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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Taliyah Build Guide by Chroma Shock



Updated on July 1, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chroma Shock Build Guide By Chroma Shock 3,281 Views 0 Comments
3,281 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Chroma Shock Taliyah Build Guide By Chroma Shock Updated on July 1, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Hey guys! This is my first guide I'm writing so cut me some slack. I am a Taliyah main and have discovered many various tricks and a suitable build path I really enjoy with her. Please see the counters and make sure you want to pick this champion. Alright without further ado, lets get into the guide.
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Pros / Cons

1.Great Poke
2.Counters a lot of common top laners
3.Great for teamwork
4.Great for ganking
5.Amazing kiting

1.Requires a lot of communication
2.Very punishable for missing abilities
3.No good escape
4.Not a tanky top
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Your runes are simple. You get magic penetration so you do more damage especially to tanks which you very well may go against in the top lane. You have scaling mana regen because it gives you much more sustain in lane and especially in late game so you won't have to leave your team and lose the game because of it. You have scaling ability power because we are looking for late game damage but the quints are flat ability power so we still have some early game power.
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Death Fire Touch is good on Taliyah but I much rather take Thunderlords. Your Q and E which are the 2 most used spells both hit multiple times which helps A LOT with triggering thunderlords which is why I take it.
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Your item build is simply built for late game. Rod of ages gets stacks by the minute so it is definitely something you want to rush so it is fully stacked ASAP. Rylai's is useful throughout the entire game as well as Ludens. Void staff and Rabadons are also very useful late game.
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Skill Sequence

Your levels are spent simply. They are spent to upgrade the most useful spells to make them more useful for a higher damage output and kiteability.
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Flash is a given. It can be especially useful when you embarrassingly hop off your wall on the wrong side (guilty). Teleport is because that comboed with your wall can be great for top notch ganks. It is also because you need to get back to lane ASAP so you can farm and get Rod of Ages ASAP.
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Your autos do almost no damage making farming hard. BUT FEAR NOT! Your Q is a great farming tool. HOWEVER when using it, it uses a lot of mana if you use it constantly. However if you use it once then only use it to farm from the worked ground, the mana cost is cut in half anf with mana regen runes this small amount of mana isn't that big of a deal.
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Team Work

You work AMAZINGLY with your team for many reasons. All of your spells are AOE (even though the Q is very little AOE) so they can hit multiple of the enemy teammates. Your ultimate can easily lock down a team from escaping if you have a clear advantage. Another way to use your ult is you can split it down the middle of their team. You then kill the half with the most squishies and move on to the other half. Another interesting way of teamwork is your W. You use it on the carry (or carries) and do one of two things. If the fight is already engaged, you knock them away to deal with them after you get the others and they can't output as much damage. If before a teamfight you knock them towards your team so you can execute them and make a teamfight much easier.
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Unique Skills

Your Kiting is amazing. Once you get Rylai's don't expect to take much damage in 1v1s. You can move away freely while shooting your Q and when your Q slows it makes kiting very easy. If your Q is on CD and they are catching up, simply W them away. When you need to escape, your ult can be used but if you are hit while ulting you won't ride it. If you make it to a not warded bush in time, you can ult away for a great escape.

Also you can attack using Malphite...... I wish.....
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chroma Shock
Chroma Shock Taliyah Guide
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