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Quinn Build Guide by WarrIorOne

How to Quinn Top Lane

How to Quinn Top Lane

Updated on February 5, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WarrIorOne Build Guide By WarrIorOne 12,073 Views 2 Comments
12,073 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author WarrIorOne Quinn Build Guide By WarrIorOne Updated on February 5, 2015
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Hello, this is WarrIor One, as for many of you LoL is extremely enjoyable and interesting for me to play. I immediately fell in love with how Quinn is played, her strengths and how she can carry an entire team from top lane by herself is awesome. I am writing this guide because I have finally figured out how to build Quinn to make her an unstoppable force on your team, able to 1 v 1 anybody, assassinate solo champs and put huge pressure on the enemy team not to make any mistakes that you can exploit.

(Skip to Summary for brief overview on how I play Quinn)

Quinn is a very mobile, high damage champion. Her ability to cover huge distances while in valor form and instakill squishy target and pressure the enemy team is immense. In this guide I will show you how to make Quinn the most feared champion on the battlefield, able to pick off solo champions and control teamfights. Her ability as a ranged top laner that can hold her own against tanky champs like Dr. Mundo, Nunu, etc gives a huge advantage when playing against meele champs.

Unlike most guides which tell you its all up to you, choose what you want, give you 5 options and say "pick one!," or adapt your playstyle and build accordingly. What? If your a new player or one that has hit a plateau of not winning games or having to be carried by your team, look at this build. Follow exactly what is says and you will have a hard time losing. Im not saying you cant lose, but this build puts so much power behind Quinn (especially late game) that you can burst down almost any non-tanky champ within a second or 2.
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All the writing basically comes down to this as Quinn, if your not going to read this guide, just read this. This is the blueprint I use every game and almost always have positive K/D and win game.
Level 1-5
Farm lane, don't get ganked, ward and use W when pushing, buy Bork and Greaves start working on shiv. Exploit easy matchups (see matchups).
Level 6-10
Lane when you want to, but use Ult to roam the whole map, cruise down to bot when enemy is pushing, and gank just like a super fast jung, then fly back to top without losing any time. Abuse the fact you are ranged and can fly anywhere on the map in 20 secs, take dragon. Finish Shiv and IE, push lane at least to get first tower down.
Level 11-18
Finish up item build at least to IE, then go on a rampage, assassinate anybody foolish enough to try and push their lane solo and group up with your team to push towers/ get drag or baron. Exploit your burst capability both solo and when with team, use your presence and vision to control the enemy team, use your enhanced move speed to splitpush towers when available, don't roam alone when possible, push to victory. Finished build with aclarity, Phantom Dancer and Last Whisper.

Really its that simple, well not really, but you know what I mean
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The runes here are pretty generic for an ADC, however with Quinn in top lane, these are best suited to her setup. The reason I run lifesteal quints is because of sustain in early game, without having to buy dorans blade. This is a huge advantage both in the ability to heal and stay in lane, but also because it puts you 400 plus gold ahead of the other lane automatically! You essentialy skip dorans, and start building your Bork with long sword. The 4.5% bonus you get is more than a dorans and when combined with a scepter, you can stay and farm in lane indefinitely if you wish. The armor is self explanatory as are the MR glyphs, runes are supposed to help you early game, to scale better into late game and that is what this setup does. I find that most top lane champs use abilities to fight you, hence straight MR glyphs are the best here.

Now you can choose to substitute one quint in place of a lifesteal one. I found that even 3% lifesteal (equal to dorans) is plenty for early levels until you build scepter into BoRK.
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Generic 21-9 masteries, make sure to include the Frenzy mastery as your build will benefit a lot from this. These are my personal preference and can be changed depending on how you like to play lane. Most of this Quinn build comes from an ADC setup built for sustained damage.
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This is the most important part of this build period. The early stages of the game with Quinn can be slow and you need to make sure you are keeping up on cs and not losing to other laner. I doesn't really matter if you secure a kill or not, as this Quinn build hyper-scales into late game regardless.

