or is a splitpusher (Gnar, fiora...) you will have to be the main frontline in the team so you have to make some changes in your build(check itemization) and play style being the one that initiates the fights and takes the damage letting your carries do the damage.

In the two situations all your plays are almost the same but the positioning and timings(Engage/Peel/Follow). Playing games in both situations will lead you to a better comprehension of Vi's roles and how to play them because all of this is quite intuitive but a bit difficult to explain.

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Thanks to all of you!

This is the end of this guide and if u have reached this chapter i have to say thank you. This is my first guide and not in my native language so the fact that some people can read the whole guide and enjoy it it's incredible for me.

I hope this guide can help you in your future games as VI, and that you all can climb some ELO with the tips explained here.

I've said it but i want to repeat the same. Feel free to comment something you don't understand, answer whatever you want or like the guide if you have enjoyed it because all the support, even the little one, is great for me.