Once you build past IE (meaning you have BoRK, Shiv, boots and IE), you will notice you are faster than almost anybody on the map, you hit extremely hard, with a 40% crit chance and 250% crit damage and you have immense sustain due to lifesteal. You also have your harrier passive proc which can crit also, potentially dealing 4 times your AD in one shot! The most crucial pieces to this build are building your BoRK, Shiv, IE and boots (with aclarity!) After you get those, its really up to you how you want to build, the phantom dancer and last whisper I have shown is just an example, they are two items that do give you extra strength when teamfighting. This is an expensive core to get 10.5K with enhancement, but it gives you so much damage output nobody should be able to 1 v 1 you by now.

If you finish build as shown here are your stats (roughly):
AD about 250-300
AS about 2 attacks/sec
Crit chance 75%
Lifesteal- 14.5%
Movement speed- 450 in combat, 650 as valor

The strength you have comes from the insane damage you can do with crit+harrier procs, making even champs with 2500 hp scared, because each shot you have does 400-500 damage alone.
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Flash and Heal is what I almost always run, gives you great escape ability (you have 4 disengages: E, Ult, Flash and Heal) You can take ignite, but honestly Quinn has a lot of damage output so most of the time if your not killing people, I'm worried about staying alive, which heal help out a lot with. You can also Ult+Heal for 650 movespeed in combat to escape! Heal also helps your team in teamfights where as ignite only allows you to kite better.
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Team Work

*Disclaimer* I am not a "PRO" at this, these are my experiences and based on what I have learned as Quinn, most of this is applicable at sometime or another.

Teamfights in LoL is one of my least favorite things now as Quinn. Once the laneing phase is over and you are level 12-13, there are always teamfights. Teamfights for dragon, teamfights for turrets and teamfights just for the sake of killing people that were hiding in that bush.
The problem is that now people have seen your huge burst capability (most times) and always stick together. If during this stage (level 12-13, etc.) you see a lone ADC or sup, pop ult fly down at mach 2 and press E, AA resets, Q, Blade active, Shiv procs and R again, they are dead before they can figure out what exactly happened. Always do this, your 1 v 1 potential now is almost unmatched as is your speed and DPS, even by your or their ADC's.

But this is teamfighting, what I try to do now because everyone has seen the damage Quinn can do, is hang back and let the team fully engage mine 4 v 5. Now don't be so far back you miss it, after fighting ensues, find a person that you don't like and just AA till they are dead. If you are taking fire from more than 1 person back out with E and reassess the fight. Your strength lies in the fact that you can sit there and shoot 2 arrows a sec at somebody dealing 1000's of damage, but you cant sit there and take their fire back. I will warm you a head of time, this build gets you focused a ton. They will do everything they can to kill you and your annoying little bird too. If that's the case, good, your doing your job, and your team should be able to push them back/ kill them. Always save your ult for cleanup and chasing people down. This is one of the best ways to get easy kills as Quinn, if your team won the fight and enemies are fleeing, go eagle and chase them down at hyperspeed, fly to where they were headed, pop W for vision, then a simple E and Q along with Shiv proc should kill them, this also allows you multiple kills as valor basically for free.

Sorry for rambling on about this, but just trust me play a couple of games and try this out for yourself. I am not exaggerating how deadly Quinn becomes with this kind of build. (especially late game) If you are not being focused, the other team is bound to lose fights. Also always save Ult for cleanup, not only is it practical, but hilarious as you fly circles around weakened enemies as they try to flash away from a bird moving at 600 move speed is priceless. Try to contribute to teamfights by AA targets (it doesn't really matter if they are tanky or not) and you can also use your Q to block the enemy ADC's attacks or enemy jung (especially Master Yi).
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Unique Skills

Quinn has several things about her that contributes to her insane game pressure I will list them and then describe in greater detail.
    Huge Movement Speed increase as valor
    Capable of splitpushing and taking towers extremely fast due to high AD and AS
    Passive damage boost that can also crit (almost OP by itself)
    Huge vision control for capturing objectives like drag, baron, or turrets
    One of the best champs for chasing and kiting weakened enemies

Her Ult is really what sets her apart from ADC's and also generic top laners. She is able to be in top lane one sec, then assassinating bot's sup the next. this kind of speed and burstnis truly unique to Quinn.

Her W is very powerful for both capturing objectives, detecting enemies when blindly running through jung, or escaping enemies in pursuit (one of the reasons its almost impossible to sneak up on Quinn and why I never get ganked anymore.)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WarrIorOne
WarrIorOne Quinn Guide
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How to Quinn Top Lane

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